Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! Spell Book – full list of spells, acquired spells, counter-spells, and more

(Updated at 4 pm on April 30, 2015.)

Full spellbook for Sorcery! (Spoilers ahead)

The following is the full original spellbook for Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! series (for Android and iOS.) Additional spells, a growing list of counter-spells, and the full list of spells at Courga’s temple are below

Do cast spells when you can; you are indeed a sorcerer/sorceress, and there will always be at least one or two spells that can really turn a situation around, make something interesting happen, or prevent injury. I’ve found the stamina costs of spells to usually be negligible





An extremely powerful weapon, this spell creates a blast of lightning which shoots from the caster’s hand. It is effective against virtually all living creatures without a magical defense. But it takes great concentration to use.



The spell creates a fireball, which can be thrown by the caster towards a target. The fireball will cause severe burns on impact, but will then quickly extinguish dOC is the counter-spell for HOT!



This powerful spell creates a physical barrier in front of the caster which is capable of keeping out all intruders. The resulting force-field is both extremely strong and flexible FOF is the counter-spell for mUD! (I think! Please let me know if this isn’t so.)



The casting of this spell creates an invisible wall in front of the caster. This wall is impervious to all missiles, creatures, or other material objects. Hence, it is a very useful defensive spell.



Casting this spell at a non-intelligent attacking creature allows the caster to take control of the attacker’s will for a short time. The attack will cease and the creature will immediately come under the control of the caster.



When cast at a creature holding an object, such as a weapon, this spell will make the creature clumsy and uncoordinated. It will drop the object, fumble to pick it up, and drop it again.



When this spell is cast on the caster’s own body, it will inflate the body to three times the normal size. This increases the power of the caster and is especially useful against large opponents, but must be used with caution in confined spaces.



Requires one gold piece.

This spell requires a gold coin, which is placed on the caster’s wrist. When the spell is cast, it will transform into an invisible metal shield, but the coin will be lost




This spell may be used to open any locked door. Casting the spell works directly on the lock tumblers and the door may be opened freely. If the door is bolted from the inside, the bolts will be undone. The spell will not work on doors sealed by magic.


Requires beeswax.

To perform this spell, beeswax is required. By rubbing the wax on any bladed weapon and casting this spell, the blade will become razor sharp and do at least double its normal damage.




This spell may be cast when the caster suspects a trap, and it will indicate telepathically to the caster the danger and the best protective action. If already trapped, this spell may be used to minimize the effects in certain cases. You can also cast this “voice of guidance” spell to learn more about your surroundings, whether or not you are in danger.



This spell is cast onto the caster’s own body and creates multiple images of the caster, all capable of casting spells and attacking. Each will perform identical actions and most creatures will be unable to tell which is the real figure.


Requires a bamboo flute.

When cast, the recipient will get an uncontrollable urge to dance. The caster can make any creature dance merry jigs by playing a small bamboo flute, thereby exhausting a creature or providing time to escape.

This is a pretty useful spell!


Requires a goblin’s tooth.

This creation spell requires any number of teeth of goblins. The spell may be cast onto these teeth to create one, two, or an army of Goblins, who may be commanded to fight an enemy or perform any other duties.



Requires a giant’s tooth.

Casting this spell requires the tooth of a giant, and when cast, will summon a new giant whom the caster may control. The giant will then disappear when his duty is done.

If you need a powerful ally, this guy  is it! (However… a rock demon would be even more intimidating. Find the summon spell and a tooth for a rock demon in Sorcery! 2… and/or see the “Additional Spells” section below!)


Requires a vial of glue.

Casting this spell on a vial of glue will cause the glue to become super sticky, sufficient to stick creatures to the floor or to walls by throwing the vial at a creature’s feet, or by resting it on top of a door so that it falls when the door is opened.

gUm is the counter-spell to ZI(and vice versa; counter-spells work both ways – thank you for this tip, Kaboobie71!)



This spell is to be used in perilous situations when information about the safest way of escape is desired. The caster will receive a psychic inclination towards one exit, or a means of defense if one is present.


Requires a medicinal potion

Medicinal potions will, while this spell is active, heal any creature who drinks them. The potions may be used by the caster but will not bring a being that has actually died back to life.

Blimberry juices are medicinal potions. dOC is the counter-spell to HOT.



This spell may be cast upon any creature, reducing its movements and reactions to about a sixth of its normal speed. Thus the creature appears to move as in a dream sequence, making it much easier to evade or defeat.



By casting this spell, the caster can create an illusion of treasure. Gold pieces, silver coins, gems, and jewels can be created at will and used to distract, pay, or bribe creatures. Illusionary riches will disappear as soon as the caster is out of sight.



This spell protects its caster from most magic. It must be cast quickly, and works by neutralizing the attacking spell. This spell is thus a very powerful protective weapon.


Requires a pebble.

A potent little spell, but one which calls for great mental concentration, this spell must be cast on small pebbles, which will then explode when thrown. These explosions produce great force as well as a loud bang.




This spell is useful if the caster is caught in a pit trap or falls from a considerable height. When cast, it makes the caster’s body as light as a feather. The caster will float down through the air and land gently on the ground. A useful spell, indeed.



A good defensive spell, this can be cast at any attacking creature, to muddle its mind. However, it must be handled with caution, as a deranged creature may act unpredictably. (In case the font is hard to read, it is dIm.) dIm is the counter-spell for KID. (Thank you, Stephen [who commented about this spell here!])



This spell may only be cast in a closed room with no windows. Once cast, the room turns pitch black in the eyes of all but the caster, even though torches and candles may still be burning. Therefore, nearby creatures will be temporarily blinded. SUN is the counter-spell for FOG.


Requires sand.

While casting, the caster must sprinkle grains of sand onto the floor, to create a pool of quicksand. Any creature stepping into the quicksand will slowly be sucked away.

mUD is countered by FOF (and vice versa; counter-spells work both ways.)


Requires nose plugs.

This spell causes the air to fill with a nauseating stench so vile that any creature catching a whiff will need to vomit. This includes the caster, unless they are wearing those plugs. The effect is more pronounced on creatures with large noses.


Requires a skullcap.

To activate this spell, the caster must wear a cloth skullcap. The user may then read the mind of any intelligent creature nearby, learning its weaknesses, the contents of nearby rooms, and other such details.

Very useful spell! I cast it nearly every time I can. TEL is countered by YAZ (and vice versa; counter-spells work both ways.


Requires a black facemask.

Casting this spell while wearing a black facemask will create a terrible fear within another’s mind. Brave creatures will suffer a cold sweat, while cowardly ones will be reduced to cowering jelly




The effect of this spell […] is to demoralize an opponent so that his will to win is lost. Any creature so demoralized will be easier to defeat. This spell can be used in many places outside of conflict.


Requires a jewel of gold.

When this spell is cast any creatures or humans nearby will take an immediate liking to the caster, and will offer aid and information. This illusion spell can only be performed if the caster is wearing a jewel of gold.


Requires a gold-backed mirror.

In battle, a gold backed mirror must be pointed at a creature when this spell is cast. An exact replica of the enemy will then be created under the caster’s control. However, should either creature die, both will disappear.


Requires fire water.

A potion of fire water taken while casting this spell will give the caster double or triple their normal strengths. The effects are temporary, but usually last long enough to aid in battle or enable some feat of super strength


Requires stone dust.

Special stone dust must be thrown at a creature as this spell is being cast. Within seconds, the intended victim will petrify quickly becoming a grey stone statue.

You may be relieved to know that fAL is the counter-spell for ROK (and vice versa; counter-spells work both ways.)


Requires yellow powder.

The caster must cast this spell on his or her own body. The caster will then become exceedingly quick and may run, speak, think or fight at three times the normal speed. However, this spell requires the caster to sniff yellow powder before casting.


Requires a galehorn.

In order to use this spell, the caster must possess the galehorn, a trumpet-like instrument which plays a discordant note. The spell is cast onto the horn and it is blown in a particular direction. As the spell takes effect, a tremendous wind rushes from the trumpet. This wind is capable of blowing over man-sized creatures, or it can be used to blow things off of shelves, over ledges, etc.



Requires a staff of oak sapling.

Applicable to both animate and inanimate objects, this spell has the effect of holding an opponent or object in one place, even in midair, until the caster leaves the vicinity.



Requires a brass pendulum.

Effective only against living creatures, this spell causes them to quickly to fall asleep.



Requires a jewel-studded medallion.

Casting the spell will then allow the caster to float in the air.



Requires a pearl ring.

Will render the caster invisible to any reasonably intelligent creature. Less intelligent creatures will only be partially convinced, and creatures with ears will still be able to hear the caster when they move.

YAZ is the counter-spell to TEL (and vice versa; counter-spells work both ways.)


Requires a sun jewel.

Once cast, the jewel will glow, either brilliantly, to dazzle attacking creatures, or just light enough to act as a torch

This helpful spell is like a good friend to me now.


Requires a bracelet of bone.

Affected creatures must be intelligent, and the caster must not act counter to the illusion

KID is countered by dIm*. (Thank you, Stephen [who commented about this spell here!])

*In case the font is hard to read, it is dIm.


Requires a green-haired wig.

In conjunction with this wig, the spell will allow the caster to understand the language of, and communicate with, creatures speaking a non-human tongue/

Talk with human-esque creatures like goblins. Useful!


Requires a green-haired wig.

This spell allows the caster to understand the languages of, and communicate with, most animals. It will be ineffective unless the caster is wearing a green haired wig.

Talk with animals, who rarely seem surprised that you can chat with them. Useful!


Requires a green ring.

This spell enables the caster to teleport a short distance. Transportation can occur through soft materials such as wood and clay, but not through stone or metal. This spell requires a ring of green from Craggen Rock, but is somewhat unreliable and can have disastrous results.

Zlp is countered by gUm.


Requires a crystal orb.

This spell will enable its caster to see a little way into the future.



Requires holy water.

When cast upon a dead human or humanoid creature (i.e. one with two arms, two legs, a head, etc.) while holy water is being sprinkled on the corpse, this spell brings it back to life. Resurrection takes some time and will leave the creature dull and dozy, though it may still answer questions. An ex-corpse can be killed again as normal.



This is the most formidable spell in lore, but no one knows why. In all recorded history this spell has been cast only once, by a powerful necromancer from Throben who was never seen again. Its effects are unknown. The necromancer’s notes were found, but were crazed and unclear. Treat with extreme caution. Spoiler ahead!

This spell is rumored to be a spell of great destruction (people on whom it is used/who use it are never seen again) – but it is actually a time-traveling spell. It’s dangerous for those who lapse even a little bit in concentration when using it. You can read more about this spell in the fourth and final Sorcery! book.

Additional spells gained from gameplay

More details about these spells in the walkthroughs for Sorcery! 1Sorcery! 2, and the newly-released Sorcery! 3.

  1. Cast SSS to force Serpents to give you cluesRequires a serpent ring.
    1. One place to learn this spell would be from the Sorceress Bria (in Sorcery! 3.)
    2. You can get a serpent ring from a grateful Lord Theetah (in Sorcery! 2) or ask little Alizji to steal you one from Fenestra. As with every item in the Sorcery! series, there are many ways (admirable or unsavory) to gain it.
  2. Cast TUF at the Stonehenge-like monument (in Sorcery! 3, when you are in the past, standing on the middle stone of the monument, and holding a feather from the Kariamma tunnels) to gain +1 maximum stamina.
    1. I don’t think you need to learn this spell first in order to use it; just in case, you can put together the spell by looking up at the stars when you are standing in this location (it’s the only spell accessible here.)
  3. (There is a pest control spell that starts with “CA-.” I believe you may learn this spell in Sorcery! 1 if you [1] bring the torn spell-page to the witch, Gaza Moon, near the Crystal Falls – and possibly [2] have Jann the Minimite with you. But this may cause you to not be able to have Jann heal the plague village.)
  4. ZOB is a rock demon summon that you can pick up in the third game!
    1. Requires one rock demon tooth per rock demon summoned.
    2. You’ll learn this spell after looking through the spellbook that you purchase/steal from the black elves’ trading caravan in Sorcery! 3. (Thank you for your help with this section, Christopher J and Kaboobie71!)

List of counter-spells

These are all of the ones that I’ve found and have been submitted by kindly folk so far! You’ll automatically add counter-spells to your spellbook once you successfully perform them whether or not you had prior knowledge to using them or if it was a lucky guess.

Counter-spells work both ways; either spell will end the other. (Thank you for this important tip, Kaboobie71!)

  1. dOC is the counter-spell for HOT.
    1. This is hinted at in carvings in Alizji’s lonely hut (in Sorcery! 3. “A hand squeezing grapes” VS “a ball of flames.” Thank you for the correction, Kaboobie71!) This won’t add it to your spellbook, however, I believe.
    2. Add this to your spellbook by casting dOC at the HOT-casting wooden effigy [no! I forgot the name of these female statues that funnel magic] in a Beacon (in Sorcery! 3. … And I’ve also forgotten the location of this Beacon. Thank you for bearing with the senile me. I think the Beacon is possibly on an island in Lake Ilklala. If there are fireballs in it, you’ve got the right Beacon!)
  2. FOF is the counter-spell for mUD.
    1. This is hinted in carvings in Alizji’s lonely hut (in Sorcery! 3.) This won’t add it to your spellbook, however, I believe.
    2. Add this to your spellbook by learning it from Fenestra (in Sorcery! 3. Do also “ask her about her orb.”)
  3. gUm is the counter-spell to ZIp.
    1. Add this to your spellbook by learning it from the Sorceress Bria (in Sorcery! 3.)
  4. dIm is the counter-spell for KID.
    1. Add this to your spellbook by casting dIm at the pair of eyeballs/wraith that materializes south of the Moon Serpent’s mountainous location (in Sorcery! 3.)
  5. SUN is the counter-spell for FOG.
    1. Add this to your spellbook by learning it from the Sorceress Bria (in Sorcery! 3.) (Learning it happens very soon after you enter her hut.)
  6. YAZ is the counter-spell for TEL.
    1. You yourself can learn this (but it won’t be added to your in-game spellbook [thank you, Christopher J, for telling me this) by casting TEL when interacting with Vancass (in Sorcery! 3 at the western end of the bridge.) The clever Vancass also counters other spells that you cast in his presence.
  7. fAL is the counter-spell for ROK.
    1. Add this to your spellbook by learning it from [I think] the Sorceress Bria (in Sorcery! 3.)
  8. NIF is the counter-spell for HUF.
    1. Add this to your spellbook by learning it from Fenestra (in Sorcery! 3.)
  9. It is possible that JIG counters itself…
    1. Playing JIG at the mouth of the snake charmer Manata’s pit (in Sorcery! 3) is seemingly countered by him playing his flute.

Spells you can craft at Courga’s temple (the ziggurat in Sorcery! 2)

You can craft a working spell from the available stars at the Temple of Courga (the ziggurat.) Here is a complete list of working spells that you can cast (courtesy of this wiki.) None of the following spells get added to your spellbook because the stars atop of the ziggurat aren’t accessible elsewhere, but they sure are useful/interesting!

  • LAK – creates a torrent of rain.
  • TAK – gain a certain item.
    • [Wait twice]: The spell fades.
    • [Close my fist] –> [Wait for the green sparks]: Obtain green-haired wig.
    • [Close my fist] –> [Wait for the black sparks]: Obtain back facemask.
    • [Close my fist] –> [Wait for the gold sparks]: Obtain gold-backed mirror or sun jewel.
    • [Close my fist] –> [Wait for the white sparks]: Obtain bone bracelet.
    • [Close my fist] –> [Just grab]: Obtain a random item.
  • LUK – increases luck, thereby allowing you to know the phrase “Vik for First Noble” if you do not know it already. (This will help you once you climb down from the ziggurat.)
  • PUR – causes all the cats around the city to meow for a while.
  • TAR – coats your body with a hard shell that fades away and leaves you healed.
  • TUK – regain 3 stamina and feel very full, as if you ate a big meal (I’m thinking that you probably won’t need to eat a ration for the current day if you cast TUK.)
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  • kaboobie71

    ZOB is the rock demon summoning spell, requiring a rock demon tooth. It is in the duplicate spellbook that you can purchase (or steal) from the black elf caravan.

    • ! I didn’t know you could steal the book successfully, as well. Your tip may help players who are low on gold… I always decided to be nonchalant so I can get a better deal on the spellbook (I felt poorly about taking from the morale-stricken black elven caravan. To wander around in the dust so close to and yet so far from your destination… What a sad fate!)

      Kaboobie, your tips have been great and I have to smile every time I see your unique username. :] Thank you so much for being you. I will add ZOB to the spellbook!

      • kaboobie71

        I think you may have to look at the book before you can steal it. I don’t think I always saw that option. After trying several things I think it is best to purchase provisions, steal the pearl ring by creating a distraction, look at the orb, buy the pendulum, and put the elf to sleep to steal the chainmail and the spellbook.

  • kaboobie71

    BTW I have not been able to cast TUF at the stone circle. I entered the nearby beacon, pointed it at the circle. I could enter it, look at the carvings, and stand on the stone, but I was not given the choice to cast a spell. I had been aged to death (and then recovered) by the seven spirits at the (present) circle beforehand, so maybe that was a factor?

    • That is concerning to hear! In my experiences, being aged to death seemed to not affect TUF. Hmmmm… Here are some suggestions for anyone experiencing the same thing as Kaboobie that I hope may be of use.

      + Being aged to death/having other interactions with the seven spirits (AKA the Serpent of Time!) at the “Stonehenge” monument did not seem to prevent casting TUF in my playthroughs.

      + At the monument, there is an option to “wait for nightfall.” Perhaps this is so you can see stars when it’s dark, and thereby be able to cast TUF? I recall being able to cast it in the daytime with no problems, however… (Note: I was test-playing a near-final beta version. This didn’t seem to be a glitch or something inkle would change in the final release of the game.)

      + I did visit the Stonehenge monument prior to coming back later with the feather. I feel doubt that this is necessary to do in order to cast TUF, however.

      + One thing that happened that may be preventing TUF from being cast is… Sometimes the Steppes Beacon’s beam of light has trouble illuminating the monument correctly. Do try going back and adjusting the beam if you don’t get any options to cast TUF and please let me know if readjusting the beam is helpful. I had to do this in a few playthroughs.

      • kaboobie71

        I’ve tried several times to adjust the beam properly. I’ve confirmed that you can’t enter the tower before encountering the seven spirits and having time warped around the area. And once you enter the tower and leave, you can’t get back in (except by touching beacons at other towers).

        • kaboobie71

          I posted this in your main thread, but I did ultimately find out that you need to visit the circle at night first, look at the stars to discover the TUF spell, and sleep there to cast the spell the next morning.

  • kaboobie71

    In playing just now I confirmed FOF does counter mUD. You can learn this from Fenestra. And if you continue to stick around, she teaches you that NIF counters HUF.

    • Well-traveled Kaboobie, thank you for confirming! The violent wind and downward-sucking motion had me wonder if the spell was indeed mUD (which sounds quieter in its description,) so I much appreciate your help. Would it be HUF that counters NIF instead of the other way around? (You can HUF away the Air Serpent’s noxious fumes and gain victory that way as well, by the way, for anyone wondering! But I am not sure if doing this adds this counter-spell to your spellbook in-game. Would anyone be able to confirm?)

      (By the way, if anyone is reading this and would like to learn Fenestra’s counter-spells, is there a way to both learn them *and* find out about the Sun Serpent from her? I’ve only been able to do one or the other and chose to go with the Sun Serpent because she is the only person who has access to it: Thank you greatly for your insight!)

      • kaboobie71

        Counterspells work both ways. In my spellbook it says that HUF counters NIF and NIF counters HUF. After you counter mUD with FOF, Fenestra pulls out a galehorn. I actually cast WAL, which works to stop her, but she tells you the correct counterspell is “the one that creates a smell” and the information was added to my spellbook.

        • I’ve added your great tips yet again, Kaboobie71! Your reminders and experiences are really helpful and fascinating to know. Thank you!!

  • kaboobie71

    And I just noticed the second part of your question. Yes, you can have Fenestra teach you both counterspells, and then she lets you stay and ask about the Orb.

    • This is so important to know. Thank you!! I have amended the guides as per your awesome findings. Perhaps this option was not available in the beta version (#22) of Sorcery! 3 that I played (I recall rewinding to try and “have the best of both worlds” – the counter-spells and the Sun Serpent orb – but maybe I didn’t choose the right options! I will have to try again!)

  • Analander

    You can also learn the TOP spell in Sorcery 1 if you visit Daddu-Ley. The only use for it I have been able to find is to escape from Daddu-Ley, and once again in Sorcery 2 (just a couple of lines of text, nothing special)

    Quoting my posts from the touch arcade forums.

    [Sorcery 1] “You can explore the [Daddu-Ley] caves right at the beginning – you get a new spell TOP – that is pretty darned useless IMO – it’s only use is to get out of the very caves you are in. You miss getting some items if you chose to explore the caves, but you get a line of text at the end saying that you’ve solved the mystery of Daddu-Ley”

    [Sorcery 2] You’ll come across a girl who needs help in getting up to her house. You can use the TOP spell you found in Sorcery 1 in Daddu-Ley – the game text also mentions something to this effect. I’m curious if this will work if you did not continue from Sorcery 1, or if you did not visit Daddu-Ley

    • Ian Buchanan-Cates

      TOP is also usable in Book 4: you can cast it from the southmost tower in West Mampang, and the northmost tower in East. Idk if other towers allow the spell, or what happens in the west; in the east, you get transported to the top of the citadel, so be sure you already have the potion of dissolution completed; you might as well start on the west side since you also need to open the bottle within the northmost tower (the invisible one) on the east.

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  • Blackfaer

    Don’t forget the spells at the top of Courga’s temple.
    Also, for counterspells if you go to the shore of the lake where you meet the ferryman at night, you see the spells reflected in the water and can learn counterspells that way as well. There is some connection between spells based on their wording, such as LAW countering WAL.

    • ! Blackfaer, you are right. Let me go paste those Courga ziggurat spells here and look for the Lake Ilklala spells as well. Thank you so much for your great tips! :]

  • Huw

    Any one managed to keep the horn after exploring the tunneles north kummerina ? What ever I do I end up smashing it to dust ! Advice much appreciated

  • Analander

    I’ll leave these here…all can be gotten by sleeping near the shore of Lake Ilklala and looking at the reflections of the stars in the lake.

  • There are quite a few counterspells that are missing in the list. Here is the list of counterspells I found, organized by where I learned it:

    Elthera in the cave, final beacon: dOC vs HOT.

    Bria: if you cast BIG before entering her hut, you can learn BIG vs YOB. By asking about counterspelling, you can learn fAL vs ROK, gUm vs ZIP. Also, if you cast mAG before entering her hut, you will also be protected from her JIG spell — but they are not counterspells, it is just amusing that they wrote dialogue for it. Be sure of letting it expire before using the chimney first. I could not learn SUN vs FOG from her; presumably, it goes about the same way as for BIG vs YOB, but the stars were not in the right positions for me.

    Fenestra: you can learn one of these by casting an appropriate spell when you first encounter her: YAZ vs TEL, NAp vs gOD, LAW vs mAG, gAK vs SUS, ZEN vs ZAP. I recommend learning either LAW vs mAG or NAp vs gOD; I recommend against ZEN vs ZAP. You can also learn FOF vs mUD and HUF vs NIF from her, as others have noted.

    Illusionary deathwraith: dIm vs KID.

    Vancass: Have fun tossing spells at him 🙂 You can learn gUm vs ZIp, dIm vs KID, YAZ vs TEL, ZEN vs ZAP, POp vs WAL. You can’t learn LAW vs mAG, however, as mAG will fizzle and cause you damage instead — Vancass was ready for it, I guess.

    Snake charmer: DUm vs JIG. You start by casting JIG at him, he will offer to play a music for you (accept it) and then he will proceed to cast JIG on you. Cast DUm and he will break his flute. Amusingly, he will still be able to control the snakes through the flute, and it break again during the fight if you already have one.

    Old man in the pole: NIF vs HUF; after he throws down the medallion, cast HUF. He will ask you to cancel the spell; don’t and he will cast NIF.

    Lake Ilklala: you can pick up to 3 from the following 5: gUm vs ZIp, LAW vs mAG, gAK vs SUS, ZEN vs ZAP, fIX vs HOW. I recommend selecting ZAP, SUS and fIX in the menu, as the other two counterspells can be learned elsewhere.

    All told, here are all the counterspells I managed to learn in my playthrough: dOC vs HOT, fAL vs ROK, gUm vs ZIP, YAZ vs TEL, NAp vs gOD, LAW vs mAG, gAK vs SUS, ZEN vs ZAP, HUF vs NIF, dIm vs KID, POp vs WAL, DUm vs JIG, NIF vs HUF, fIX vs HOW.

    Here is the ones I did not learn: SUN vs FOG, FOF vs mUD.

  • flamewingsonic

    Oh, found a way to obtain all counterspells in the list. First, you must visit Elthera in her cave and learn about countering (learn dOC vs HOT). Then go to Bria, cast BIG before opening the door, ask her to “show herself” and “I don’t know the counter” (learn SUN vs FOG). Greet her, she will ask for you to cancel the spell, say it will wear off “soon enough”, then watch (learn BIG vs YOB).

    The priest in the pole is irrelevant as you can learn it from Fenestra as well; go at Fenestra’s, introduce yourself, cast gOD (learn gOD vs NAp). As kaboobie71 mentions, ask her about counterspells to learn FOF vs mUD, stick around to learn NIF vs HUF, then ask to “learn more” to get the orb with the sun serpent.

    Learn DUm vs JIG from the snake charmer, then go to Vancass to learn dIm vs KID, YAZ vs TEL, ZEN vs ZAP and POp vs WAL.

    Finally, at the lake, learn LAW vs mAG, gAK vs SUS and fIX vs HOW. You now know all counterspells you can learn in Sorcery! 3.

    • flamewing

      As it happens, this is wrong: there are two more counters that can be learned in-game: WOK vs RAZ and DOP vs fAR. DOP vs fAR can be learned from Bria *instead of* SUN vs FOG; you must select the option to “leave quickly” for it.

      WOK vs RAZ, on the other hand, is the only counter you can learn by directly casting both spells yourself. So far, I know of two locations:
      1) In the encounter with the Baddu beetle that thinks you are its child, cast WOK as soon as possible, then do stuff until you can cast RAZ. You will be forced into battle.
      2) in the encounter with the Rock Demon, you can cast both spells in whichever order you want. It will still be possible to avoid the fight if you don’t think you can win.

    • Kindun

      you can also learn wok vs raz in the place in the preent were your fight the rock demon if u cast wok, then raz or vice versa it says they cancel each other out

  • when sleeping under the tree after playing swindlestone with the woman in sorcery tree i got attacked by a snake and founs a key….. anyone know what ist’s good for?

    • kaboobie71

      It opens the door to the tower in the northwest quadrant, the one that is rubble until you shine another beacon on it. But you can also cast DOP to open it.

  • flamewingsonic

    Perusing the save file, Cheezzhead discovered 3 more counters exist in the game: DOP vs fAR, WOK vs RAZ, PEP vs SAP.

    I went through the game files, and discovered that only PEP vs SAP can be learned in the game, but it requires cheating — if you cast PEP at Vancass, he will counter it. But PEP requires a potion of fire water, which cannot be obtained in the game.

    • flamewing

      Note: this is actually wrong, as I commented above: DOP vs fAR and WOK vs RAZ *can* be learned in-game.

  • RainAngel

    I tried to do a run without using beacons but I also killed the Time serpent in the seven spirits encounter so I couldn’t get to the top of the tower next to it and teleport to the top of the mountains, so I resigned to using only the beacon for the bridge. In the end, I still got the dialogue with the guy that says the Analander is destroying the land with the beacons, even if I didn’t touch any near a city.

  • EwfEQF

    fuck you all

  • Bluexspirit

    Whatvia the lix parcment you can get in the swamp