BNHA: All Might

BNHA: Katsuki Bakugou

Haikyuu!! Kuroo + Kenma

BNHA: Uraraka + Izuku

Sky-High Charit


Lil Bat – Family

Little Kirishima Eijirou

Dies Irae: Phantatiom Elements

“Light of Crepuscule” (Kaneki Ken)

Heart Level Up: Fincas Buenas!

Trio on a Garden Bench

Moon Child

Flying Lessons In The Rain


Concept art for Skye: Endless Realm

Charit – “Awaiting You”

Echoes of Eternea – decal logo

Echoes of Eternea – OST album cover

Tenku No Crystalia – “Aether Seller” evolving cards

Echoes of Eternea – dialogue torsos

Tenku no Crystalia – “Candle Mage” evolving cards

Character design: Charit the mascot

Echoes of Eternea – Namie’s Design

Ocean, Stars, Sky, and You

Tenku no Crystalia – “Isis” evolving cards

Sushi Bento

  • David Fabela


  • blinzer

    your shit is godlike man, if you had posters i would have bought one for sure