Walkthroughs: rewarding events in Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! 3: The Seven Serpents


(Updated at 9 pm EST on May 4th, 2015.)

Some advice/warnings

This is a growing guide for Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! 3: The Seven Serpents. (And here are guides to Sorcery! 1 and Sorcery! 2.)

Edit: in this guide, I link to a very spoilerific map. The comments that y’all have been leaving have been awesome (I’d definitely advise everyone to look at the helpful and thoughtful tips that readers have been leaving.)

  1. The big red speech bubble featured in my gameplay screenshots was for reporting bugs during beta testing, and shouldn’t display in your version of the game. I play-tested the beta version of Sorcery! 3, so please let me know if anything in this guide differs from the released version.
  2. Since you can visit places in various order, my tips are in random order.
  3. Many, many spoilers ahead. (Here’s a list of the full spellbook, additional spells, and counter-spells.)
  4. Do cast spells when you can; you are indeed a sorcerer/sorceress, and there will always be at least one or two spells that can really turn a situation around, make something interesting happen, or prevent injury. I’ve found the stamina cost to usually be negligible. (Here’s a list of the full spellbook, additional spells, and counter-spells.)
  5. Do try to finish fights well (getting the “0/X stamina lost. Flawless fighting!” or other good dialogue.) Losing a lot of stamina might really eat into your adventure (or make it more intense and exciting…?)
  6. Please do feel free to share any awesome gameplay events that you’ve experienced! I’d be very grateful if you corrected me about any character names I got wrong, and informed me of the names I’ve forgotten/neglected to include.
  7. You can start your adventure anew in each game (you’ll automatically be given appropriate equipment in Sorcery! 2 and 3 since these are sequels.) The “cloud save code” that Sorcery! 2 and 3 allow you to input when you start up the apps enables you to continue your adventure from the previous game(s). This allows you to retain your relationships, equipment, items, learned spells, and knowledge, making for an incredible, elongated game experience.
    1. Your game save can be sent to the cloud once you have finished your playthrough. You can have many saves per Sorcery! game, and can choose which save you want to continue from in subsequent games.
  8. I played through the games on Android as a female Analander (I believe gameplay remains the same for male and female main characters.) (… and as far-off-the-mark as I may be,I do indeed ship Flanker the assassin and the Analander.)

This game is the most wander-friendly out of the current array of apps (possibly to compellingly induce the feeling of “lost in the wilderness,” the way of life in the dusty Baklands.) There is also a nifty new rewind feature (tap the beautiful sky orb at the middle-bottom of your screen to pick where you’d like to rewind to. Nevermore will people accidentally rewind to a way-early point in time of the story [this is a reassuringly rare mistake, however.]) Perhaps you’d also like to rise to some of these entertaining challenges compiled by the dev team! (You can get married in Sorcery! 3!)

Here’s the list of equipment that I started this game with. (If you’re starting from a new game, fear not! You’ll automatically have a collection of appropriate equipment and plenty of interesting opportunities to gain more [even special items received in previous games.] inkle games are very thoughtful like that.)

Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! 3 – a list of walkthroughs to memorable and rewarding events

Travel | There is another way onto the bridge asides from paying Vancass’s pretty expensive bridge toll(s.)

  • (Awesome people in the comments have reminded me that I’ve forgotten to include this bit in the guide! I hope this enhances people’s adventures if you are hoping to cross that grand bridge without bowing to Vancass.)
  • Vancass, you were a lot more chill in the first Sorcery! game (aka in the future! Maybe time mellowed him.) Vancass will ask you for pretty good stuff if you want to cross his bridge, and there is a strong chance that he will actually throw away the first thing that he telepathetically prompts you to give. And he can ask you for a body part as payment instead. What gives, Vancass!?
  • Make sure beams are hitting the bridge so that the entire bridge appears, or just most of the western part of the bridge appears. (I’d go for the former – where you have the whole bridge – just in case.)
  • Go into the marshland near the bridge. There are important things that could happen here:
    • Are you sinking every few steps? Casting fAL should help! The marshland nearest the bridge is not too soggy, so you can even rest there at night or walk along there.
    • You can bump into marsh goblins (please look for them in this guide) who can give you a parchment in a foreign language with clues to defeating the Serpent of Time.
    • Lorag (the scholar from Sorcery! 2) can appear to you to look at your parchment (please look for him in this guide. He may need to come back again to actually give you the translation.)
    • When you are near the bridge (around here, I believe) you will find a series of rungs/ladder leading up to the bridge!
      • You’re not done meeting odd people on the bridge, however. There’s one just up ahead.

Companion Deity | If you have Courga as your deity instead of your spirit animal (or are considering entering into his worship in Sorcery! 2,) and wonder how Sorcery! 3 would be like with Courga, here is a link to some of my thoughts.

  • Summary: I would recommend him (especially for players who often use the prayer feature. Courga, being the god of grace, accepts more prayers and awakens sooner for your next prayer than other deities/spirit animals do.) Few things displease Courga (but if you do disappoint him [by killing someone outside of self-defense or asking children to steal for you] – he will go to sleep for a while so you cannot pray to him for aid during that time.)
  • There is at least one local god in Sorcery! 3 that you can worship in the stead of Courga or your spirit animal (the goddess Throff’s ruined temple is found south of the Forest of Snatta. Keep reading the inscriptions inside the temple to receive the option to have her as your goddess.)
    • One character does warn you to be careful of the local gods (they can be your undoing if you wrong them. You can only keep one companion deity at a time.)

Pathway Suggestion | How to avoid the “excuse me” boy – in the lower left-hand corner of the map. I played through the game’s entirety more than a few times to help beta test it (which was truly a most enjoyable honor!) — and quickly grew wary of the “excuse meboy from Kharé (who always steals your gold-backed mirror/other magical item! No dialogue choice can dissuade him from discreetly pilfering. If you ignore him instead of talking with him, he then steals your black facemask/another artifact. No matter what, he steals something important from you.)

  • You can meet him very early on in the game – when you walk in some parts of the lower-left quadrant of land that are in the past (as he lives in the past.) He is a helpful child information-wise, but you can learn all the information he could tell you elsewhere. You can avoid ever meeting him by either shining a Beacon’s time-altering light on the landmarks-in-the-past in the lower-left part of the map – thus putting these locations back in the dusty, lifeless present (a time during which he doesn’t exist) – or by only traveling via the following places, although that would mean taking a slightly longer route to get to your destinations.
    • Shadrack’s rock
    • The whirlpool
    • The holes in the ground
    • The locations near Ethelma’s(?) (or was her name Elthera?) cave

Treasure | Carefully check the well by Throff’s temple.

  • Use your backup weapon/tool to dig out gems in the dried-up well outside of the Temple of Throff. (Do first lower the well’s bucket all the way down and then pull it back out to remove a territorial snake from the gem hoard.)
  • You can repeat this act. (I am not sure how many times you can do this, since I never reached a “this is the last batch of gems” dialogue. However, each time you dig out gems with your blade, you will dull it.)
  • Warning: digging gems out with weapons dulls the weapons.
  • There is a priest trapped in the trapdoor in the yard of the temple ruins.
    • I should add that you find out later that he has yellow plague and you got it from him when he embraced you out of gratitude. However, you can immediately pray or travel on until you reach a place where you can cast dOC on a Blimberry juice potion to cure yourself.

Clues and Items | Ethelma(?)/Elthera(?) (I’ve forgotten the name of the nice young woman you play Swindlestones/Mindstones with in the beginning of the game) has something important to tell you – “long after she has died.”

  • In the past, climb the steps up to Ethelma’s cave.
  • After talking and interacting with her, you can gather rock dust from the ground of her cave.
  • Enter the back of her cave.
  • Look at everything (casting SUN with your sun jewel so you can see) and cast ROK (with the rock dust you just picked up) on the soft metal in the ceiling of the back of Ethelma’s(?) cave. (If you cast SUS, you will learn that Ethelma(?) will have something important to tell you “long after she has died.”) Pick up the rope ladder and any other items here.
  • In the present, direct the Beacon’s light (I used the Beacon nearest Kariamma) carefully onto the path leading up to Ethelma’s cave so that the path is in the past within the Beacon’s time-altering light, but the cave stays in the present (link takes you to a screenshot of what this may look like.) Walk up the path, cast HUF when you can’t go further (you need a horn for this spell; Shadrack gives you one in the beginning of the game) and grab the bush in order to not shoot past the modern-day entrance to Ethelma’s cave.
    • Stephen has a great tip! —
      “Another option for getting to Ethelma’s cave is instead of using HUF (if for some reason you decided not to get the horn), use ZIP to teleport if you’ve already gotten the green ring from Bria.”
  • Since you fixed her cave in the past, it should not be collapsed in the present!
  • Inside the cave, you can read a clue-filled poem about how to defeat many of the Seven Serpents.
    • This step is not vital if you have gotten enough clues from elsewhere – but I couldn’t let Ethelma’s hard work to go to waste.

Item | Getting the giant tooth pendant of Ethelma(?)/Elthera(?).

  • (Please do remind me of the name of the young woman you play Mindstones with if you remember it. Thank you so much!)
  • One way to get Ethelma’s giant’s tooth necklace is to go to the holesin the present (I think) – west of Shadrack’s rock and summon a goblin (with GOB,) instruct him to look into the holes for you, and retrieve the giant’s tooth when it comes flying out in a burst of fiery steam. (You can tell it’s hers because it has a hole drilled through it – just like on the tooth hanging on her necklace.)
  • Bringing this tooth back to older Ethelma didn’t result in additional options allowing me to give it back to her; it would seem this tooth is yours to keep. (Now that I think about it, she’s probably still wearing the tooth when you meet her aged self in the past.)

Event | Give a good gift to the gnome.

  • Good gifts include a giant’s tooth, a sun jewel if you have extra, or any nice magical artifact (that you have extra[s] of so that you are not without after giving away something.)
  • The gnome usually comes speeding over the hill to you in… the north-west part of the map, I think (the part of the map with the reclining god and Kariamma Village.) (Please do correct me if I’m wrong!)
  • The gnome should not be a gnome anymore if you gave it something good enough!
    • For players who are continuing their game from Sorcery! 2, you may have gotten a tip from Lord Shinva: “for sleeping of the Sleepless Ram, seek out the one they call The Sham.” Guess who you are looking at? Now you can ask her about that Ram.
  • One item you may receive during this meeting is a staff of oak sapling (useful in the flying fish fight. Argh.)
  • (You can read more about The Sham/Dintainta here, in the original Sorcery! 3 role-playing book.)

Character Meeting | Meet Flanker the assassin again by climbing up from the ground onto the broken bridge (in the present.)

  • Note: you can’t climb all the way up and end up on top of the broken bridge. (Please search for “rungs” in this guide if you are looking for a way onto the bridge in the past!)
  • You realize that you cannot climb this bridge with your legendary sword (from Sorcery! 2) buckled to you, if you have it. (Please see people’s helpful comments if you are prompted to leave another sword behind.) If you want to climb up, you must leave it behind for now.
  • Don’t jump off the bridge when you sense someone approaching. If you already know Flanker from a previous game(s), he and you share a useful and honest chat. He’ll tell you one of a few of the hardest-to-get clues (Flanker is the only one who says anything about the Sun Serpent, asides from Fenestra.)
  • For those who started Sorcery! 3 anew: because I started Sorcery! 3 with a save code from previous games, I am unsure if the “fight Flanker and face a choice” event happens if you start Sorcery! 3 afresh – but it seems that event is likely to happen for you so that you can make Flanker’s acquaintance!
  • Your legendary sword (you were prompted to leave it at the base of the bridge so that you can climb up) will be missing when you climb down from the bridge. But no worries! (Find it again – and gain new artifactsin the lonely empty hut that belongs to Alizji [if you want to meet her, try sleeping in the hut overnight.])
  • Flanker will leave you something special and very powerful at the end of the game.

Character Meeting and Items | Looking for anything taken from you? Try the “lonely hut” by the eastern end of the modern-day broken bridge.

  • If your weapon was stolen when you climbed the western part of the bridge in the present, you should look in this mysterious house.
  • This place is overgrown; if you don’t want your weapon to dull when you cut away the branches to get in, try casting RAZ (if you have beeswax) before you cut – or use a hewing axe.
    • You can get a hewing axe for free from the black elves’ trading caravan (if you’ve purchased some things already, I believe,) or steal one from the Svinn construction site (in the past. The construction site is located near/at the site of the snake charmer [who is found in the present.])
  • Alizji’s house holds other useful things, such as holy water (she’ll tell you that you can keep it if you try to give it back to her) and yellow moss (which you must eat right away, but serves as one ration so you don’t have to eat anything else that day.)
  • If you ask Alizji to steal something for you from Fenestra’s hut and your deity is Courga, Courga will not approve of your actions (this causes him to go to sleep for a while and not be able to answer any prayers during that time.)
    • According to Mike in the comments (thank you!) – if you do not have a serpent ring, here is one way to acquire it: you may ask Alizji, “Would you steal something for me?” when you take her to Fenestra’s hut. The ring can be stolen for you from there.
      • “What use is a serpent ring?”
        • When you wear it and use the SSS spell (you can use spell summons whether or not you have actually learned it already in the game, I believe) – you can force Serpents to tell you clues before you fight them.
  • Does anyone know of any dialogue chains with Alizji that may help you also gain the snattacat’s ability to be invisible? (I know you may learn clues about this creature’s invisibility throughout the game, but am unsure if you can use that ability for yourself by drinking snattacat’s milk after learning about it from Alizji.)
  • What are your experiences with Alizji? She always winked out of existence for me eventually after traveling with me for a while, and never could be convinced to visit her neighbor, Fenestra (who Alizji likely fears because [1] she stole many things from the latter and [2] she probably saw the latter talking angrily with the orb-sealed Sun Serpent while using a serpent ring, and misunderstood her to be a Serpent in disguise.)

Stamina Increase | Show the scroll written in a foreign language (can be gained from the Flayer’s kitchen in Sorcery! 2) to the Kariamma cook.

  • Walk into the kitchen in Kariamma Village when the chef is in (which is most of the day.)
  • Read the signboards to realize they’re written in the same language as the scroll.) This should give you the option to show the scroll to the cook, who says that she wrote it!
  • Do drink her nightshade soup (at nightfall/evening in the sleeping hut) to gain a permanent rise in maximum stamina!
  • Please let me know if and how you were able to get the scroll after beginning a new game in Sorcery! 3.

Sun Serpent Location, Items, and Clues | Ask Fenestra about what she sees in her crystal orb.

  • Fenestra lives under a grassy hill (like a hobbit!) in the Snattacat Forest, right above Aliizi’s overgrown hut. To meet her, you can either knock on her door or sleep outside her hut (she’ll carry you inside because “you looked cold.” Very kind of her!)
  • You can learn about her quest for vengeance on behalf of her late father, and accept a flask of oil (the Water Serpent’s weakness.)
  • After talking with her, you have the option to ask her about what she sees in her crystal orb – or learn a counter-spell from her (I think she casts ROK, against which the counter-spell is fAL.) I strongly recommend you choose the former (this is, as far as I have figured out, the only time you can discover the location of the Sun Serpent, who is actually trapped in Fenestra’s crystal orb! I believe you’ll never get another chance to defeat the Sun Serpent if you do not acquire this orb from Fenestra.)
  • If you have Theetah’s serpent ring from Sorcery! 2, you can cast SSS to force the Sun Serpent to give you information.
  • Do not grab the orb from Fenestra. Ask her for it instead. She will give it (!) to you after giving you good advice and making you promise to destroy the Sun and Water Serpents in her stead.
    • The option to throw the Sun Serpent’s orb into water (to weaken it drastically) occurs when you are in/near most bodies of water.

Spell | Don’t forget to cast SSS if you have a serpent ring (can be gained from Lord Theetah in Sorcery! 2 or in-game) to learn information from each of the Seven Serpents when you meet them.

  • You can learn the SSS spell from the Sorceress Bria, who lives in a little hut at the top of the mountain ridge – immediately east of the woodcutter creature (who can give one of his “22 water gourds.”)
    • I am not sure if Bria teaches you the spell if you don’t have a serpent’s ring when you meet her. I’m certain, however, that you can pick up this spell elsewhere!
  • Bria also teaches you a nice amount of counter-spells, presents you with you a green ring so you can use the teleportation spell, and teaches you how to use her magical chute (so you needn’t climb down the steep mountainside.) Whoo!

Magical Items and Treasures | The trading wagon in the black elves’ caravan is full of useful things.

  • Here is a way to get the maximum amount of items from this location – thanks to the ever-helpful kaboobie71:
    “I think you may have to look at the [spellbook] before you can steal it. I don’t think I always saw that option. After trying several things I think it is best to purchase provisions, steal the pearl ring by creating a distraction, look at the orb, buy the pendulum, and put the elf to sleep to steal the chainmail and the spellbook.”
  • One way to gain access to the trading wagon is by telling the wary black elves that you have gold and that you would like to trade.
    • Christopher J has helpfully provided the following tip:
      “By the way, since we’re mentioning the elven caravan – I found that you can gain the most gold at swindlestones if you play directly after talking to the female elf by the fire the first time.
      Assuming you win all three rounds in a row, you get 10/6/4=20 gold.
      I found that if I played after exhausting all other dialogue including the joke, the bets go 6/4/3=13 gold.”
  • Defeat the Moon Serpent before going here to already have a crystal orb in your collection — and therefore be able to buy a brass pendulum (the crystal orb will be on sale instead of the pendulum if you do not already possess an orb. I’m not sure what the Moon Serpent drops if you already have a crystal orb on your person when you fight it.)
  • Other things for sale: rations (Vittles,) holy water, various magical artifacts that you do not already have, scrolls (featuring amusingly self-indulgent stories that will help you figure out the locations of Fenestra and the Sorceress Bria if you need help,) and a free hewing axe (there will be a lot of times when you need to chop away overgrowth and branches; doing so with your own weapon without casting RAZ first will result in your blade permanently dulling. The hewing axe is perfect for cutting foliage without fear of losing your edge.)
  • Alex in the comments has kindly reminded me that there is also a spellbook for purchasing (a thick leather tome.) Check the book’s inscription. You are shocked when you see this special book of your kingdom’s secrets in the hands of the elves (so don’t show your surprise or you will be asked to pay more than usual for this spellbook.)
    • Look through this spellbook, buy it (or steal it,) and then read it. Then you’ll learn a summon for a rock demon: ZOB (you’ll need a rock demon tooth per rock demon that you summon. Growing list of spells, spell information, and counter-spells here.) (Alex commented that he found this spell in his newly-purchased spellbook; I have the feeling that I might have picked up another spell instead in my playthroughs when I got it… I will have to check!) I highly recommend buying (or stealing) the spellbook in order to add this page to your current spellbook and to keep your homeland Analand’s spells safe.
      • The helpful kaboobie71 says:
        “An alternative to buying/stealing the spellbook: if you are carrying a rock demon tooth (you can find and kill a demon in an avalanche before meeting Shadrack) when you visit Bria, she will comment on it and give you hints to figure out the [ZOB] spell.”
    • You think to yourself that you will soon “burn this spellbook” when you get the chance – in order to protect your kingdom’s secrets.
      • This opportunity may arise in a very dark (literally) area of the map… and you will be able to see some really cool things that Mike in the comments describes! I never did access the option to do as Mike did (which is “burn the spellbook” in the tunnels of Kariamma, which “lasts longer” as a flame, according to the helpful Mike.) (Perhaps I had nothing to burn it with [I did gather a new spell from the spellbook, so if it burned, it would be okay. I wonder what actions I would have to do in order to get to burn it.])

Conflict | Survive crucifixion.

  • After you follow the black elves’ leader to his tent, he orders you to be tied up onto the X-shaped cross. Should you own a black facemask – you can cast gAK to frighten/disturb the elves enough so that you can make your escape. I am sure there are other ways of escaping this fate as well.
  • After performing some actions elsewhere (so that some time elapses,) you can return to the caravan’s abandoned camping grounds to find that, unfortunately, the black elves’ leader was crucified instead by his malcontent followers (you can bring his corpse back to life temporarily with the spell RES and a vial of holy water, and learn some clues from him about the Serpents – including the Serpent of Time – and reassure him before he passes on once more.)

Magical Items and Making Money | Maximize your visit to Tinpang. (D’oh! When I first wrote this section, I forgot to finish it. Many apologies!)

  • Visit modern-day (ruined) Tinpang (when the city is ruined) before visiting past Tinpang.
  • Pick up the snattacat teeth in the high-end district of modern-day (ruined) Tinpang.
    • Then, in the past, find the “dental” store (there’s a tooth and a pair of tongs on the door) and sell any teeth you’d like for a good price (you can even offer your own teeth! I decided to keep mine in my mouth.)
      • If you have ape or snattacat teeth (which you may have picked up in Sorcery! 1,) these haven’t been usable in spells so far, but will fetch great prices in this shop! (Apparently, ape teeth are good for burglaries. I wonder if that will come up in the fourth game!)
      • If you have a rock demon tooth (the large crystal tooth that you can pick up once you pass through the Kariamma tunnels,) you can haggle and sell this tooth for a whopping amount of gold!
        • Or… if you learned how to summon a rock demon (whoa) in your playthrough, you’d need a rock demon tooth whenever you get the opportunity to cast this summon. So perhaps you may like to keep it!
  • In the lower-end district of Tinpang, here is a jewel of gold that will be revealed after you cast the HOT spell after you look at the wall carvings of a curled-up cat.
    • (If you visit past Tinpang before getting the jewel of gold, you can pay an enigmatic sewage creature 1 gold coin for a hint as to where the jewel can be found. If you already have the jewel of gold, the sewage creature doesn’t appear.)
  • You can get a bottle of yellow powder (for casting the speed-up NIP spell) from the factory (in the past) by asking for some.
    • You can also get some more yellow powder (as well as other magical items) from the apologetic specter-creating prankster just south of the Moon Serpent’s location (and I believe this might be when you can create “six giant, invisible clones,” hahaha!)

Magical Items | Lucrative meeting south of Moon Serpent.

  • This location is directly south of [one of?] the Moon Serpent’s haunt(s). (I think some people may meet the Moon Serpent in other places asides from this one place where NPCs [non-playable characters] and I have consistently found him.)
  • Meeting an old prankster here can be quite a boon for you, resulting in you gaining yellow powder, a chakram (which is a bladed/spiked throwing disc,) and a new counter-spell. I spoil a lot of things in this game and believe you may have fun figuring out which spell to cast in order to have a new counter-spell automatically added to your spellbook. (If you need help, Stephen in the comments tipped me off to this counter-spell and how to get it!)

Magical Items | Firefox teeth on an island in Lake Ilklala.

  • I believe that on the southeast island, you’ll have a run-in with a fightin’ firefox. If you fight and win, you can collect its teeth (which can create flame when crushed!)
  • I think that casting WOK (requires one gold coin) may help protect you against its formidable flames.

Event | That dang strong whirlwind in the lower right-hand quadrant of the map (north of Shadrack’s rock.)

  • When you first get there, hang out long enough for a young boy (a messenger from the kindly Shadrack!) to find you there. Do save him from being sucked into oblivion!
  • If you hang out a little longer after the boy’s passed all of his helpful messages on to you, a creature comes along. If you decide to keep him away from the whirlwind, casting TEL might help you understand his intentions better. What have your interactions been like with this creature?
  • Based on SUS and the book the game is based on… this whirlwind is truly too OP [“over-powered.”] As far as I know, defeating it is out of the question. But has anyone had a different experience with this whirlwind or the ones in Kariamma’s tunnels?

Item | Rope ladder get!

  • Based on my experiences alone, I think you cannot receive the rope ladder from Shadrack the tree. But fear not! There are multiple rope ladders in this game (one is in the marshland, I believe.) … With my terrible memory, this tip is pretty useless. Dear reader, where have you found rope ladders? Please do share in the comments!

Advice | Picking the strongest feather.

  • Don’t take the yellow feathers from the nest in the tree when you are in the Snattacat Forest. Having them on hand will prevent you from picking up a feather in the mine tunnels above Kariamma.
    • By the way, spells cannot be cast in Kariamma’s pitch-black tunnels, so light a fire of danger (you may have one from the second game) or similar item (like a firefox tooth, perhaps?) that may help you see the tunnel’s feathers on the ground (this is past the side passage with the jars and horn and sand on the floor.)
    • Has anyone been able to get the attention of the creature who seems to live in the tunnels? Or save Kitty, the dog belonging to the cook’s daughter?
      • Perhaps you may find the dog if you shine a Beacon on the exit of the tunnel (so that the Beacon’s light converts it to how it was in the past, when the dog was lost in there?)
  • So, yes, take that epic feather from the Kariamma mines/tunnels.
  • If you take the feathers from the nest, you will be unable to cast the TUF spell at the Stonehenge-like monument by the Steppes Beacon. Canaries might not be TUF enough to make this spell work.
  • To cast the TUF spell and increase your maximum stamina, make sure to have the feather from the Kariamma tunnel with you and have a Beacon cast light on the Stonehenge-like monument (so the monument is in the past. The modern-day monument is in ruins.) After ‘miring the monument, stand on the middle stone and cast TUF. (I don’t believe you need to wait till nightfall in order to be able to cast the spell. Perhaps the “wait for nightfall” option is so that you can discover the spell by looking up into the stars at night to read them.) Keep holding onto that feather!

Treasure | Picking up a pricy rock demon tooth.

  • There is a weighty crystal tooth (sounds pretty!) located at the exit of the Kariamma mine tunnels.
  • Since this rock demon’s tooth is so heavy, carrying it will bring down your maximum stamina by a little bit temporarily (you’ll be fine once you sell or use the tooth.) It’s worth it.
  • You can sell it for a great price (after haggling) in Tinpang (in the past) at the “dentist’s” shop (the venue with the tongs and tooth signs. Located in the high-end district of Tinpang.)

Get Rich | What to do with all of these teeth that I can’t currently use in spells?

  • All of the teeth that you have (including your own, it would seem) can be sold for pretty attractive prices at the “dentist’s” shop in high-end Tinpang (located in the high-end district in the past.)

Unsolved | You can bring ingredients to the eccentric potion master who lives alone on the island in the middle of Lake Ilklala.

  • I apologize; I haven’t yet brought her anything she could use. Would anyone have any suggestions? (I have not tried the egg from the Forest of Snatta because I couldn’t bring myself to pluck it from its nest. But she cannot use the six-lobed leaf or feathers from the forest [I don’t recommend that you pick up the latter. Ctrl+F and look for “TUF” on this page.])

Spell | Learn a very cool new spell from the spellbook (thick leather tome) in the black elves’ trading caravan.

Event | Getting married and getting a-head.

  • When wandering north of the black elves’ caravan (in the present,) you may (literally) stumble across a skull protruding from the earth.
  • It is actually the top of a skeleton buried up to its neck in the ground. (You can manually pull the skull away from the rest of the skeleton and keep it. I wonder if you can sell the teeth from the skull to the “dental” shop in [past] Tinpang! – I wouldn’t recommend using your weapon to lever the skull; this dulls your weapon and you might not get dialogue informing you of this damage.)
  • If you visit this area while in the past, a voice calls out to you; it turns out the skull was that of a goat-thief’s! He (would it be a she if you are playing as a man? My character is a woman) was buried up to his neck in mud as punishment for stealing livestock. If you help free him, he offers to marry you out of gratitude and give you information about Kariamma should you see him again (I could not find him again afterwards in my playthroughs.) (The skull remains in your inventory even if you free him. I hope he didn’t re-offend and get reburied!)

Magical Items | Getting two jeweled medallions.

  • You do not need two of this artifact, I believe, but the locations where you can receive these items are relatively close to each other.
  • You can get one jeweled medallion from visiting the old man sitting atop the pole directly west of the Klattaman Village.
  • The other jeweled medallion can be crafted at the Klattaman Village (for a whopping amount of gold pieces [30 for me]) in the craftsman’s hut should you allow the Klattaman inside to search your bag (and find the gems from Throff’s temple, or the jeweled collar.) You can save your gold; I haven’t yet found a need for an extra medallion in this game.
    • Since the Sorcery! games are very responsive to what’s in your inventory (what you do and don’t have, rations, and amount of gold,) people have reported receiving other items (like a gold-backed mirror) from this master Klattaman craftsman.

Max Stamina Increase Locations | Spend time and/or bring the required appropriate items to Klattaman Village, “Stonehenge” monument, and sleeping hut at Kariamma.

  • In Klattaman Village (south of the Forest of Snatta,) do spend enough time chatting, eating, cooking, and interacting at the fire and the village champion – a massive Klattaman – will come and unceremoniously challenge you. Win the fight and be healed by the kind village sorcerer (and gain +1 in max stamina!) (Thank you for reminding me of this, adventurous Sewcid in the comments!) Afterwards, you can resume your fireside chats and interactions.
  • Do get the feather from the Kariamma tunnels (you may need to light up the magic-blocking tunnels somehow to see the feather on the muddy ground) and bring it to the Stonehenge-esque stone monument west of the Steppes Beacon. Stand on the middle stone and cast TUF while hanging onto the feather!
    • Do not pick up the feathers from the little nest in the Forest of Snatta if you want to acquire the Kariamma tunnel feather.
    • For anyone who has had trouble with this part, here is kaboobie’s great advice:
      “I posted this in your main thread, but I did ultimately find out that you need to visit the circle at night first, look at the stars to discover the TUF spell, and sleep there to cast the spell the next morning.”

      • I play-tested the beta version of Sorcery! 3, and was able to do things at the stone monument that might have been patched in the final release – such as casting the TUF spell without doing these steps; please do comment if you were able to find another way to cast the TUF spell!
  • Do bring the scroll (written in a foreign language and obtainable in Sorcery! 2) to the cook in the cooking hut at Kariamma Village. Do show the scroll to the chef; when she has it, she’ll be glad to invite you to come eat her nightshade soup in the sleeping hut within the village. It’s her own special recipe! But you will have to return at/wait until nightfall to get to eat it. Gain +1 in max stamina – and a wonderful rest!
    • Would anyone know where to find this scroll in Sorcery! 3 – if you haven’t played Sorcery! 2, and are therefore starting from a new game? Thank you, gracious readers, for any and all tips!

Character Meeting | Learning counter-spells from the Sorceress Bria.

  • Keep at it! Learning counter-spells by successfully countering against Bria’s spells adds new knowledge to your spellbook. And she gives you a gift.
    • Need help? Or missed this encounter but still want to know the counter-spells for the last and upcoming Sorcery! 4? SUN counters FOG, gUM counters ZIp; fAL counters ROK. (I’m sure I’m missing one. Would anyone remember if Bria teaches you more?)
  • In the lovely Beacon that houses a massive tree (the one in the middle of the little lake in the Forest of Snatta,) you can observe wall carvings that hint at counterspells (a hand squeezing grapes VS a fireball [dOC counters HOT – you may need this when confronted in a certain Beacon,] and a person in a bubble countering rocks gone haywire [FOF counters mUD, I think…])

Magical Items | Add a sun jewel to your hoard of sun jewels! Find it in the Forest of Snatta.

  • Casting SUN with a sun jewel will help keep snattacats at bay (especially when you are using your weaker weapon, if your best weapon is currently missing.) You should cast it before they are too close for a less violent journey by night in the Forest of Snatta.
  • I believe you can acquire at least two sun jewels in Sorcery! 2, which can be carried over into 3 via your cloud save code.
  • After you meet and interact with the old bearded man atop of the pole, you can find a sun jewel in a bloody bundle of rags at the top of a tree in the northern part of the Snattacat-infested Forest of Snatta.
  • There is also a beard in this bundle of rags (possibly to indicate who the former owner of this jewel was… he was indeed tragically carried away by a bird of prey.)
    • Despite the protests of my character, I decided to keep the beard on a few of my playthroughs to see what I could do with it (perhaps Alizji could wear it as as disguise when you try to take her to Fenestra. Such an option did not arise. I still haven’t found a use for the beard [I hope that it is not a potion ingredient!] I opted not to keep the beard on my latest playthrough.)

Magical Item | Look around at your surroundings and pick up sand (useful for spellcasting and other events) when you can.

  • There is some sand at the Klattaman Village’s bonfire (keep in mind that when some fires are heated up during the night, you cannot pick up pebbles and such without getting burned and losing some stamina. I think the sand is safe to pick up whenever from this particular fire, however!)
    • If you are struggling with the nearby Fire Serpent, keep a distance from the tree even though it wants you to come closer. Then, after it has turned from a small snake into a big Serpent, you can cast SSS with your serpent ring to wring information out of it, climb up into the tree, and drop sand down onto it.
  • I love the funny hints that the Klattamen try to give you when you ask them about defeating the Serpents.

Counter-Spell | What does Vancass want?

  • Trying to read the mind of the finicky Vancass with TEL results in him countering your spell with YAZ. I’m sure that you can pick up more counter-spells from him (he’s always mentally one step ahead!)

“I played Sorcery! 2, so Lorag came to help me read the parchment that Sorceress Bria gave to the marsh goblins. But he disappeared before he told me what it meant!”

  • If you don’t have this piece of parchment yet, you can run into a harried group of marsh goblins in the past Forest of Snatta [when it was all marshland. You may need to cast fAL every few steps in order to not sink into the ground.] I usually ran into them somewhat near the bridge.
  • Casting RAp so you can communicate with the marsh goblins is one way for you to ask them for the letter.
  • You cannot decipher the writing, so either Lorag or Fenestra, another sorceress, can be of aid!
    • Lorag will appear to you at random after you receive the parchment (this seems to usually happen in the past/present Forest of Snatta) and ask to see the parchment. However, he disappears before sharing its meaning with you. He should appear again sometime later (this happened after I crossed over to the last third of the map) and relay its translation to you (adding it to your clues.)
    • You can also visit Fenestra and ask her to translate the parchment for you.
  • This parchment contains an important clue to defeating the Serpent of Time.
    • The parchment contains a poem that instructs you to shine four beams of Beacon light on the Serpent of Time to defeat it (this assumes that the Serpent of Time has gone to its island [southwestern rocky island in Lake Ilklala] or other location where it will lay in waiting for you. The Serpent can go and stay at the island after you visit the “Stonehenge” monument of rocks and interact with the seven spirits.)
    • Christopher J has come up with what is probably the funnest way to defeat the Serpent of Time – using one of my favorite spells, JIG (of all things!) —
      “I found a super easy way to defeat the Serpent of Time, it took me about 5 or 6 rewinds, but I can be stubborn at times 🙂
      “I met the serpent next to the temple of throff, in the form of the spectral cultists. There is a point before reciting the first chant where you can cast a spell (the game text will mention that you feel magic). Cast mAG, then chant their chant. After the serpent reveals itself, cast JIG (bamboo flute needed), make it come to your feet and stab it. DONE. No fight!
      “Never expected JIG of all spells to defeat it, especially since I must have tried all possible spell combinations.”

Character Meeting | Meet a dear character you have not seen in quite some time in Lake Ilklala.

  • This meeting is quite sad. I really didn’t want to leave this character. In the present, go to the small island marked with a “!” (for those who don’t want to look at the linked spoiler-y map, in Lake Ilklala, there is a small island in the upper right-hand corner of the lake. It’s one of the first islands you can go to in the ferryman’s boat.
  • For those who may not get this event, please use your cursor to highlight (if you’re on mobile, here’s a screenshot of) the following spoiler-filled recap:
    • The character you meet again on this island is the Sightmaster from Sorcery! 1, a guardian-type figure who patiently tutors you on how to fight in a fun tutorial and escorts you to the gates so you can begin your journey. He also offers advice because, as a Sightmaster, he can see a great portion of where your journey may take you in the Shamutanti Hills [Sightmasters are chosen from birth for their extraordinary power of vision.] (The advice: “Even from Kharé, your journey [in the Baklands in Sorcery! 3] will be watched.”)
    • The Sightmaster apparently had been a steady figure in your life before your quest took you away from your homeland, Analand… and on the lonely island, you meet him again in a wretched state.
    • You can search for him using TEL and try to mentally comfort him in his agony. You find him bound to a tree. He’s been tortured and physically broken, but the worst of it is might be this: the Archmage (who purportedly stole the Crown from your king [who sent you on a quest to retrieve it] and wreaked havoc subsequently) fears your arrival and therefore took your friend, the Sightmaster, by force and converted his eyes into those of a Red-Eyes.
      • Red-Eyes, fueled by hatred, can produce incinerating beams from their eyes; hence, they usually keep them closed and can function fine without seeing.
    • The Archmage then secured the Sightmaster to a tree on the deserted island on Lake Ilklala – and left him there to hopefully tempt you to come rescue him and open his eyes and burn you.
    • But the Sightmaster kept his eyes closed day and night despite being in an awful state, and with his eyes shut tight, begs you to stay away. He’s not sure how much longer he can keep this up.
    • You can comfort him, unbind him, and stay with him for a while, but I haven’t found any way to save him from never being able to open his eyes again without burning half the land. (“Analander, how I long to see your face again. [You can encourage him to open his eyes, but he insists he cannot or he will burn what he sees.] But, I am a Sightmaster. I can see far.”)
    • You can help him wrap a cloth around his eyes, but he knows that won’t work.
    • The Sightmaster is an upright man to the end; he knows what he must do and insists you continue on your quest. When you leave the island, you hear a shout and witness a fiery beam flare upward. The Sightmaster is gone; revisiting the island results in this dialogue: “It would seem the Sightmaster chose to look down the moment he opened his eyes.”
    • .。.:*・゜(´^`)゜・*:.。.

Unsolved | Interacting with the holiest of gods, Yb’ran.

  • What have your experiences been with Yb’ran? It is a bit difficult to get this god’s attention, as he has transcended even the realm of deities and does not deal with mortal affairs.
  • You can find and interact with his little statue on the same island, I believe, that the lonely potions master lives on (the one with the house in the middle of Lake Ilklala.)
  • I wonder what happens if you make and then break your promise to the god Yb’ran.

Event | Meeting the surprisingly helpful mama beetle and baby beetle bugs.

  • Sadly, the two giant beetles (heaven help me; I’ve forgotten the actual name of their species, so I would very much appreciate any jogging of my lacking memory) are separated across the river from each other [in the present.]
  • I believe you can meet the baby beetle at night when you try to rest at night in the lower left-hand quadrant of the map – the part below the river. He can give you clues about the locations of Serpents if you cast YAP with your green-haired wig (or RAp with your cloth skullcap) to speak with him.
  • The mama beetle can be found in the upper left-hand quadrant of the map above the river (the Baddu-Bak Gorge, I believe it is called. You’ll meet her in the present whether it is day or night.)
  • She looks formidable, but once you cast YAP/RAp, you realize that she thinks you are her baby beetle bug! Let her have her way with you and regain some stamina.
  • See Kace’s helpful comment – copied and pasted here:
    “Regarding your musings on helpful beetles: did you try casting LAW on the beetle that you meet on the plains with lots of holes in the lower left quadrant? If you jump on his back and ride him all the way into the gorge, you meet the (talking) Queen of the Beetles, who gives you a way to defeat the Water Serpent.”

Some thoughts

  1. You cannot use rewind 100% successfully at the site of the reclining god, Ca-Oth; choose your dialogue choices with him thoughtfully. He won’t allow you to change your answers. What have your experiences been with Ca-Oth?
  2. I believe that the ferryman is, sadly, no more. It seems that, in preparation for ensnaring you, the Air Serpent went ahead of you to the ferryman’s cabin (located on the slope of the mountain ridge west of Tinpang) and pinned him against the wall while stripping him of his belongings, clothing, and skin… so that the Air Serpent could disguise itself as the ferryman.
    1. When you first enter the presumably empty cabin, you notice that someone who had an interest in boats lived there (there’s a detailed boat model in a jar.) You also notice the cabin is curiously devoid of some items of basic living. You can rest there overnight if you would like.
    2. Upon waking up/turning to leave, you notice a skeleton pinned by blades against the wall by the door.
    3. The description of the corpse (a muscular man with a strong, large frame who seemed to regularly do strong work, like pulling oars to ferry passengers around all day) matches up with the illustration and characteristics of the ferryman.
    4. Casting RES (this spell uses up one vial of holy water) to temporarily revive the body and TEL (you need a cloth skullcap for this spell) to read his mind (since skeletons cannot form words, you’ll need to listen to his thoughts to find out what happened.
    5. It seems that after he opened his door one of the Seven Serpents took him by surprise and violently blew him back and pinned him against the wall with a whirlwind, knocking the breath out of him. The room filled with whooshing air. After killing the ferryman, the Serpent of Air likely took all of his stuff and pretended to be the poor man.
    6. When you whistle for the ferryman (get the ferryman’s whistle and a little gold from a tattooed corpse buried in the Steppes in the present; he’s wearing a hat and a peg leg, and only his knucklebones visible in the ground at first,) he takes a while to come (and you hear him ask for a minute and make shuffling sounds from behind a bush, as if he were pulling his clothes (or skin) on. In fact, he’s still arranging his clothes as he lumbers towards you.)
    7. When the Serpent of Air turns into gas and seeps out of the ferryman’s body, the human shell he inhabited deflates like a balloon and crumples over.
    8. It may not be a good thing to cast ZEN, float up, and un-pin the corpse as to lay him to rest on his cot. I thought this would be a respectful thing to do for the unfortunate ferryman, but Courga disapproved. I think it is because your character thinks there is not enough time to give the body a real burial (you only have time to place him on his bed.) Leaving the corpse exposed without a decent burial may be an understandably distressing thing to do.
  3. The beetle trap (that has a sign post giving you specific instructions for a receiving a blessing/gift from a god – and is located directly south of the Forest of Snatta, between the old man’s pole and the Klattaman Village) – has anyone received anything from it yet, or found anything in it? The most I have been able to do is defeat the cunning beetle and notice that he wears a tag with the inscription of the god’s name (which I have forgotten. Heaven help this game guide!)
  4. Has anyone successfully fed the injured wolf? (Cast TEL to gain a clue[s] from it.) No matter what other food I have on hand (like baked fish from Lake Ilklala,) my character always throws him a Vittle (homely dried meatballs from the black elves’ trading caravan.) Which makes him rage.

Hopefully helpful links

This is part of a series of semi-walkthroughs or game guides to the marvelous role-playing app series – Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! 1, 2, and 3 (which I re-re-played during unhealthy all-nighters… despite owing massive deliverables of art and design work to the most patient population of people in the world.) The hit series of role-playing books by Fighting Fantasy that these apps are based on are fully scanned in PDF form here! — However, I immediately noticed when I hit the books that developer inkle (a team that includes the very people who created the books in the first place!) added a boggling amount of additional content, tons of dialogue, characters, and interactives to the existing books when they converted them wonderfully into apps. Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! 1 is based on The Shamumanti Hills. Sorcery! 2 is based upon Kharé – Cityport of Traps. The newly-released Sorcery! 3 is based upon The Seven Serpents. Sorcery! 4 (that will presumably be based upon The Crown of Kings) has not been released yet. A PDF of the spellbook used in the games can be found here.

  • Mike

    I’m stuck on the serpent of time!!! I have aimed two beacons at it. It says the serpent is caught for a moment in the two lights but then attacks and kills me anyways. He’s my last serpent. Help!

    • EDIT: Mike and Kace are right! The Serpent of Time needs four beams, it would seem! (Maybe three beams happened to be enough for the pre-launch beta version I played, but it is likely that I remembered wrongly, as the poem for defeating the serpent stayed the same after the game’s final release.)

      Mike, I got you, bro’! Spoilers ahead —

      Have you gotten the message [that the marsh goblins received from the Sorceress Bria] translated by Fenestra or otherwise? [Lorag (the scholar from Sorcery! 2) can also help translate it the second time he appears to you.] The poem says to aim three Beacon light beams at the Serpent of Time; you’ve got the right idea, Mike!

      It’s not necessary to get that message parchment to defeat the Serpent of Time, but it sure is a useful poem!

      I too only used two beams and got owned! That Serpent is so cool. I hope you had a wonderful time playing! Go you for kicking those other Serpents’ butts.

      • Qpido

        Hey man, great info you got here. Hope to add this regarding the Time Serpent:
        I only was able to shine three beacons at the island of the Time Serpent, the beacon nearby the first serpent encounter is inaccessible in my game for some reason (automatically leaves the sight). I also avoided the seven spirits when I met them, only finding out the Time Serpent location from the Water Serpent.

        Anyway, I shine three beacons on the island – go there and find him sleeping. I throw the chakram at his neck and wait until he wakes up and apparently bleeds to death as he wakes up and I get the most anti-climactic kill confirmation.

        I am still missing the fire serpent and not sure how to find him.

        But just to let you know, it works with three.

  • Mike

    Thanks! I figured it out on my own after messaging you. I didn’t get the message translated. But I realized the riddle.. Two times too many meant 2 x 2 = 4, so I aimed four beacons at it and it finally worked. I took 13 days and it said the message had already reached the archmage so I guess I was too slow. But I also freed an elf who was buried south of tinnipang who said he was going to tell the arch age about me and I let him go, so maybe that was my mistake. Fun game!!!! Thanks for your hints. Btw i went to the Stonehenge in the past and righted the one stone and stood in the center and it wouldn’t give me an option of taking out a feather or casting a spell. Odd. Glitch maybe. Also I found the serpent ring in this version. I went to the little girls hut several times. Once I convinced her to go live with zorestra, but once by her hut she swore the woman was evil and instead ran in and stole the ring for me.

    • Mike, that’s fantastic to hear! Congratulations on outwitting the strongest Serpent! And thank you so much for telling me about the elf (south of Tinpang.) I have yet to find him and had no idea he existed. I must go look for him now!

      It is my guess (and based on my experience) that that this ending dialogue is received no matter how quickly you finish the game, Mike @ “I took 13 days and it said the message had already reached the archmage.” :] I bet you are alright! Was the elf buried in the past (when people looked up to the Archmage) or present?

      And good job on finding the serpent ring! That’s awesome to hear that you can still collect it if you do not have it from the second game. You said you got the serpent ring from Fenestra the Sorceress’s hut (near little Alizji’s overgrown house,) right?

      Thank you so much for sharing your very useful tips, Mike! It sounds like you had many rewarding playthroughs, which I am glad to hear.

      • Mason

        This is incorrect, if you beat the game in 8 days or less it says that you are likely on the road with some of his other servants but hasn’t yet gotten word.

        If you beat it in 4 days or less it says that you are ahead of all of the messangers

        • TGM1234

          Too bad you can’t beat the game that fast without skipping on loads of cool useful stuff. Though I do wonder who these “other servants” are (clearly you’re not expected to be able to defeat the Serpents) and whether the time taken in 3 will matter in 4. I sure hope it doesn’t, anyway; we shouldn’t be penalized for growing our magical swag collection or hunting for secrets.

    • I just remembered, Mike, that you said you had some trouble with casting the TUF spell with the feather you had – even though you were in the past.

      Sometimes, that particular Beacon (the one that is right next to the Stonehenge-esque monument) has some trouble shining correctly on “Stonehenge” and rewinding time there. In this case, would you try going back and readjusting the beam so that you do end up with the option to cast a spell? I found that this helped!

  • Mike

    The elf was buried in the past I believe. Right near the yawning pit where the earth dragon attacks in the present. His feet were sticking out of a pile of rubble.

    Yes. I got the serpent ring from fenestra. But only after bring alizji back with me after visiting fenestra previously.

    Did you find a way to keep the horn from the tunnel where the sand thingy attacked?

    What did you do with the area of flags southeast of the black elves trading caravan? One pole had an open eye. One had a closed eye. SUS said it was a holy area. But I couldn’t get anything to happen there.

    • Mike, your specific tips and thoughtful details are really helpful! Woah, poor elf @ “his feet were sticking out.” Since the Archmage was a respected as a benevolent sorcerer in the past, I bet the elf was really glad to tell his hero about you (so I feel further assured that you did not negatively affect your future journeys by doing him a good deed and letting him go.)

      Thank you so much for your very helpful tips about Fenestra and the serpent ring and Alizji! I did not know about that tip (I started the game with a serpent ring from Sorcery! 2.) I am certain your tip will prove useful to the many who will begin this game anew.

      You know, I have the same question as you. @ “… a way to keep the horn” – If I find a way, I’ll definitely share it with you. So far, I haven’t been able to keep it… If anyone knows how to keep the green-ish glowing horn from the Kariamma mine tunnels, please do post about it! (Sometimes having a certain item in one’s inventory changes item availability in events so that you don’t end up with multiples of some items. I wonder if having the horn that Shadrack gives you prevents you from picking up the glowing horn…? I don’t think this may be the case.) I wonder if a thing to try would be shining a Beacon at the tunnels from the east before you go in? Hmmm…

      Reading about your adventures has been exciting because I have yet to find the area of flags you speak of (is this part of the black elves’ caravan, or is it its own location that is away from the caravan?) Maybe inkle added this area after beta testing (I only played the beta version of the game and didn’t encounter it on there, but may have completely missed it!) I would love to find out more for you. That area sounds fascinating! I wonder what one needs to do there.

      • mzttelieu

        The area of flags gets the Gorilla spirit to walk with you. Got it after prodding the closed eye, then the open eye. I believe it’s somewhere around the broken bridge in the present.

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  • Alex

    The Rock Demon summoning spell can be found in the dark elf camp. The leather tomb they sell is a replica copy of the summoning book, just with an additional spell.

    • Alex, you are awesome for describing this! In each playthrough, I bought the spellbook to “avoid the unique spells of Analand falling into the wrong hands” – and wasn’t aware of this particular spell addition (I’d like to say I got another spell added instead, but forgot which spell it was…! I am not very useful. [And I deleted the beta version of Sorcery! 3 off of my phone as to buy the final released version… so I cannot check my spellbook at the moment. I’ll see if the spell I got may be different than yours, Alex. Thank you so much for your useful comment! I’ll amend the guide and give credit to you.]

    • Alex, if have the time to and would not mind, would you please take a screenshot of the spellbook page for the rock demon summon? It may take me a while to re-download the game and get there, so I very much appreciate the help you have given already!

      • Alex

        Sorry, I can’t seem to get to there again. I try later to see if it works then.

        • Alex, I appreciate you trying! I think I’ve an idea; when you go to your inventory (wherever you are right now – even if you’re at the end of the game,) can you find that page in your spellbook? If this is not a problem to do, I’ll post your spell summon for the rock demon in a new guide on spells – and credit you for providing that spell and pointing out a way to get it!

  • Mike

    So I tried to get the horn again. This time burning my duplicate spell book which lasted longer. So I was able to read the murals in the cave chamber with the sand. It says one shows a long limbed headless creature holds a curved object aloft then places it on an alter. In another the same creature is pointing at a pile of sand. The next mural depicts a triangle of sand smothering a fire pit. In the final mural the fire has gone out and the sand triangle is standing next to the curved object from earlier.

    Any ideas how to translate this?
    Have anyone seen long limbed headless creatures? (Large insects?)
    What curved object could that be?
    What alter?
    Do you think the sand by shadrock and this sand are connected?

    Oddly this time I grabbed the horn, charged the creature, jumped while the tunnel collapsed and it never told me the horn broke. I was excited even though I had to exit the way I entered. But there was no new born in my inventory.

    • Mike, this is a fascinating recap. I am so sad to hear that despite all your efforts and very interesting mural discoveries, the horn still wasn’t salvageable…! You said you have no horn despite no dialogue about it breaking as per usual (arrgh)… I hope that this is not a glitch (you could try, if you are not too far past this point, submitting either a screenshot[s] of this sad event or using the cog icon in the upper right-hand corner of the app to submit a report, or emailing inkle themselves about this at sorcery-feedback [at] inklestudios [dot] com!)

      Mike, after all you’ve been through, I truly hope you get that horn! Thank you for sharing so many useful and cool events! I’m now excited for my 10th or so replay (*^*)9

      • By the way, I’ve updated the guide to give you credit for your useful tips! (And people have been finding your comments very helpful!)

  • Kace

    Hi Muddy, thanks for putting together such an interesting walkthrough” I too have been struggling on the last Serpent (I’ve killed all the others) – I can’t see where to get the fourth tower/beam from? I’ve got one from the island in the lake, one that was buried by a rockfall in the past, and one with a tree growing through it. The other towers’ beams are all too far away. Would it be possible for you to give me a clue about finding the last one?

    • Adventurer Kace, all of your comments have been definitely interesting, and you are great! I want to thank you for your help with these guides (I’ve credited you in this guide.) You are kind to take the time to express that these walkthroughs have been useful for you! I’m very glad indeed. :]

  • Kace

    Sorry, ignore me – I worked it out about a second after posting!

    • Great work, Kace! That’s cheering to hear!

      Would it be alright to ask you if you found success with 4 or 3 beams of Beacon light pointed at the Serpent? (I *think* that in the beta version of the app that I play-tested and based this guide on, 3 beams were enough, but I likely have remembered wrongly and would very much appreciate your insight.)

      Was the collapsed Beacon in Tinpang the 4th Beacon you needed?

      • … Was the Beacon in Tinpang collapsed in the present? Upon reflection, I believe it may not have been…! I think something did happen to it, however… Stephen, would you jog my poor memory? Thank you so!

        • Kace

          Hi Muddy – yes, the last beacon was in present day Timpang, and I did need 4 beams to get the wretched Serpent of time. Thanks again for the great guide!

          • And the victor is Kace!! Awesome! I’ve amended the guide thanks to your prompt and clear answer.

  • Stephen

    Here’s something for your Counter List: dIm counters KID. You learn this one on the path, just before the Moon Serpent on the mountain. A deathwraith appears after hearing a strange sound and tries to give you a death hug. I tried all spell combos and much to my surprise, the dIm broke the illusion and an old bald guy was all that remained.

    This lets you not only learn the counter and skip a hard fight with a wraith, but the old guy is so scared of your power that he just gives you a vial of Yellow Powder and a Chakram (throwing weapon).

    And just fyi, Courga was cool with it. 🙂

    • Stephen, thank you so much for your thoughtfully detailed account of this event! I remember that old prankster! (For anyone who’s reading this comment and looking for him: I think he’s always directly south of the Moon Serpent, and you can meet him coming from either direction.)

      I love how you handled that situation (you are very right – he does give you a chakram as well [which I forgot about and also haven’t used yet…! Thanks!]) It’s good to know Courga’s thoughts on this matter!

      Would you know if you ever get to meet the “very hungry sorceress with two broken legs” who the old man says taught him the KID spell?

      I never tried dIM in this situation and am very grateful to know this counter-spell you’ve described. I’ll add your tips to the guide now, Stephen!

    • kaboobie71

      You can also cast mAG to dispel the illusion and reveal the old bald guy.

  • Stephen

    I haven’t actually completed a whole playthrough yet, but I expect she’s either somewhere in this game or the next. I believe she is the same adventurer who traded the Analander spellbook to the Black Elves in exchange for a sword.

  • Angga47

    Hi Muddy! This guide has been very helpful to me,oh and is the “Rock Demon Tooth” worth it? I sell it maybe we need more money in part4, umm do you know where could i find a Gold Backed Mirror?? I got robbed by that boy… but in my 1st playthrough i got a Gold Backed Mirror,if im not mistaken its from Klatamman Village in the Jewel maker guy

    man.. i wonder how many days are the limit for us to not get spotted by the Archmage, hmm i wonder what would happen if we brought Glandragor’s Axe..
    Oh and also is switching our Spirit Guide to Gods worth it?? Up until now i’m still using my Gorilla Spirit Guide

    • Angga47, I’m so glad to hear that this guide has been useful for you! :] I decided to sell my rock demon tooth for quite a bit of money in the “dental” store in Tinpang (in the past.)

      (Carrying around the heavy tooth causes your max stamina to drop a little bit while you have it in your bag, but this is not a problem! Because I was unaware that I had picked up the rock demon summoning spell [from the black elves caravan,] I thought that I might not ever be able to summon one and therefore sold the tooth needed for that spell summon. Perhaps… one could summon a rock demon if one were to fight the sleeping buried giant north of present-day Tinpang…!)

      I wonder as well, Angga! @ “I wonder how many days are the limit.” (Perhaps that bit of dialogue happens no matter how long you take? We’re going to have to ask the guys who say they completed the game in seven or less days!)

      Good question. @ “Glandragor’s axe.” (According to the carved inscription on the axe, Glandragor [the owner] is the only person who can use its powers… If you haven’t had the chance to yet, you can read more about that axe in the walkthrough for the first Sorcery! game: https://muddymelly.wordpress.com/2015/04/23/walkthroughs-to-rewarding-events-in-steve-jacksons-sorcery-1/)

      You can read about switching to Courga here, Angga: https://muddymelly.wordpress.com/2015/04/23/walkthroughs-to-rewarding-events-in-steve-jacksons-sorcery-2/#Courga (by the way, the links in my walkthroughs are currently in an orange-y apricot color! They might be hard to see because they aren’t underlined. Are they working if you click on them?)

      I am so glad you found a place to get a gold-backed mirror! Thank you so much for sharing where you got it from. Hmmm… The old prankster south of the Moon Serpent’s mountain haunt says he’s possibly using a mirror to prank you. I wonder if it is a gold-backed mirror… (He’s the guy who summons a wraith – that grows from a pair of disembodied eyeballs – to scare you with.)

      • Angga47

        Thanks for the reply muddy! And for the prankster… i don’t know where is he, but he probably use “kid” spell, i wonder where i could find my second gold backed mirror,last playthrough i founded it in Klatamman, sama as first playthrough,now i could only find the Studded Medallion

        and umm is it worth it to switch Gods? And.. don’t suggest slangg please,lol, he is really the worst of them all,Courga seems like a good one,but the Grace principle doesn’t really suit me,and Throff… now i don’t know what’s the differences of Throff and other spirit guide…Thanks a lot muddy!

  • At the Black Elves Caravan, when purchasing the magical items, you said that if you already own the crystal orb from the moon serpent, a brass pendulum will be there instead. Turns out, if you dont have a crystal orb and pick up the one in the caravan, then place it back down, Olooh will then offer you the Brass Pendelum instead.

  • Stephen

    Love your guide Melly. Another option for getting to Ethelma’s cave is instead of using HUF (if for some reason you decided not to get the horn), use ZIP to teleport if you’ve already gotten the green ring from Bria.

    • Stephen, this is so helpful! Let me add your great tip to the guide. I’m really glad you liked the stuff in this guide; it will now be improved with your help! :]

  • darez

    Regarding the eccentric potion brewer in Lake Ilklala, she can make use of your ape teeth for her potion. After you drink it, you own teeth grew to stronger and wider ape teeth (I forgot the exact wording). Hopefully I can make good use of them in a situation or two in Sorcery 4! Because after all the alternative is selling them for 60 gold in Tinpang…

    • This is useful to know, Darez! I’m laughing while imagining the main character sporting a mouthful of big teeth forevermore. Apparently, “ape teeth are good for burglaries,” and so maybe you will have an easier time getting your hands on things in the fourth game! Go Darez!

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  • Jerry

    Here’s something interesting for you guys to check on,I bought most of the swords you can get from Sorcery1 and 2,the broadsword,the long sword and the legendary sword.But once I did a run after finishing the game(idk where the sun serpent was,last serpent not killed),so I climbed the bridge,met flanker,and when I got down,I lost everything.The next day I found this guide(It’s really helpful,thanks!)and I tried going to the house to get the swords,but all I got was the broadsword and it’s really pathetic,can I get my other swords back as well?

  • Christopher J

    Same as Jerry – I went up the bridge to meet Flanker, lost all my swords, but only found the longsword in the hut…annoying…

    Anyway, great guide, it has helped me a lot!

    • Jerry

      Well,I went to do a retry again,and I found out you could sell all your swords at the Dark Elves caravan,so I trust that that’s one way to getting Flanker’s prize,but I couldn’t access the bridge pillar cause I already climbed up it once.

      • Christopher J

        Yes, that was one thought I had as well – sell the broadsword and the longsword to the elves, keeping only the analander and the legendary sword, but I’d have to rewind almost half my game 🙁

        My guess:
        Best case – lose the legendary sword, find it again in the hut.
        Worst case – lose the sword, period.

        By the way, since we’re mentioning the elven caravan – I found that you can gain the most gold at swindlestones if you play directly after talking to the female elf by the fire the first time.
        Assuming you win all three rounds in a row, you get 10/6/4=20 gold.
        I found that if I played after exhausting all other dialogue including the joke, the bets go 6/4/3=13 gold.

        Nothing major, since I played the heck out of swindlestones in part two and ended with 103 gold, but still 🙂

        • Oh!! Thank you, Christopher! In my playthroughs, I did talk with the female elf first (and did not realize that was what would help raise the gold bets in their Swindlestones games.) I’ll add your useful tip to the guide! How did telling the joke go for you? Swindlestones is where it’s at when we wanna make it rain. :]

          • Christopher J

            I made it rain in part 2, exhausted every single opportunity to play I could come across. Took ages, but it worked out well 😉

            Had to try the joke routine several times, but it works – pick the first joke about the goblin wedding feast, then string them on once, then deliver the punchline.
            They don’t find the other joke funny because they nitpick about the interpretation of “spell”, and attempting to tell them another joke *after* that leads to a fistfight, a regular fight and you having to flee.

            They will be amused, smiling and glad they met you. I chose NOT to tell another one, and you can then ask them on they hints on two of the serpents if you ask them after the joke. If I remember correctly it was on the fire and moon serpents, which I had already beaten at that point, but I may be wrong. Basically the conversation goes something like
            “the fire serpent is weak to sand”
            “yeah, I killed that one already”
            “Oh. Well, the moon serpent is weak to fire”
            “Yeah, killed that one too.”
            She then looks at you with wide eyes saying that there might still be hope, but nothing else comes of it.
            (I believe the other option after the joke is directions to Mampang, but they do not know it.)

            Just to clarify, with the swindlestones stakes I meant going to the fire, greeting them, and playing as soon as the option pops up the first time.

            (oh, and for front section, the spell for summoning the rock demon is ZOB, and comes after the other teeth spells GOB and YOB 🙂 )

    • kaboobie71

      Did you lose your original Analander sword as well? I did not, but I had not acquired any other swords besides that and the Legendary sword. I wonder what you lose if you don’t have any additional swords but the one you started with, whether by starting with Part 3 or not acquiring any in Part 1 or 2?

      • Christopher J

        Hi Kaboobie, no, you lose everything BUT the Analander. It’s the weakest sword by far in direct comparison to the others. (well, apart from the silver sword).

  • Kace

    Regarding your musings on helpful beetles: did you try casting LAW on the beetle that you meet on the plains with lots of holes in the lower left quadrant? If you jump on his back and ride him all the way into the gorge, you meet the (talking) Queen of the Beetles, who gives you a way to defeat the Water Serpent.

  • kaboobie71

    I found a way to kill the Sun Serpent. I have not finished the game, so there may be other ways, but at the well by Throff’s temple (the one with the jewels), it gives you the option of throwing the Orb down the well. It breaks open, releasing the serpent, but you can throw water at it and then kill it in battle.

  • kaboobie71

    Also, I don’t think this was touched on in the comments, but apologies if I missed it. You can get the rope ladder from Shadrack’s tree. Keep looking up into the tree if you don’t see it at first. Once you see it, try to climb it. Then you should be given the option to untie it.

    I use it at the second beacon instead of fAL to get down, and then you can climb up again later. You can also untie it and take it with you again, either after climbing up or teleporting there from another tower.

  • Esther

    Bria will teach you the Serpent Spell without a ring. If you then look at the “glint” in the beacon with the tree through it (in the Forest) you will see a serpent ring stuck there. Elect to “Leave it”, turn the Forest into a marsh with the light beam and wander around a bit. I usually cast “big” to stop myself sinking and losing stuff. If I go south and then westwards then northwest and north I find first a skelettal fist. Pull up the arm, search the creature and get a Bracelet of Bone. Then continue west and north and find the Serpent Ring. Works every time I have tried it. Once I had to head back south east and found it there.

  • Esther

    You can also throw the Sun Serpent into the Lake. It hates water and is weakend. I actually found the Fire Serpent hardest, could not find sand for ages, but figured it out now. My fastest play through is eleven days. This was just doing the essential stuff, nothing else. I am not sure it is possible to do it quicker as just travelling takes so long. Anyone been faster?

    • kaboobie71

      I think my best time is 9 days. I collected all the spell items I didn’t already have from previous games, except for the rock demon tooth. I killed the Time Serpent the easy way, didn’t cast TUF, and only activated 3 beacons.

      On the toucharcade forum I am seeing a few who did it in 4-5 days, but just focusing on killing the serpents (and presumably not sleeping).

      • kaboobie71

        I’ve since done it in 8 days but I bypassed getting any extra stamina. Getting +1 in both Kariamma and the Klattaman village, I’m back to 9 days.

        • kaboobie71

          My best time is still 8 days, but I am now casting TUF to get +4 stamina and bypassing Kariamma and the Klattaman village.

  • Christopher J

    I found a super easy way to defeat the Serpent of Time, it took me about 5 or 6 rewinds, but I can be stubborn at times 🙂

    I met the serpent next to the temple of throff, in the form of the spectral cultists. There is a point before reciting the first chant where you can cast a spell (the game text will mention that you feel magic). Cast MAG, then chant their chant. After the serpent reveals itself, cast JIG (bamboo flute needed), make it come to your feet and stab it. DONE. No fight!

    Never expected JIG of all spells to defeat it, especially since I must have tried all possible spell combinations.

    • This. Is. Amazing. Wonderful job, Christopher J!! Your method has got to be the easiest and funniest way to off that powerful Serpent of Time.

    • DynamiteKnight

      The FIX spell (Hold in place) also works in the place of JIG. When I was choosing what to cast, I figured it would work to stop time haha.

    • Ghorroj

      Proof that ZED isn’t the most powerful spell in the game. Jig is.

  • mzttelieu

    Other random observations:

    -The SSS spell can also be obtained from the beacon with the tree growing through it; examine the carvings on the trunk as you’re climbing to learn the spell.

    – If I recall correctly, I obtained my serpent ring from some rags on the fallen tree in the forest.

    – There was a mysterious body I dug up in the early to mid part of the game–can’t remember exactly where, sorry. If you try to take its hat you’ll spot a strange tattoo. Something to do with an inverted A, an X and a circle. Never figured it out.

    – If you stand at the shore of the lake at night (I did this in thr past), you can learn up to three counterspells looking at the reflection of the stars in the water before a giant fish erupts out to eat you.

    – If you sell your tooth to the dentist and then come searching in the present, you’ll find your tooth still there and can keep it. The game makes a snarky remark how the dentist obviously paid too much as he could never sell it. The dentist does mention you can use the tooth to summon a subservient human but it’s unclear if you can learn such a spell.

    – You can buy three types of meat including Snattacat from a wagon in the left side of the map. Not sure if you can eat it to turn invisible as I did not buy.

    – Rope ladders can be obtained from the back of Ethelma’s cave, and by sending in Alizji to steal spell supplies from Fenestra if you already have the serpent ring.

    One question: Where on earth do you cook food? It was annoying having no rations but raw food on hand and unable to cook it despite having the HOT spell.

    • mzttelieu

      Also forgot to mention, if you have no gems the Klattaman blacksmith creates a compass for you free of charge after searching through your bag. It apoears to point to beacons, as I used it precisely once to find my way towards the final beacon on the island in the lake.

      It’s also possible to obtain a jewel of gold if you rest near the Klattaman village; a bunch of them will ambush you, one of whom is wearing an amulet with the jewel in it. Possibly the fight is only triggered by antagonizing the village guards, which I did by refusing to brine them and drawing my sword.

      • Christopher J

        Regarding the butcher – if you fight her, you can snatch 3 pieces of meat. However, if you cast invisibility (YAZ, pearl ring needed) and jump on her cart you grab 4 pieces and the cart takes you to the bridge across the forest.
        With me, the bridge was incomplete, so it took me to the place above Flanker (and past the gate guardian without giving up your mirror)

        I have a feeling that the cart might take you further if you complete the bridge before doing this, but it would be a huge amount of back tracking.
        On the other hand, it might be a way of meeting Flanker without losing your swords.

        Regarding the gate guardian (I forgot his name, but he appears in the first game as well):
        He will effectively counter any spell you try against him, though it won’t be added as counter spell as clue. You can however make a note for yourself which items he uses (for instance it says that he pulls out a jewel studded medallion or puts on a pearl ring).
        I avoided him since he tosses away your mask and takes your mirror as a toll.

        Also, regarding the buried body in the steppes – in the present you can dig him up for the whistle to summon the ferryman and see his tattoo, in the past you can find some gold on him from his outstretched hand as muddy mentioned.

        • mzttelieu

          The bridge guardian’s name is Vacrass. I simply gave up my finger to him so I could get past without losing anything actually valuable… 😉

          I’m currently playing Sorcery! where you first meet him and his price was way cheaper then.

          • Angga47

            Wow.. i won’t give my finger to a random hunchback old guy,really,so i take another route which is make the bridge in past time,and then i climb it lol,pretty much fooling that old guy, seems like there’s no other free way for crossing the bridge except for climbing it,and his name is “Vancass” in his first game.. man.. he only gave two riddles,piece of cake!

            Oh,and if we offer our leg to him,what happen? For me he just said that he will collect it later,so i backtrack and climb the bridge,it seriously would be pretty funny..or tragic seeing our brave Analander fighting the Archmage with 1 leg,lol

            Oh yeah and i don’t know if you guys know it,but to get a “Green Ring” go to Sorceress Bria’s house,and then counter all of her spell, the order is “GuM” and then “fAL”

            Thanks again Muddy! I see your guide and find that i’m missing the gnome,time to throw some Sun Jewels to poor people ?

        • kaboobie71

          I rode across the incomplete bridge in the butcher’s cart, but I did not meet Flanker. When you climb up the ruined bridge he is on the level just below the top, but from the top you can only climb all the way down.

      • kaboobie71

        Tha Klattamen band attacked me even if I skirted past their village or had good interactions with them (sitting by the fire, fighting their champion, and getting +1 stamina from the Shaman). But I read elsewhere that you don’t have to fight them for the sun jewel. You can cast GOD even when one of them is still wearing it, and they will give it to you.

    • Mzttelieu, all of your tips are so helpful! Thank you so much for detailing your advice so that others can enhance their adventures with your tips.

      I remember that tattooed corpse…! He also has one gold piece on him [I *think*] and a peg leg, doesn’t he? Maybe he is the sailor/captain I think the wraith prankster mentioned…

      (If anyone is looking for this body, it’s located in the Steppes.)

      I found that by the foot of the mountains west of the tattooed corpse, the Air Serpent will strike the earth and leave huge carved grooves in the land that bear a remarkable similarity to the tattoo…! But like you, Mzttelieu, I wasn’t able to find anything (treasure or otherwise) in regards to the tattoo/land carvings.

      I’ll make additions to this guide based on your awesome finds! (Ah! That is indeed where a rope ladder is found. Thank you, thank you.)

      Raw food! If you sit by a fireplace when it is lit (usually at night,) you can cook your food! Fireplaces are available at Klattaman Village and Kariamma Village. Nom nom!

      • mzttelieu

        Thanks for the food tip! Early on a shepherd boy (near the field where you find the head) invited me to sit by his fire but there was no option to cook, so I completely missed the hint to use the fire in the Klattaman village.

        Which makes me wonder — did any one of you with a crystal orb read the boy’s future, and was he just a random guy?

        (There’s an option to make up a future if you don’t have an orb, but I felt bad about it and just told him that the land would someday become barren, to which he answered that Ethelma had told him the same thing. Interesting.)

        • Blackfaer

          Yes, you see a future in which he becomes like Mad Max in the baklands, but if you tell him about it he just gets depressed.

  • Martin

    Thx for this great work. I’d like to add an information to the whirlpool near Shadracks cave. I tossed the orb with the Sun Serpent into it and that killed it instantly. No need for magic or items or any weapon.

  • Stephen

    For me, I waited till the water serpent made his move. Tossed the Sun Serpent orb into his mouth and there was a great explosion. The Water Serpent was instantly killed and the Sun serpent was weakened. 🙂

  • Christopher J

    I seem to have found a way to switch spirit guides…

    Happened seemingly after I had stayed a night at Elthera’s hut in the past (where the elven caravan is in the present), and went east of the beacon up the stairs to the plateau where you encounter the prankster. Tried again without resting at the hut, seems to work at night as well, though you will have to rest until morning to actually activate the encounter.

    Main requirement seems to be the beacon’s light shining strongly on the plateau and it being daytime, when you get there it will say:

    “The slopes of the mountain burst into sudden colour. Ropes slung with prayer-flags of all colours criss-cross overhead.”

    Casting SUS will tell you this is where the Gods are closer to the world than elsewhere. (You can also cast BIG, DOP, SAP and mAG, to no effect though)

    If you then look at the flags, it tells you they form a triangle, and you can inspect the lower ends and top.
    Touch the closed eye symbol on the lower end and look up to LOSE your current spirit guardian, then go to the top corner and touch the open eye symbol to get a new one – I got the Gorilla back, which was the one I had at the beginning of part one.

    This might be especially useful for people wanting to get rid of Slangg 🙂

  • TGM1234

    If you don’t already have one, you can get the Serpent Ring and the SSS spell from the start by sleeping at the cliffs, casting fAL, grabbing the bush on your way down, entering the cave, pushing the rocks with BIG, and searching the room. You also find a shattered crystal orb, which you can obtain by going back in time and fixing the cracks, then returning.

    You can choose to smash the glass orb inside Fenestra’s house; the Sun Serpent kills her instantly, and you are allowed to throw some water on him if you have a water gourd. Fenestra’s ashes leave behind a Jeweled Medallion.

    If you attempt to see the boy in the hut’s future, you see the destruction of Ishtara by means of fiery wall of flame. Ominous.

    The rope ladder on the dead tree is obtainable if you climb it then untie it. The tree will smack you off painfully, but you still have the ladder.

    Casting fAR may reveal a vision of resurrecting a skeleton. Cast the first beacon at Bria’s house and climb the mountain, where a Rock Demon will rise! You can fight it if you attempt to take shelter in the hole, and it will drop its tooth after defeat. Next go off the path and cast RES, pouring holy water down the pipe. Walk away, and the skeleton will rise; cast TEL to talk to it. Afterwards, you can climb upwards and learn of the Moon Serpent’s location.

    • TGM1234

      Another thing: if you rest at the tree where Elthera was sitting, you’ll wake up being attacked by a Despair Snake. Kill it, and a key falls out; it’s the key to the beacon across the river.

      You can use the brass pendulum in the black elf caravan’s trade cart to put the trader to sleep; you have enough time to swipe two items before a guard catches you.

      The boy at the whirlwind says the Fire Serpent will attack you in your sleep, but he never actually does; rather, you always encounter him on the west side of the forest, no matter how long you wait or far you travel.

      • kaboobie71

        The Fire Serpent has attacked me in my sleep in more than one location in the northwest quadrant of the map. It has happened by the northern wall and also in one of the westernmost spots.

        • TGM1234

          Huh, never happened to me. Maybe I wasn’t sleeping in the right places, too far north etc.?

          • Blackfaer

            Both the despair snake and the fire serpent will attack you in your sleep in the first quadrant of the map if you sleep in the open. I think the amount of time that has passed has more to do with it than the location.

    • angga47

      Ah! Thanks a lot man i remembered it,if you smash the crystal ball,you will get jewel studded medallion,so if you go to Klattaman you will get a gold backed mirror if you steal from the jewelery guy,thanks man

  • hi, I am stuck and wondering if someone could help me. I have killed all the serpents except for the Earth serpent. Yes I killed the Serpent of Time by shining four beacons of light at it. I don’t know where the Earth Serpent is. I caught a glimpse of it and got a clue that it is in a fissure south of Timpang near Lake Ilklala. But when I explore the fissure, it only gives me the option whether to jump down or not. If I jump, I die cos it is too deep. Does anyone have any idea how to get to the Earth Serpent otherwise?

    • TGM1234

      Killing the Earth Serpent is remarkably simple: at the fissure DON’T jump in, instead either wait or walk away and rocks will start attacking you (you can also rest and get attacked as well). When the Serpent shows itself you can cast SSS then HUF to blow it into the air. Choose the strangle option. If you chose to follow Throff then you can choose to keep her or not; if not, go to the prayer flags, as another comment pointed out, to get your spirit guide back.

      • kaboobie71

        If you haven’t been told the Earth Serpent’s location (i.e. it doesn’t appear on the map), it’s a little harder to find him. I think you need to rest by the fissure in order to set the chain of events in motion.

        • After defeating the Time serpent, no matter how many times I passed the fissure and no matter what I do, I wasn’t able to engage the Earth serpent. He would appear on my map but when I am near the fissure, he would disappear once I leave the fissure. I have a theory: either this is a bug, or you need to defeat the Earth serpent before defeating the Time serpent. I was able to finish the game without defeating the Earth serpent, but this means the ArchMage will be warned of my approach in the next game. Hmm, maybe I will do another run through of this game to finish up all the serpents.

          • I did a new run of the game and this time I managed to get the location of the Earth serpent from the Sorceress Bria early in the game. I don’t expect to have the same problem in my previous run of not being able to engage the Earth serpent.

        • Mason

          If you select go down to the river option when you’re by the fissure and unbury the elf, he will tell you the location of the earth serpent if you’re nice to him.

  • kaboobie71

    Some random corrections/notes:

    The hewing axe in the black elves’ trading caravan is not free (at least, it was not offered to me for free, but the trader’s prices seem to vary based on how much gold he thinks you have). You can steal it after putting him to sleep, but as you can only steal two items I think there are better choices.

    An alternative to buying/stealing the spellbook: if you are carrying a rock demon tooth (you can find and kill a demon in an avalanche before meeting Shadrack) when you visit Bria, she will comment on it and give you hints to figure out the YOB spell.

    To burn the spellbook I used my tinderbox from Sorcery 2. You can throw it at the Moon Serpent instead of casting a fireball, or use it as a light source in the tunnels as mentioned by Mike.

    To foil the old prankster you don’t need to cast a spell at all (but it’s helpful to learn the counterspell). At some point while looking at the wraith illusion you have the option to “shake your head”, which helps clear it, and then you see him hiding behind a rock.

    Fenestra will sell you a whistle for 5 gold if you tell her you’re going to Lake Ilklala. Also, you can have Fenestra teach you two counterspells and still let you look into (and take) the orb. Just be stubborn and don’t leave when she tells you to.

    The “wall carvings that hint at counterspells (a hand squeezing grapes VS a fireball and a person in a bubble countering rocks gone haywire)” are actually in Alizji’s hut, not the forest tower.

    To cast TUF you do actually have to visit the circle at night. Look at the stars to discover the spell. You can then sleep there and cast the spell in the morning.

    And thanks once again to Muddy for providing this very helpful resource!

    • kaboobie71

      Correction to myself: I read elsewhere that the black elf trader will indeed give you the axe for free if you buy enough items from him. I generally only buy two (provisions and pendulum) and then steal, so the magic number must be greater than 2.

      • angga47

        I don’t suggest to take the axe from the caravan, there is a hewing axe in the Svinn’s construction site nearby, i better buy the Brass Pendulum,steal the pearl ring,buy the scroll,and then cast “nap” then snatch the Duplicate Spellbook,and also chajnmail shirt(maybe its for useful stuff?)

        • kaboobie71

          I have since determined that if you buy 3 items, the black elf trader will give you the axe for free. I also prefer to get it from the Svinn construction site, but if you’re trying for the shortest run possible you might not want to visit both places. And the axe isn’t a necessity. It makes it easier to access Alizji’s hut and the Forest beacon, but you can also use your backup sword (at whichever place you visit first), cast RAZ on your good sword, or cast HOT (Forest beacon only, I think).

  • Sewcid

    If you free the thief in the plain as a “guy” (As opposed to “a girl caractere”), he doesn’t offer to marry you 🙂 Also, he is still a “guy” and not a “Girl”.

    “Despair serpent”‘ the one that give the key to the second beacon tower, can attack you during the night you sleep “in the past” straight after the first bridge spot.

    I just found this site and I ADORE it! Count on me to visit it alot, and reading back on the Sorcery 1 and 2 since I made all my choice “alone” on those 🙂


  • arwhy

    To get Yb’ran as your deity:
    1) Choose to make an offering and select “I do” when the voice asks “Do you make a gift to the God of the Gods?”
    2) Choose to offer nothing and select “I do” when the voice asks “Do you refuse to give a gift to the God of the Gods?”
    3) Select “I do” when the voice asks “Then you break your promise to Yb’ran?”

    You can then choose to accept him or reject him, but either way, he’ll become your deity (it says he gets stronger when you attempt to reject him, but I’m not sure if there’s any real difference between accepting and rejecting).

    If you open up the god tab later on, it says “You may pray to Yb’ran, though as God of Gods, he can offer little aid. He can do little good for mere mortals.” Interesting… does this mean he might not be as helpful as other gods? I tested Yb’ran and Courga in a limited number of scenarios and the outcomes are the same.

    As a side note: with the injured wolf, my character fed it some fish (since I didn’t buy the Vittles) and then it gives you an option to pet it (after which, it runs off) 🙂

    Thanks for this blog by the way, it’s been very helpful!

  • Carol

    Can you tell me where is the black elves trading wagon? Thank you!

    • TGM1234

      The trading wagon is in the upper half of Ishtara (the plains in the past). Very close to the boy’s hut, easy to miss, though the brown rectangles on the map aren’t so much. Still not quite sure myself how I wound up there instead of at the boy.

      There’s something I would like to know: is it possible to keep the spare pick axe you find when in the tunnels?

  • EthanR

    I found out how to not pay to cross the bridge!
    1. Go to the beacon in the marsh that’s across from the pool
    2. Travel to the beacon slightly south of it
    3. Once you’re there, cast zip (teleport) at the top of the tower
    4. Chose the option to jump and then glide
    5. BOOM! You’re in the lake!

    • TGM1234

      Problem with that: you lose most of your rations and all non-spellbook paper items. I’ve done that before, but I don’t like swimming. (Also, costs 1 stamina every move spent swimming)

  • Mason

    Curious as to what everyone’s best play throughs are?

    My best fo far is beating it in 8 days (so you get the message that you may still arrive in secret) and acquiring the following:

    Assassins blade
    Legendary sword
    Crystal orb
    Black face mask
    Brass pendulum
    New spell book
    Green ring
    Pearl ring
    Jewel studded medallion
    Gold medallion
    Rock demon tooth
    Yellow feather
    Staff of oak
    Gale horn
    Yellow power
    Stone dust
    Handful of gems
    Essence of bark
    Vial of glue

    • kaboobie71

      8 days, and I now have every magic item needed for spells except Fire Water (not found in any of the games yet). I imported a saved game, however.

      What is Essence of Bark for? I had a couple of options to get it in Sorcery 2 but it is not a spell item as far as I know.

      • Esther

        Essencw of Bark saves you from the Strangling Bush in the Forest of Snatta. You can get out of it with out it, but loose some stamina. If you use Essence of Bark on it it will let you go because it thinks you are a plant.

        • kaboobie71

          Thanks, Esther. So it’s better not to have it if you want to get to the yellow feather and rock demon tooth without going through the whole tunnel system from Karianna; the Stranglebush takes you there if you let it overcome you.

      • Nate

        Fire Water is sold in the dwarf’s shop in NW Khare. It’s they “Potion of Mystery”. If you drink it in his shop it says you feel super strong, but then your hair comes out in clumps, lol.

  • Anonymous

    Some immediate things that I want to point out:

    The spellbook bought from the black elves, for me, did not contain a spell for summoning the rock demon; that was available to me. Instead it contained “ZEd”, which is apparently the most powerful spell, created by a now gone Necromancer. I have not been able to find a place to cast this, but the actual purpose of the spell is unknown, and it costs 7 stamina.

    I saw that apparently, the Serpent of Time was defeated by using “JIG” when you meet him disguised as a cult. I also found him, but defeated him using “fIX”. I assumed this was right, because I ‘fixed’ time.

    On that note, later, I spoke to Ca-Oth, and was given the option to murder the woman that had joined me at his ‘shrine’, because she was allegedly carrying the unborn Archmage. I knew this was true because I recall someone mentioning that the Archmage was born in the town the woman came from. I chose not to kill her, and since Ca-Oth by passes the rewind ability, I don’t know what happens if you do choose” Draw your sword”.

    Back to the Serpent of Time, Ca-Oth told me that I was to die on an island “surrounded by cold water and cold stone”, but when I told him I had defeated the Time Serpent already, he only chuckled, and after our exchange, the Marker for the Time Serpent appeared on the island he inhabits. So perhaps killing him when he is disguised as the cult is merely a ruse.

    One last thing, you said that Elthera’s cave houses a bunch of clues on defeating the Serpents, but when I went back, it only told me the locations of them.

    Also, defeating the Moon Serpent when he is camped in the mountains, and you already have a Crystal Ball yields no drops at all. Defeating the Moon Serpent when he is in the tower in Tinpang will reward you with rock dust.

    • Sewcid

      About the Ca-Oth exchange. I was there before killing the Time Serpent. However, I choose for fun to “draw my sword” and attempt to kill the mother… sure that I could rewind after.

      Ca-Oth awake me of the pray before I can really kill the women so it doesn’t really happen. However, Ca-Oth found very “interesting” that I could obey to Gods to that extent, even willing to kill the innocent woman to prevent the birth of the archimage. I felt like terminator on Sarah Connor. That’s about it for the choice of “draw my sword” against the poor Archimage Mother. So far, doesn’t seem to have any other consequence in the game.

      I was pretty shocked after a couple of rewinds to discover I couldn’t undo my choice. A kind of Easter Egg from the Devellopers 🙂


      About “ZED”: I had the 4 books when I was young and played them alot. By the way,, SORCERY! 4: Crown of the kings” has been the thickiest “be the hero” book ever sold: Doulbe the size of a normal book. I can say for sure that the option to cast SUCCESFULLY “ZED” formula will comme only in the very last moment of the fourth book. If I remember well, ZED is a spell to travel through time. Seems pretty linked to the towers no? Inkle did a so incredible job, I just hope they continu, after SORCERY!, to edit new game using old “be the hero” book of my childhood.

    • angga47

      Dang.. that Ca-oth i want to troll him by killing the woman,but with some arguements first,then i draw my sword,and well… i fell asleep,and then ca-oth says that the woman will be murdered by my hands,or something like that, so i rewind the game and… i got trolled by the game twice,first the serpent of time,i act stupid with him,now Ca-oth.. bravo Inkle!

      For the elthera’s cave its a clue about defeating the serpents that could be easily founded

      and maybe the serpent of time is not really dead at all,because.. he can manipulate time.. he could just feign death,and troll us,and then make us born without heart..
      if he is really dead,i really don’t see it coming,but i doubt it,maybe the cult are using illusion like the old guy with wraith?
      but for the “fIX” well dude.. i dunno what would happen if time got “stiff” that would make the world end,lol

    • kaboobie71

      ZEd is in your spellbook from the beginning. ZOB should come right after GOB in your book.

  • Sewcid

    About saving Kitty, the dog belonging to the cook’s daughter:

    Entering the caves in the past north of the village of the Cook (Kariamma?), I used my 2nd spell book (From Black Elves) to light the cave. Then, I volontary skill the side passage (The with the buried horn and the Whirlwind jars…) since I never found a way to get out of there and not have the cave crumbling.

    If you skip the side passage and continu to the east, you find Kitty. If you are kind to him, you befriend him and he follow. However, whatever you do next, either you and Kitty touch some more Jar aligned in the tunnel and the place crumble… Whatever you choose next (to stay trap inside de Cavern or to get out by where you entered), Kitty run to the entrance.

    Since I choose to stay inside and get the yellow feather, I don’t know what happened of Kitty next. I will give it a try tonight to go back the village et check if Kitty is back and well.

    Note: Before entering the cave, I already had a crystal (Demon) tooth. Your guide says that there is another crystal tooth at the end of the cave, just before the forest of Snatta. For my, there were never another tooth waiting for me. That would have been cool, 2 Crystal (Demon) tooth (With -4 stamina …) to sell to the dentist in Tinpang…

    • Sewcid

      About saving Kitty…

      This is a follow up on my earlier post up here.

      I came back in Kariamma through blue crystal activation, after I doing the whole cavern and saving Kitty, the dog.

      Well, the people of Kariamma (around the fire) didn’t like to see me again. The little girl, for one, told the other I was a ghost since we “heard” me scream into the crumbling cavern.

      Any choice of the dialogue lead to the same place: They tested my through the burying my body into the ground, in the plan, leave my head exposed… and I die. So DON’T TALK TO PEOPLE IN KARIAMMA after saving Kitty 🙂 (Leaving the cavern through the east exit.

      • Whoa!! You went through so much effort, Sewcid, yet it seems that the only grateful being was Kitty the dog…! I’m grateful to know what to do to get Kitty out of there *and* not get buried up to my neck… Thank you very much again, Sewcid!

  • Yb’ran can only restore two stamina points when you pray to him. Whoopee. And then he deserted my player character after they defeated the serpent of time, leaving the spirit guide place empty. I notice that Throff just ups and leaves too, but at least when she does so it is possible to get the original spirit guide back.

    I’m afraid the TUF spell sequence really doesn’t work. Is there any variation to try?

    • TGM1234

      Go back to the mountains in the present near where Kariamma used to be during the daytime, where there’s all those prayer flags, and you can get your spirit guide back. Another guy commented on how to do that.

      As for TUF, approach the circle in the past at night. Look at the stars, sleep, wait till night, then cast. That’s how it worked for me, anyway. It’s finicky like that.

      • kaboobie71

        You don’t have to wait for night a second time. Go to the stone circle at night (in the past), look at the stars, and then sleep. You will be able to cast TUF in the morning.

        Incidentally, getting into the Steppes beacon is the most frustrating part of the game for me. If you kill the Time Serpent at the stone circle in the present (which I believe is quicker overall, since you don’t have to visit the Tinpang or Lake beacons), you have to use the Forest beacon to shine south and illuminate both the path to the south (turning it from forest to marsh) and the Steppes beacon. The beacon is always right on the edge of the light and passes in and out of the past. Even after getting in and activating it to shine on the stone circle, it can still revert to the present — even while you are on top of it! It takes me many rewinds to get in, activate it, get down, and get back in (to teleport away) after casting TUF.

  • @Muddymeller! Thanks for the GREAT guide! Love this game, and yeah, its nice to see a cohesive guide somewhere.

    My input: Shining the beacon at the Kariamma exits doesnt show Kitty (or at least not at hte enterance), so hopefully he ran back to he village direction, not the marshland! Now we just have to see if Swecid finds him or not in the village (2 posts up)

  • JamesD

    It seems if you complete the game without activating any of the beacons, the old man on the Xamen road doesn’t stop to talk to you about how the beacons are destroying all of Ishtara. And the ending credits note that you got through without activating any beacons, which makes me think there might be a special plot in Sorcery 4 if you completed 3 this way. Maybe you really are the one responsible for destroying Ishtara and you can prevent that timeline by not activating the beacons?
    To get past the horns of Ilklala without the beacons, I couldn’t use the bridge, so I had to encounter the Time Serpent at the steppes, let it flee to its island, leaving a trail of time, letting me climb the beacon in the steppes, cast ZIP, and fall into the lake on the other side. But then of course, I couldn’t defeat all 7 serpents as you can’t defeat Time without either using the four beacons or killing it on the steppes.

  • Anonymous

    It should be noted that even after I defeated the Serpent of Time, casting “fAR” would still show you approaching the Time Serpent in your vision, once other visions were exhausted.

    So I suppose you must kill him with beacons for a real victory.

    On a completely different note, I recommend selling your tooth to the ‘dentist’, the gold you get is quite a lot, and you can recover your tooth by moving the beacon’s light away after selling your tooth and returning to the ‘dentist’. You will be able to retrieve your tooth. Besides, the only consequence seems to be the temporary speech impairment.

    • angga47

      Yeah i agree with that real victory

      and selling our tooth is just for gameplay-wise i think,i don’t sell it though just for the better story,because a semi toothless sorcerer killing the Archmage is quite humiliating for the archmage(or us)

    • Mason

      I’m not sure, I noticed when you kill the serpent of time with the becons the button you press to confirm it is titled something like “the spirit of time is still alive” if you look closely.

      This doesn’t happen if you go the jig route I don’t believe

      • TGM1234

        How do you kill the Time Serpent with JIG or fIX like some have mentioned? All of my attempts have only been able to reveal TEL, ZAP, MUD, MAG, and RAp – all useless.

        • mason

          Cast mag Right before begining the chant, complete the chant and then cast fix or jig when the serpent arrives

    • kaboobie71

      I disagree, killing the Time Serpent in the stone circle is as “real” a victory as the other. There’s no difference in the message you get at the end of the game.

      Sometimes after I have killed it in the circle I ask a serpent where the other serpents are (if I have run out of other questions) and it tells me the Time Serpent is on the island, and shows it on the map. But if I go there, I find nothing. I think it’s a limitation of the game that it can’t always keep track of everything you have done.

  • JamesTwoJay

    Hi everyone. Thanks MuddyMelly for the great blog post and everyone who posted comments. I learnt a lot!

    Anyhow my question, I hope someone can help: I have defeated 6 serpents, the only one left is the Sun serpent. However when I met Fenestra I did not get the orb containing the Sun serpent. Also when I met Alizji I got her to steal the serpent ring rather than the orb. In the guide above, MuddyMelly wrote “I believe you’ll never get another chance to defeat the Sun Serpent if you do not acquire this orb from Fenestra”. Am I really stuck? It seems a little unfair only because it seems no other decision in the game will leave you unable to complete it, like this. Any tips anyone or do I really have to start again? (I am up to about day 30. Some of that was aimless wandering since I didn’t read a guide until this point…)

    • kaboobie71

      I don’t see it as unfair because you can always rewind. You’re not guaranteed to be able to get everything on your first try. I’ve enjoyed playing the game many times; that’s what’s great about it.

  • Benedikt S.

    Hey ho! Nice of you guys handing out all of those infos 🙂 I am in a bit of a trouble … I can’t seem to get on the island far right where the last beacon is. :/ Also I don’t want to toss my Rock Demon Tooth :/ Anyway to get there? Thx in advance! 🙂

    • mason

      You need to blow the whistle to call the boat man. You cant do it in the present if youve killed the wind serpent earlier i dont believe.

      You can get the whistle from fenestra if you dont find it elsewhere.

  • Sewcid

    New found!

    In the Kattlaman village, arriving late in the day and “communicating” with womens around fire, I managed to create a bizarre situation. It seems I insulted (Or did I brag without knowing it?) someone through mimicing their signs. Their Champion forced me to battle.

    Once I killed him (flawless), their leader / sage invited me in his tent and, by hand imposition, he gifted me with something giving me a +1 Stamina!

    So stamina sources are: Mindflawer recipy to cook in Kariamma, the TUF spell (Yellow feather) in the stone Hedge and, now, the Elder of the Kattlaman after defeiting their champion 🙂

    God I love this game full of surprise!

    • ! You are right, Sewcid! I remember this cool part. You are so right – this game is absolutely full of fascinating events and characters and locations and surprises!! :] I’m updating the guide right now to add a section of “stamina-raising locations” and am grateful for your comment.

  • Incidentally, when beta testing, didn’t you call attention to the glitch from episode 2 where the potion of mystery can be used infinite times, making the player character invincible in combat? I notice that if the player character has more than 143 gold pieces at the beginning of episode 3, all but 143 mutate into gold bugs and fly away. Shouldn’t the error with the potion of mystery have been corrected as well?

  • TsaboTavoc

    Hi to all! Amazing guide guys! I love it really! I have 2 questions here if someone can answer me i will be very happy.

    1) The Inkle! guys say that will be a reward for the old school players that have played like the gamebook (without spellbook) anyone have find something that reward you for doing this? Because with the spellbook from the Black Elves i think that if this reward come at the game 4 it will be a good idea burned the new spellbook after the ZOB spell.

    2) There are any reward for making a game without any REWIND? i played the first 2 games without make any REWIND. The game itself keep note how many times your REWIND your game? As an oldschool player use REWIND is something like cheat instead to rely only to my memory 😀

    Thank you!!! 😀

  • AndyH

    More info for the whirlwind in the lower right-hand quadrant of the map. I could only throw in the orb with the Sun serpent if you don’t save the boy. Also when I came across the head buried in the sand and dug the person up, it was still a he (I am playing as a man), and I then discovered in later interactions with him that he was also the thief that bumped into me at the whirlwind and stole an item.

    Thanks for all your tips though, very helpful!


  • It’s probably a bug, but I was able to buy two Rock Demon teeth from the dentist guy. I bought one, then sold him some teeth (including one of mine), then went back to the ‘buy’ portion and bought another one.

    I’m a little too far out to rewind at this point, but the more I think about it, the more likely it is to be because I sold my tooth; all of the options are visually different afterwards because you are mumbling.

    One other thing to note: After selling my tooth, I went back to the dentists in the present (ruins) and found my tooth in the rubble. There was a dialog option to put it back it in but it fell out and said something along the lines of ‘maybe someone can help put it back in later.’

  • JonR

    In the spirit of trying to make as much gold as possible, are you able to get a rock demon tooth (say the Kariamma tunnels one), sell it to the dentist and then pick up another to sell? (Only other one I know of is from the rock demon near Bria’s house in the present).

    Will the dentist take a second one? If not then selling one and picking up another to use is still a pretty good deal I’d say.

    • Sewcid

      Hi JonR

      In my play, I did take the Demon (Crystal) tooth from the Rock Demon near Bria. Then i procedeed to the cave of Kariamma. I did get the yellow feather but no offer or text alternative to get a second Demon tooth.

      I did sell the tooth to the dentist feeling the ZOB would be not mandatry for the rest of the adventure and gold buy you several opportunity to buy in shops for more critique item.

      However, once the tooth sold, I never came back to the cave to find a new tooth since it is collapsed.

      I can see a possibily if you don’t encounter the Rock Demon early, uses the cave, grab the tooth, sell it in TInpang then go all back thte Rock demon then Tinpang again. But I will not seriously try this time consuming method since I finished the game with around 100 gold anyway (160 gold if I had not buy the boat of the fisherman in the past time of lake iKhala.

  • Maybe I missed it up there – but has anybody else used “ZIP” while on top of the tower in the Steppes? You end up being taken to the top of the nearest mountain (in the Horns of Ilkala) – you can’t cast spells there, but I found a Brass Pendulum in the snow, and was survived the fall if I outstretched my arms when falling – allowing me to glide into the lake. Then it was just a quick swim over to the statues, and I was on the road to Mampang.

    I found it while trying my fastest-track options, and I did not kill any serpents, but I finished in about two days. I did end up losing all my water perishable goods – and so far I’ve not found a way to avoid that. Because of this, I will likely continue to just buy the brass pendulum. (Also – you can find the green wig in the steppe tower too if you don’t already have it)

    • kaboobie71

      The spot at the top of the mountain is actually a variable item location, where the game will give you something you don’t have (I’ve also found a jeweled medallion or a rope ladder there). This is a good shortcut and I made use of it to kill all serpents and complete the game in 5 days. But as you pointed out you do lose all provisions, which might make things difficult in Sorcery 4 depending on how easy it is to find food.

  • TsaboTavoc

    I got a free Crystal Orb from the Ethema Cave, if you go to meet her in the past and you fix the crack in the ceiling using the spellword ROK when you come back to her in the present using ZEN (if you have the medallion) or ZIP (using the Green Ring from Bria) you will find her Crystal orb in the back of the cave.

    P.S. No one can tell me if the game keep memory if you use the REWIND button? I’m trying to make a NO REWIND game but its pretty hard making all correct choices in a walktrough

    • kaboobie71

      Only the developers would know. You said in a previous comment you’d played through the first two times without rewinding. If it didn’t say anything special at the end, I would guess there’s no benefit to doing this.

      • TsaboTavoc

        Thank you very much Kaboobie71. The game didn’t say to me anything special.

        This means that there is no benefit making the game without use any REWIND

        I will clear at least 1 time without REWIND as well this game, but for try all the easter eggs i will use often the rewind.

  • Analander

    Hey, great work again Muddy. Played this through once, now I’m playing it again and trying to get everything in one run. Some thoughts:

    >>Ethelma(?)/Elthera(?) (I’ve forgotten the name of the nice young woman you play Swindlestones/Mindstones with in the beginning of the game) has something important to tell you – “long after she has died.”
    1. Her name is Elthera
    2. How does the timeline work here? I mean in the past, you play dice with her. Then, in the present, after carefully directing the beacon’s light, you can visit the cave, meet the 113 year old Elthera, and fix her cave with ROK. But, then if you visit her AGAIN, using HUF/ ZIP, the cave is empty and she has left behind a poem. Where did she go? She has something important to tell you ““long after she has died.”, but you are able to meet her a day ago! Am I missing something?

    >>One way to get Ethelma’s giant’s tooth necklace is to go to the holes – in the present (I think) – west of Shadrack’s rock and summon a goblin (with GOB,)
    You can also cast SUS and get it and save your tooth.

    >>Meet Flanker the assassin again by climbing up from the ground onto the broken bridge
    You have to leave all your swords (Long, Broad, Legendary) at the base. You only get back one in Aliizji’s hut, and not the legendary sword. This is bull, so I avoid this path. You really should mention that the Assassin’s Blade is +4 attack, so you are not gaining anything, but are infact losing your backup weapons.
    If you want to keep both the legendary sword and get the assassin’s blade, sell your long and broad swords at the black elves cavern. Then you’ll be able to recover your legendary sword from Aliizji.

    >>Show the scroll written in a foreign language (can be gained from the Flayer’s kitchen in Sorcery! 2) to the Kariamma cook.
    You can also choose to ‘steal’ a bottle of oil – for use against the water serpent. In this path, Fenestra does not give you a bottle of oil when you meet her.

    >> Use your backup weapon/tool to dig out gems in the dried-up well outside of the Temple of Throff. (You can repeat this act. (I am not sure how many times you can do this, since I never reached a “this is the last batch of gems” dialogue. However, each time you dig out gems with your blade, you will dull it.)

    I have never gotten this. I am only able to use my weapon to dig out the gems once, then climb up and pull the bucket up to get a ‘Fistful of Gems’ in the inventory. In case you don’t have the rope ladder with you, you can also

    >>Event | Getting married and getting a-head.
    As mentioned in the comments before me, getting married does not work if you are a man – you may want to update your walkthrough to reflect this.
    If you didn’t get the pearl ring from the Black Elves Trading Cavern, you can choose to search him once you dig him up – you’ll find a ring on him. If you already have a ring, you won’t find anything.

    >>Magical Items | Add a sun jewel to your hoard of sun jewels! Find it in the Forest of Snatta.
    Also, should you decide to fight the centaurs you meet near the Svinn construction site (where you get an arrow from), you’ll find a sun jewel, 10 gold and a pouch of sand on their bodies.

    >>Event | Meeting the surprisingly helpful mama beetle and baby beetle bugs. I’ve forgotten the actual name of their species, so I would very much appreciate any jogging of my lacking memory
    Baddu Bugs

    >>If you jump on his back and ride him all the way into the gorge, you meet the (talking) Queen of the Beetles, who gives you a way to defeat the Water Serpent.”
    You actually meet a Lynch bug…if you cast LAW and take him into the gorge, you can meet the queen Lynch bug and get clues about the water serpent and a bottle of “monarch oil”. If you instead take him over to the steam holes, you end up killing it, but its body yields 2 piece of raw meat as rations (Yuck)

    >>Crystal Tooth
    Just wanted to clarify, that you can only get one, irrespective of whether you kill the rock demon or pick it up in the caves.

    >>Holy Water
    In the Snatta Forest, there is a lake next to a beacon. You can choose to fill up your water gourd if you have one. Then, once you meet the meditating guy on the pole, you can offer him water to drink. He is ‘touched’ by your action and blesses the water – you get an extra holy water.

    >>Has anyone successfully fed the injured wolf?
    Where is this?

    Will write more as and when I discover.

    • >>2. […] Where did she go? She has something important to tell you ““long after she has died.”, but you are able to meet her a day ago! Am I missing something?

      She’s the nearly dead tree in the modern timeline. The clue is that in both timelines, she uses the phrase “You are lost.”

  • kaboobie71

    The only injured wolf I know of is inside the Steppes beacon, and he attacks as soon as you enter.

  • Analander

    Few more things

    >> The beetle trap The most I have been able to do is defeat the cunning beetle and notice that he wears a tag with the inscription of the god’s name (which I have forgotten. Heaven help this game guide!)

    It’s name is Bennanga

    >>[From the comments] Early on a shepherd boy (near the field where you find the head) invited me to sit by his fire but there was no option to cook, so I completely missed the hint to use the fire in the Klattaman village.
    Which makes me wonder — did any one of you with a crystal orb read the boy’s future, and was he just a random guy?

    I actually spent quite a bit of time on this one. Getting the black elves cavern AND getting the shepherd’s hut to appear was tricky, I just wasn’t able to focus the beam of light properly. Eventually, I don’t know how, I managed to get both in one play through. (You can of course, choose to skip the Black Elves cavern, but I wanted the items since I was aiming for a maximum item play through)

    As Blackfaer mentions, you can read his future assuming you have the crystal orn from the moon serpent.The shepherd boy is grown up, has a scar on his face and is standing in a field with you as a huge wall of fire moves towards you. “It’s too late,” he says, “this is the third curse.”
    And of course, you can choose to read out the What you saw to him once the vision ends…
    “I saw the land burning, and you burning with it.”

    Which brings me to my question…what the heck was going on??? That was easily the most interesting bit in the story yet. Anyone have any idea what this is about? What is the third curse? Spoil it for me please!

    And some other questions:
    1) Is meeting the seven spirits in the steppes and getting ‘killed’ necessary to progress the game?
    2) There are a couple of times when you can ‘see’ the future, I don’t exactly remember when you can do this, but the you see yourself pouring water on a grave and a hand coming up or something…is this Bria? Can anyone confirm?
    3) I’m really interested in finding out how having one of the local gods plays out. Any one have any different experiences with Ca’oth or Yb’ran?

    • kaboobie71

      ” Is meeting the seven spirits in the steppes and getting ‘killed’ necessary to progress the game?”

      I’m pretty sure I completed at least one game without it. It’s the easiest way to get into the Steppes beacon, however, which is one of the beacons you would need to focus on the time serpent’s island. I find it really difficult to focus the Forest beacon’s beam to both access the path south of the lake and enter the Steppes beacon.

      “There are a couple of times when you can ‘see’ the future, I don’t exactly remember when you can do this, but the you see yourself pouring water on a grave and a hand coming up or something…is this Bria? Can anyone confirm?”

      I have not done this myself, as I did not have holy water this early in the game, but I have seen it confirmed in forums and in another playthrough. Before Shadrack turns back time, you can find the grave in the mountain to the east with a pipe sticking out. Pour holy water into the pipe to reanimate her for a time, get some clues, and retrieve the green ring from her corpse.

      • Analander

        Thank you! I did have an interesting experience with Yb’ran. I got him on the island, then to kill the time serpent, I started aligning the beacons. The moment I stepped on the time serpent’s island, I got a text that Yb’ran is gone, something like “his voice is no longer in your head, like he never existed.” So I ended up finishing the game without any spirit/ god.

        BTW, I did a pretty complete run, took me 20 days, here’s the text I got at the end in case anyone is curious:

        What I’m planning to do, is to get Yb’ran and see what his interactions are like with the other gods. It’s going to be tricky, since you get him in the end, but I’m curious if he says anything about Ca-Oth or the Earth Goddess.

        • To keep Yb’ran, you either have to spare the time serpent OR convert to Yb’ran AFTER every single serpent is dead. To achieve your goal, you would have to save the set pieces with Ca’oth and the temple of Throff till after you defeat the seven serpents.

          Did you find the counter spells that can be gleaned by gazing into the lake on the shore at night?

          • Analander

            Yes, I did get the spells, you can get upto 3 out of 5 counters from the lake, before you are rudely interrupted by a giant fish…I believe two of the counters (ZIP – GUM; ROK – FAL) are already taught by Bria, so the ones you can learn are GAK – SUS , ZAP – ZEN, and LAW – MAG). Incidentally, you can cast ZAP on the giant fish that appears and get two rations.

            TsaboTavoc – Ca-Oth is in the forsest west of Kariamma – you can see a figure carved in the rock on the map itself. You need a beacon pointed at him.

          • Ironic isn’t it? The predator itself became food for my player character. I wonder if his oil made her skin lustrous.

        • TsaboTavoc

          I will try as well with Ca-Oth but the problem is that i don’t where find him! Any tips? 😀

        • Chris Pollitt

          The first playthrough, I completed it in 17 days and got a dialogue saying roughly ‘although you killed the seven serpants, you are aware that the archmage must have other servants who will already have completed their journey and informed him about you.’

          The fastest I could complete it (and get some of the items I wanted) was 12 days. On that playthrough, I got a different dialogue after collecting the assassins blade, where ‘the archmage is unaware of your progress.’ It will be interesting to see what advantage that will give in the 4th adventure. (I rewound to complete in 13 days and got the other dialogue again.)

      • kaboobie71

        Followup: I just completed two games without encountering the seven spirits. In the “long” game I avoided the circle in the present, visiting it only in the past so I could cast TUF. In the “short” game I avoided the area altogether. Both times I had no issue killing the Time serpent by focusing beacons on his island.

    • Analander

      Another couple of things before I forget.

      >>Firefox teeth
      It doesn’t necessarily appear at the island, you can encounter it in the general vicinity of the Lake. I found him while sleeping at the shore.

      >>Getting two Jewels of Gold
      Apart from the one in Tinpang, you can get one earlier, if you encounter three Klattamen while sleeping in the Klatta-Bak steppes. You can choose to fight and kill then, and get the Jewel, some gold coins and a pouch of sand, or if you prefer the humane way, you can cast KID and show them an illusion of a rock demon to scare them away.

  • Leigh

    Another easy way to kill the Water Serpent is to use POP three times in a row.

  • >I believe that on the southeast island, you’ll have a run-in with a fightin’ firefox. If you fight and win, you can collect its teeth (which can create flame when crushed!)
    >I think that casting WOK (requires one gold coin) may help protect you against its formidable flames.

    That’s a negative; WOK does not protect you from the flames (but I think it does still provide partial protection).

  • I finally found a way to kill the Sun Serpent despite not taking the orb from Fenestra:

    You have to discover Aliizi and bring her to Fenestra’s. Once you get there she’ll insist on not going in and you really can’t help her, but what you can do is get her to steal the Crystal Orb from Fenestra which she does, and also immediately inform you that the Sun Serpent is inside.

    Hope it helps, I got really desperate when I thought I missed my only chance to rid the Sun Serpent.

  • Truitt Elliott

    How do I get to the becon that’s on a island in the lake???
    It always says “it’s to rocky to climb”

    • kaboobie71

      You can only land on this island in the present, not in the past.

    • Sightmaster

      I only got that comment when swimming, with a boat you can always step ashore past and present in my experience.

  • Kyle

    You asked if it is possible to feed the wounded wolf. I have not found the black elf caravan yet, and I threw him meat from the fish seller. He ate it, and it asked me to pet it or stay away. I pet him, and he just whimpered sadly but seemed happier. Maybe you can find him again after this?

  • Kimia

    Hey. I can’t seem to find the sun jewel at the top of the tree. I can climb the tree before i meet the priest at the pole but there is no sun jewel there. And after the bird takes him away the option to to climb the tree is no longer available. Please help, I gave my sun jewel to the gnome and need it very much.

    • kaboobie71

      You only get one chance to climb that tree, but it’s a jewel of gold you find after the priest is carried off, not a sun jewel. I don’t think there is a sun jewel available in this game, but I might be wrong. There are at least 3 available in Sorcery 2, so you can come in with 2 and give one away. But if you buy the scroll from the black elves’ caravan, you can learn about the Sham’s disguise and not have to give her anything.

      • kaboobie71

        Just searched the walkthrough; apparently you can get a sun jewel from the centaurs by fighting them.

        • propably depends on how you started the game.. i think i got a greenm haird wig

    • You can get dozens of sun jewels in Khare for free, there’s a load on the wall of the Red Eye’s prison. You just have to keep casting the spell “Fal” when you are standing beside the wall and then collect a single jem from the top of the wall and then float back down again. This action can be repeated as long as you have stamina to spend.

  • A general question: Since I got sorcery three I completed it with ease with courga as my spirit guide, with the animal spirit as my spirit guide and with a player character haunted by Lorag.

    For an additional challenge I wanted to play with the worst spirit guide of all – Slangg, the god of malice. However, although I completed such a game of part 2 the day before yesterday and saved it to the cloud, it is not among my cloud saves that are available for part 3. Has anyone else had this problem since getting part 3?

  • Analander

    One thing I’d like to add is about getting the Serpent ring. If you start a new adventure without a cloudsave, (or if you don’t have a serpent ring from S2), you can get one in the past, before you meet Shadrack. Keep going east to where Bria lives – you will have to encounter (and avoid/ kill the Rock Demon). Once you get on the plateau, you can get a chance to look into some holes, and once you reach into one of them you will get a Serpent ring.

    Also, the item locations change a lot if you start a new game. I just started one, and it is very fun finding new stuff, for example you get a sun jewel from the holes in the ground instead of a giant’s tooth, if you attack the centaurs, you get a green-haired wig, if you attack the serpent charmer, you get a bamboo flute if you don’t have one.

  • Kai

    Do you know how to beat the time serpent, I’ve done all the others but I just can’t see a way to do it.

  • Alex

    I also found that sleeping by the buried head (possibly in the present) will cause a despair snake to attack you. Killing it will result in a snake-belly key, which I assume is important for Sorcery! 4.

    • kaboobie71

      The key lets you into the beacon in the northwest quadrant of the map (once you restore it). The door can also be opened with DOP. There’s nothing essential in this beacon (you can get up and down if you tie a rope ladder to the top) but you can find a Bilmberry potion and Essence of Bark.

      • Alex

        Really? That’s a bummer. I just twisted that trap door open, seemed pretty worthless to have a key when you can just do that.

        • kaboobie71

          Huh. I was never able to twist the trap door open from above. If you go in by the tower door you need to cut down vines in order to open the trap door.

  • RainAngel

    I am growing frustrated because I remember finding the black facemask in Elthera’s cave in the present but I rewinded back to the very beginning at some point and now I can’t find it anymore?! Unless my memory is tricking me and I had found it elsewhere… does anyone knows?

    • Alex

      Are you sure it’s not in Throff’s dungeon?

      • RainAngel

        When I went there all I found was his flute, but it is possible I’ll find something else this time.

    • Analander

      I think that only works if yours is stolen by the ‘Excuse me’ boy. He stole my facemask and I found it there.

      • RainAngel

        I’ll try that! Glad to see we can get back what he steals.

  • Kai

    Have you ever wondered if you were the evil guy. Because every one from the past said the archmage was good and the wizard who teaches you counter spells said he was good too.

    • kaboobie71

      From a certain point of view, you are. The old man you meet on the Xamen road implies that your use of the beacons caused great havoc. You can also come across a young girl on the road between Tinpang and the lake, if you aim the beacon in the right place, who blames you for making her parents disappear.

  • Tanya

    I’ve just recently started playing the game, I’ve defeated the first of the seven serpents but I seem to be stuck running round in circles in the forest of snatta! Please help!

    • James Gibson

      Try adjusting the beam. I found that the beacon in the snatta forest had a huge effect on where you can go.

      You should also be able to climb up the unbroken bridge, or teleport to another beacon via via blue gem.

      • Tanya

        Thanks, as simple as that I’d moved the beams but didn’t quite have them in the right place for the whole bridge!

  • I have killed 6 of the serpent, including the time serpent. But I cant seem to find the fire serpent anywhere. Help please?

    • kaboobie71

      If you sleep in the northwest quadrant of the map in the present, he may visit you. Otherwise, he will appear in the southwestern Forest of Snatta, just north of the Stranglebush and south of the spot where you can forage for berries, six-lobed leaves, etc.

      If you let the bird carry you away from the priest’s pole, it will drop you in the exact location.

  • You can get a Sun Jewel by reaching into the hole in the place with all the little holes. You reach in once and it burns you but if you reach in again you get the Sun Jewel.

    • RainAngel

      You can avoid being burnt by casting SUS and then reach in after the steam had blown.

  • Analander

    Things I’m still trying to get an answer to:

    1) How to complete the blow yourself up/ get eaten by ants challenge
    2) What is the purpose of the Baddu-bug (Bennenga) in the steppes.
    3) Where the heck the injured wolf is. It’s not the one in the steppes beacon is it?

    Come to think of it, I do recall coming across a scenario where you try to gather some sand and ants attack you. You have the option of burning them off. Maybe if you don’t, you get eaten? I think it was in the Snatta forest.

    • Breach

      1a) Blow yourself one – I think when you’re buried by rocks at the temple of Throff you can cast pop and blow yourself up (not the smartest spell to use there)

      1b) Yes, these are the only ants I have encountered – if you fail to burn them you run into the lake. I think that’s what it is about.

      2) Not sure it has a purpose… haven’t found one so far.
      3) Random encounter at night if you sleep next to Fenestra’s hut (the wolf at the tower is just hungry)

  • Analander

    Here’s my inventory at the end of the game. Did I miss anything? /showoff


    • crystal tooth (Rock Demon Tooth) for the ZOB spell

    • Greg

      What/where is ‘Monarch Oil’?

      • Analander

        You get it from the Lynch bug queen, in the fissure north of the first beacon (in the present) (You need to get attacked by a lynch bug, cast LAW on it and ride it into the fissure). She gives you the oil for combating the water serpent.

  • Kai

    The last spell in the book, the ZEō one, does anyone know what it’s for or where it can be used?

    • kaboobie71

      It hasn’t had a use in the games yet, but based on the books, it should come into play in Sorcery 4.

  • Breach

    Want to share something I haven’t seen before. It is possible to get blessed by co-ath (Stamina +1). As this is a non-rewindable location I am sure a very low % of players have found how (not a problem for me as I am now an expert in editing the Sorcery JSON save files ;-). Steps are: 1. Agree to kill woman (draw sword) 2. You don’t have to strike her 3. Then rewind, repeat at some point co-ath will say ‘still weak bla blah’ choose you’re a lying God – you’ll get blessed by him. Cheers.

    • Balyos

      Tested and it worked but only if you rewind once. If you rewind again after getting the Stamina increase it won’t work anymore.

    • kaboobie71

      Thank you for discovering and posting about this! I also learned from the Toucharcade forum that you can actually cast TUF twice for a total of +8 Stamina. You just can’t carry both feathers at the same time. After I cast TUF using the feather from the cave, I picked up the feather from the tree and was successful in casting TUF again.

      I now have an 8 day, all spell ingredients*, 30 max stamina run. It’s possible to get 31, but the +1 in Kariamma takes too much time due to a forced sleep. Happy to have the Ca-oth +1 as an alternative. 🙂

      * Except fire water for PEP, which isn’t in any of the games to the best of my knowledge

      • Sewcid

        kaboobie71: And now, when will we have YOUR walkthrough? I’m interested in it! 😀

        • kaboobie71

          LOL I’ve sunk so much time into this game already I’m not sure I can write up a walkthrough, but I will try. I am still trying to perfect it, since at the moment I can’t incorporate the tooth merchant in Tinpang. I wish it didn’t take so much time on the lake to find the Water serpent, as I’m unwilling to swim and lose my rations and crystal tooth.

          • Sightmaster

            I’ve met the water serpent one step from the shore after leaving the lake the first time after visiting the Sightmaster’s prison island and killing the ferry man/air serpent.
            You mainly just need to be alone on a boat, not necessarily far.

      • Breach

        > Except fire water for PEP, which isn’t in any of the games to the best of my knowledge

        Yes, I don’t think you can find fire water in the game, but the text is in the game files for all places where it can be cast (nothing major happens, just alternative approaches). This is different compared to S1 and S2 – there even if you have the right ingredient the game would react as if you didn’t since you’re not supposed to be able to cast it.

      • Mark C

        Tried this and verified it, second feather gives you an additional +4 max stamina.

    • Analander

      Hey Breach, since you’re messing around in the save files, was curious if you have found any use for the Locket or the Borrinskin Boots? I mean after getting them in Part 1, the game doesn’t even mention them anymore.

      • Breach

        Not really. S2/S3 acknowledge you have the locket in several locations, but it doesn’t lead to anything. I think it has a use in S4. For the boots in S4 the snake charmer would prefer to trade them for information (not worth it, can be paid 5 gold instead). I thought the boots would be important when you ZiP in the mountains above the lake, but the game doesn’t even react to them there… oh well, again, maybe S4, even though I am sure none of these items are actually super important as they are path-dependent.

        By the way in S1 one can get earrings by editing the save file – apparently it’s supposed to be found in the Pfilfer grass, but I haven’t found any way to get it in a legit way – I think there’s a bug there, you always get the locket/flute/flower there… So this earring is again usable in S2 (and S3 I think) – again, doesn’t lead to anything.

  • flamewingsonic

    I tested the feathers. You can take the feathers at the glade for +4 stamina, then go to the Kariamma tunnel and get the other feather for another +4 to stamina. Be warned that you can only have one feather in your inventory, so you need to grab a feather, cast TUF, grab the other feather and cast TUF.

    This means that the maximum possible stamina you can end up with is 31, including Ca-Oth and the flayer scroll.

    Oh, and Ca-Oth is incredibly annoying: if you rewind after gaining his stamina point, it will be gone and you will no longer have the ability to gain it.

  • RainAngel

    I found that trying to use any kind of spell on Fenestra in the beginning will be countered by her, so it’s a way to learn a counter spell too, like gOD counters NAp and YAZ counter TEL.

  • Breach

    Question: Is there an alternative location for the Earth serpent if one spares it at the fissure (btw, there’s a nice bug there – one can cut off their feet 2 times in a row and then move on ;-)? Cheers.

    • Mit

      Hey! I got a bit of a strange encounter with a bug close to upper Ishtara beacon. After i killed the bug i turned around to see a sorceress with my own face. She disappeared a moment later. Did anybody meet her too?

      And second, i found out that the shepherd boy is in love with Elthema. You can ask him about it after finding a paper with her name in the hut at night. Is there a way to talk about him with Elthema when she is still young by the tree?

  • Analady

    I’ve managed to get to the tower by the ridge without beacons! As long as you don’t meet Shadrack, there’s enough floating magic that if you time it right you can transport into the ancient land, it tends to follow you a bit. You can cross the bridge after killing the thing whose name I can’t remember by using DOZ and jumping. I’ve crossed both by going to the village and finding out about the tunnels, and by jumping over the edge by the broken bridge. The only problem is, no shadrack = no Bria = no ZIP spell to get over into Lake ikala. I have a screenshot if you want proof, but can’t upload it with this comment. I’ve got the medallion for ZEN from the priest, and some holy water, and I’ve just seen that you can get the ring from her corpse, so I’m going to try that now and see if I can complete this with no beacons!

    • kaboobie71

      I don’t think it’s possible to have Holy Water at the start of the game. You can get it from several locations, but none that are reachable if Shadrack doesn’t turn back time.

      1) Black Elf Caravan (rumored to also have a Galehorn for sale if you don’t meet Shadrack) – how to get across the bridge?
      2) Priest on the pole – can’t go down the chimney to the Steppes in the present, you die in the fall
      3) Dig up the corpse with the whistle – same as #2
      4) Aliizi’s hut – same as #2

      • kaboobie71

        Sorry, I see you wrote “DOZ and jumping”, but DOZ slows you down – I don’t see how that works? Any time I’ve tried to jump without the Galehorn I die.

        • kaboobie71

          Okay, casting DOZ before jumping does work! The game warns you on the first attempt to jump so I didn’t think it was possible, but if you press through and jump anyway you arrive unscathed. How did you figure that out, BTW?

          • kaboobie71

            I made it to the Steppes beacon but I can’t get the floating magic to open it. Waves of it form on the lake and pass over the mountains, but they are always just too far to the south.

    • Breach

      Yeah, the only problem is the ring – I guess you need holy water to RES Bria for that? I did a quick run – the only problem was indeed the ring to ZiP from the beacon tower after JiG’ging the time serpent. Anyhow, didn’t bother much and gave myself one by editing the save file – just to let you know that the game does acknowledge no use of beacons on the end-game screen and the guy you meet on the Xamen road just brushes you off.

      So there is a way. Not sure what effect that would have in S4, I am not even sure yet whether activating the beacons is good or bad – apparently it’s you who destroys the Baklands by activating the beacons – several people make references to that, including Shadrock.

      • Balyos

        How do you édit the save files?

        • Breach

          It’s technical. I play on Android, you need a rooted device. Then you just open the save file under /data/data/inkle.sorcery.3/savestate.json (I think). The file is in JSON format which is plain text, so you can set true/false of items and change other stuff (I use PolarisOffice for editing). The game has to be restarted on all changes. It’s actually quite technical if you don’t know this stuff so I don’t recommend it 😉

          • Balyos

            Ok thanks, I’m also on Android and already tried to edit the files but without a rooted device. I suspected it was only possible as a root user, thanks for the tip.

            Anyway, I think I got the solution for a NBAS playthrough (without hacking the files, of course). I’ll test later and be back here with more info once I’m certain it works.

          • Balyos
          • Breach

            Well done!! Of course we won’t know what effect NB/AS would have in S4 until it comes out… but good to have a cloud save to try out.

  • Analander

    I need a bit of help…where is the second feather? Is it in the north of the forest, just after you exit the mines? I got an option to ‘climb the tree’ for a view but didn’t find anything. Or do you need to get carried off by the bird on top of the pole?

    • JonR

      Can see why you’d think its nearby but the non-mines feather is actually located in the present South West of the broken bridge section you can climb (for the Flanker event).

      When there you’ll get an option to forage, choose to look in a tree and then the nest, you can grab the feather there.

      There’s a few other things out can get while foraging but be sure to grab the feather first, you’ll be snatched up by a snattacat after a few actions.

      • Analander

        Oh yes, I remember that bit. Thank you.

  • kaboobie71

    My complete walkthrough with all stamina gains and all spell ingredients (assuming you imported from Sorcery 2): http://forums.toucharcade.com/showpost.php?p=3560745&postcount=350
    Completed in 8 days with no loss of provisions!

    • Sewcid

      OMG! Millions thanks Kaboobie71! I’m the one who asked you for it. And now I’m sure that all the community will be happy of your work:) 3 cheers for you!

  • Sightmaster

    Some ideas I haven’t read here so far, hope I didn’t just miss them.

    1. Excuse me boy
    If you go directly to Shadrak and have only the Galehorn in your Inventory he returns it to you and you do not lose an item, I’m not sure if giving him gold was mandatory in this case. Alternatively if you have the ladder from Shadrak’s tree and the horn he will only take the ladder (quite a master thief that brat) which I found quite easy to live with.

    2. Sun serpent / water serpent
    You actually do not need oil to kill the water serpent. If you have the sun serpent orb in your inventory you can throw that into his jaw, getting a chance to gloat that he just ate his love (no you don’t get to tell Fenestra, though I’m sure she’d approve).
    The sun serpent bursts from the water serpent’s body however and you have to battle it’s weakened version, just like as if you’d simply thrown the orb into water.

    • Sightmaster

      My brain is a sieve, I’ve had several more things I wanted to list but they’re coming back to me only in bits and pieces.

      3. Marsh Goblins
      Meeting the group of Goblins in the swamps before obtaining a green wig I found that you can also cast GOB and order the Goblin to translate for you. The only thing that changes is that his first translation is a snarky comment about how the group asks to – pretty please – not throw a fireball at them.

      • Sightmaster

        4. Flanker
        I can confirm that you meet Flanker without a previous save, the story tells you that you spared him wether you have played S1 or not.

        But I’m curious about one thing – does Flanker appear in the original books in S3? I’ve skimmed the PDFs but couldn’t find an encounter with him in the books.

        • Balyos

          No, Flanker is only seen in Sorcery 1 and and 2 (provided you met and spared him in Sorcery 1).

    • Blair Whitley

      This little s**t took my galehorn and when I got to the air serpent he just turned into gas and pierced my brain ….. 😭 So much sadness

  • calum

    If you throw the sun servant In to the whirlwind near fish tail rock it just kills it instantly

    • Sightmaster

      Nice. The 10 Stamina serpents aren’t very hard to beat though so I never worried about that, especially with the rewind feature you can virtually get every fight down to loosing no stamina if you want.

  • calum


  • flamewing

    Hah! You know the thief creature at the whirlpool? It is the same one you find as a head sticking out from the field! If you got robbed, you can recognize it and reclaim the item he stole (if any) after digging him out.

    • Sightmaster

      Awesome I have to try that with a female Analander, harsh way to shoot down his marriage proposal xD

  • Aegis233

    Hello,im new to this game and i have some questions:
    1.Is there a way to gain all stamina,spell ingredient,legendary and assasin sword,and have ya’oth as your god(i don’t care about the time,but can it be doned without alerting the archmage with your presence?)
    2.In sorcery 2 we have the choices to make enchantments in the top of temple courga.is there a advantages of making this enchantments(aside from getting a gold backed mirror)
    3.I still can’t figure out how to interact with the god y’bran,do we need to have courga as our god?and do having courga as our god disable converting to a new local god?
    sorry for asking to much btw

    • kaboobie71

      1. To finish without alerting the Archmage, you need to make it in 8 days or less, so time does matter. In an 8-day run I have done all that you describe except gaining the assassin sword and having Ca-oth as my god.
      It is not possible to convert to Ca-oth, but if you get +1 stamina from him the end text will say you were blessed by him.

      • kaboobie71

        Sorry, hit enter accidentally.

        1. (cont.) It takes too much time to climb the bridge to meet Flanker, climb down again, and visit Aliizi’s hut to retrieve the legendary sword for me to include it in my 8-day playthrough. The assasin sword is +4 just like the legendary sword, so I gave up on having both.

        2. The only slight impact you can have (other than obtaining a magical item with TAK) is casting TUK to get the equivalent of a meal. You then won’t have to eat (I assume) on your first day in the Baklands, but since that first day is so short I wouldn’t consider it a major advantage.

        3. I haven’t tried converting to Y’bran (again, stopping by that island would take extra time) but I have read that it’s possibly. It’s apparently hard to keep him once you convert to him. Check out the section on gods in this Google doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iFhkEHUfEtyuj5YtD7hcguSaUvCMrRgbmvNTkFugMUw/edit

  • somasun1234

    Is there any way to get back to the forest of snatta ? Because I missed the fire serpent and I really want to kill them all

    • Sightmaster

      From Tinpang? If you’re using beacons definitely, teleporting as well as the bridge. Haven’t tried going back without them.

      If you’re doing a no beacons run there’s always rewinding if the broken bridge is impassable.

      • somasun1234

        okay thanks 😀

  • space20021

    Hey guys, I found a way over the Horns of Ilklala directly.
    Go to the Steppes beacon, which is right beside the Horns of Ilklala, and cast ZIP (teleport) at the top. You’ll get teleported onto the very peak of the mountains!
    Remember to stretch out your arms when jumping down, and you’ll end up in the waters of Lake Ilklala. (Non-waterproof items are ruined.)

  • thanks kaboobie 71,i actually have read your guide on the touch arcade.but i have one problem:i can’t seem to focus the steppes tower to highlight the stone circle without making me unable to return to the tower itself.everytime i try focusing the beam,it end up with the beam going to the entrace of steppes tower so i can’t open it.i know it sounds noob but i have try a couple of time and still can’t position it right.am i doing something wrong?help plizz…

    • kaboobie71

      I have never had this problem but others on the touch arcade forum have. I took some screenshots to show exactly how I position the beam. I hope this helps.

      • true

        @kaboobie71: This doesn’t work for me either. I’ve tried 20 times with the beam at slightly different angles, as well as different widenesses. If the stongehenge manages to change into Ancient World, then the steppes tower is always inaccessible because it’s back to Old World. Is there a different 8-day path that you can recommend to us, and post up? (BTW, I’m playing it on an Android 4.3 phone with screen resolution 1280×720, got the app from Amazon app store, app version 1.0.4, if any of that matters for why it works for you and not for me.)

        @muddymelly: FYI since you asked above, I discovered one of the ingredients for the eccentric potion master is the Red Flower that I got from Sorcery 1. She sees the flower, remarks on how beautiful it is, and then mixes it into her potion before I have a chance to stop her. Then she offers the potion to me, which supposedly causes a healing effect (the text says so, but since I was already at full health, nothing happened to me).

  • Murilo

    About the eccentric potion master:
    if you give ape teeth to her ( she will put it in the potion ) and drink the potion your teeth will turn into ape teeth !

  • Murilo

    About the sun serpent:
    you can throw the orb into the water serpent mouth to kill it and weaken the sun serpent (and to see his hatred)

  • Yohoho

    Hey i Managed to get ybran as my god but he is such a dick. He always complains and says bad things about mortals when he gets a chance. And when you pray he gives you 2 stamina because youre not a god. So i hope theres something special about him in the fourth game.

  • Heather

    just so you know you can get the rope ladder if you look at the tree try to climb it then when he attacks you use the option untie it and you will get it

  • Arjob

    Create a walthrough about this there is a bug in game that makes walking short that makes you travel faster.

  • Arjob

    Making a 1hours walk into 1min walk so you can complete the chapter faster

  • Arjob

    I want to say this to help others to collect all items regardless of worrying about time. Sorcery 3 version 1.0

  • Murilo

    Commenting on the “excuse me” kid :
    the item he steals or is rewarded will be found in the church underground whit the trapped old man !

    • Sightmaster

      Yes and no – the church cellar is a place where you can gain several items. The game will check what you don’t have yet – that ‘can’ be whatever the kid stole but if you have retrieved that item by other means the cellar will contain something else. If you have every item it might contain you only find a pebble.

  • If you don’t have any sand, you can weaken the fire serpent by casting HUF at it, which makes it a little easier to kill.

  • All Things Sorcery

    Hi everyone, if anyone is interested in checking out a growing youtube channel solely centered around all things sorcery, then search for All Things Sorcery! Currently I’m working on a playthrough of Sorcery Part 1 but in the future I plan to:
    -Play through all the current Sorcery! games.
    – Complete all challenges and give tutorials for said challenges
    -Give an NBAS playthrough
    -Have a live stream where viewers vote on decisions
    -Much much more
    Sorry for the blatant advertising but I thought what better way to advocate my channel than on a fourm about Sorcery!
    -All Things Sorcery!

  • Suset

    You said: “When you first get there, hang out long enough for a young boy (a messenger from the kindly Shadrack!) to find you there. Do save him from being sucked into oblivion!”

    But how do I save the boy?

    • You gotta HUF and puff and BLOW THE BOY DOWN!!!

    • Blair Whitley

      Casting big works as well but cast it before he shows up because if you cast it as he’s about to get eaten by the tornado, you will have some txt appear saying the spell was to slow

  • i have an important question…..
    is there any location at all in either sorcery 1 or 2 where you can squire ONE vial of holy water?????
    this matters greatly to my sorcery 3 optimum path configuration…

  • HOLY SMOKE!!!! i just went to the elf caravan and shopped around with oolaah or whoever’s shop and BOY HIS PRICES FLUCTUATE WILDLY!!

    the first time i did this i had no import from a previous game and so his most expensive thing (the orb) was 10 gold.

    Then i went back and played S1 & S2 and loaded my save (which I had well over 130 gold) and SUDDENLY he want’s to charge me 32 gold for the orb!!!!! 320% markup!!?? and everything in his shop is 320% more expensive and sometimes higher!!

    i’m going to electrocute something…. what’s is the point of optimizing play through and accumulating gold if the prices increase the more wealthy you become?

  • Also, there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to the fire serpent. it’s attacked me on the western part of the map to the west of the caravan while i sleep, then it tries to steal my backpack and if i don’t do the right things it makes off with all my stuff (and this happens NORTH of the caravan in a diferent spot) CRAZY

    then there is always the north of the pole guy spot… jeez he is EVERYWHERE!!

    • Ghorroj

      It’s because the fire serpent is following you so it can attack you in your sleep. If you wander through the jungle under the bridge, you sometimes see a little red snake watching you from the trees that backs away and hides when you look at it. Throw sand on the fire serpent when it attacks, and the dialogue will tell you that it’s turned into a little red snake.

  • SADNESS!!!!!

    apparently it’s not possible to get BOTH of the rock demon teeth… if you have the first, then the second one won”t be there….


    • It IS possible to get one, sell it (or use it) and then get the second one to keep, however.

      • Good point! Is there anyplace in the game where we can actually cast the ZOB spell?? I’be been trying to demolish klattamen villages or tear down a mountain range… but no opportunity has presented itself… any help?

        • Behemoth

          When i encountered the earth serpernt . Using the ZOB spell and command the rock demon to kill the ES so that you don’t have to fight :))

  • Also, has anybody found a way to get the painted glowing horn??

    I think these ancient people used this horn to create a sand elemental of sorts that they needed to deal with some sort of fire creature, but after the fire creature was dead the sand elemental turned on them.


    • Ghorroj

      I think it’s like the crystal orb in Sorcery! 2. It’s impossible to get; no matter how many times you rewind and try a different option, it either gets crushed by falling rocks, or you get chased off by predatory sand-tornadoes.

      You do get to blow it to try for an effect if you’re quick.

  • well. add my name to the list of NBAS peoples! I just did it today in 12 days. Despite the ANNOYING loss of my rock demon tooth the the depths…. apparently, our hero is unable to SWIM with a 40lb ROCK strapped to his back… what a wuss..

    Either way, happy now..

    • lolebl

      You can finish the game without losing the rock demon tooth if you cross the lake on a boat. This needs you to
      1. Not kill the air serpent in the steppes.
      2. Collect the whistle from real ferryman’s corpse near the steppes tower
      3. [Do other stuff, kill other serpents, collect the tooth, do not cast ZIp in the steppes tower after gaining the tooth]
      4. Reach the lake, blow the whistle and wait for the ferryman who is actually the air serpent in disguise. Defeat him by destroying the snake skin found by searching the ferryman’s body. You can explore the lake on your own now, comfortably on the boat.

  • Behemoth

    A little guild :))
    When you whistle for the ferry man and he have not appear yet . You the spell HOT then throw at the bushes so that you can kill the Air Serpent without fighting :))

    • Behemoth


  • akh9010

    Somewhere in Sorcery 2, you can buy/get a compass that does not point north, but where you think you should go. I you don’t have this compass, and you have got the jewelled medallion from the priest of Throff on the pole, then the klattaman will make this compass for you. If you have both medallion and compass, he might make the mirror, I guess. I think the compass is nearly useless, but the mirror is useful for spells.

    • Sightmaster

      You can get the compass from the cleptomaniac gnome S2 in the ruins but he’ll take some other artefact for it 😉

  • lolebl

    You can get CaOth’s blessing if you ‘draw your sword’ upon his advice but then change your mind(do not strike the woman) and call him a lying god. That was my experience. I think this might be useful in sorcery 4 because in the end of the game, the summary included this blessing.

    • Analander

      You get +1 stamina, that’s the benefit.

      • AKH9010

        Did anyone playing as female Analander actually marry the goat thief?
        If you free the thief (I used MUD) and search him, you will get a pearl ring.

        Have anyone managed to kill all seven serpents within seven days? I figure you can reach the Xamen road within as quick as four days if you ignore the serpents and exploration, but I don’t want to do it.

        At the steppes tower(near the Stonehenge type monument), you can cast ZIp using the green ring from Bria, and then reach the moun top (Horns?). Adjust the beam so that the mountains are in the present, so you get the option to ‘look in the snow’ and find an item. I found a brass pendulum the first time and a broadsword the second (because I already had a brass pendulum). From there you can jump to the lake, lose all soft food, and swim to the statues/Xamen Road/islands.

        • IIRC, If you agree to marry him, he gives you the ring, then runs off.

  • elmati

    Yb’ran, offer a gift, then don’t offer anything, do this a couple of times and every time he asks you anything answer with “I do”. After 3 “I do” he’ll be your new god ( I don’t know how he affects in the game I got him endgame, plus I had Lorags curse. Which is really fun to have, you get amusing dialogues with him and after a while if you pick the right ones he starts to help you, he’s a softie after all).

    Another thing is about the Serpent ring, you can get one from the girl in the cave (forgot her name), after you meet her in the past and played swindlestones with her you meet her in the present and being nice with her makes her give you the ring. Ethrea maybe?

  • akh9010

    When I encountered the moon serpent near foot of mountains near Kariamma, I got the option to use the ‘kid’ spell. The only way we can fool the seprent (iirc) is to pretend to be the archmage. But asking it about the weaknesses of other serpents will look suspicious, as it will reply ‘you created them, master, surely you know all?’ or something to that effect. I asked the serpent what it learned about the Analander etc. No new clues could be gained, and in the end the serpent figures out it was a spell, and I had to defeat it using stamina alone (no time for throwing fire). But it was a fun encounter. 🙂

  • Ghorroj

    I’ve fed the wolf every time I’ve seen it, and it’s let me give it a scratch between the ears before it runs off. The secret is to simply not buy those vittles from the caravan.

  • Ghorroj

    Okay. Seven day completion, gained jewel of gold, jewelled amulet, yellow powder, chackrum, staff from The Sham, Orb of Crystal, holy water, Wind horn and green ring. I killed all of the serpents bar only the Sun Serpent, which I kept, and activated only one tower so I could use the bridge. I SSS’d every serpent and asked for its advice and how the fortress was guarded and got a fair amount of information for the next game from the helpful creatures.

    It turns out that it really helps if you draw straight lines between points, since the shape of your path determines how much time you take walking, and the chimney leading to the Steppes is useful in speeding on your way and avoiding the ‘Excuse Me’ kid.

    ZoB can be cast against the Earth Serpent, if you have a tooth, and you can resurrect the sorceress who gives you the green ring if you shine the first beacon towards her hut and find her grave in the clearing. I haven’t done this yet but I’m kind of curious about it.

  • VillainTra

    For the ladders, there is a way to get one from Shadrak.the tree. Sorry for not being exact, but I remeber being quite nice to him and he allowed me to have it. I’ll check it once again if it will please you. Or maybe it’s because I started rom Sorcery! 3. Maybe it’s a present for new players?

  • Rocky Williams

    I have one last serpent to kill. It is the air serpent. When I go to the ferry man’s hut, I have the holy water to res him, but I no longer have the skull cap to read thoughts.

    Later, when I find the ferryman, he does not turn into a serpent. This leaves me without being able to find the air serpent. What do I do?

    • Ghorroj

      Rory: You can get the clue about the Ferryman from sources other than the skeleton: At the start of the game, before you find Shadrack’s cave, go up the hill towards Bria’s hut. She’s the sorceress who gives you that green ring. The hut won’t be there, but you’ll see the Moon Serpent and get attacked by a Harpy who tells you what the Air serpent is up to.

      It’s also mentioned in the cave in the cliff that you have to head down at the beginning, if you go through the rocks to the back of the cave, use a Sun Stone (or any other light) and look at the wall ‘near the floor’.

      When you have the clue, talk to the Ferryman and, when the option appears, ask him about the serpents. He’ll tell you that there’s only one serpent you need to worry about, and then the Air serpent will try to suffocate you. At this point, you have three options:

      Option 1: If you have the Serpent Ring, you can cast SSS to get the answers to two questions.
      Option 2: If you have the Galehorn from Shadrack’s hut at the beginning of the game, you can cast Huf to disperse and kill it.
      Option 3: If you search the Ferryman’s body while you’re in the boat, you’ll find a snakeskin. Tearing it up will also kill the serpent.

  • Jewel

    There are two different rock demon teeth in the game. For the first, climb up Bria’s mountain in the present, BEFORE visiting Shadrack’s cave. There will be a fearsome rock demon on the mountain so kill it and take its tooth and sell that to the dentist. Then after you have sold it, go to the Karimama tunnels and retrieve that tooth. If the player character already has a rock demon tooth, they will be unable to pick up a second one. But strangely, the player is only allowed to visit the dentist once, so it is simple to sell him one tooth and keep the second one.

    The TUF spell at the stone circle can be cast twice. First by using the feathers from the nest and then once again by using the feathers from the tunnels. Very strangely, the player character cannot hold more than one set of feathers and any one time, although they surely can’t be as heavy as rock demon teeth…

    A weird quirk to the game I discovered regarding Flanker – I have played as all kinds of characters of both genders. Some of them did not spare Flanker in part one. There is continuity in part two: he doesn’t show up anywhere in Khare if you killed him in part one. HOWEVER – he does show up in part three on the bridge, having mysteriously come back to life and acts as though you had spared him in part one. I was more than a little confused.

  • Fura

    After acquiring the TUF spell at the stone circle, I came back to the tower only to find it firmly shut and I can’t get in. What gives?

  • Ian Buchanan-Cates

    It may not be a good idea to save the boy from the whirlwind north of Shadrack’s cave; if you save him and talk to him he will tell you that the Archmage will want to kill you quickly, but then he will say “I don’t think that was part of the message” and scram. I believe he was sent to keep you from sleeping and recovering health so the Serpents can kill you more easily.