[Update] – It’s been six months; what are the haps*?

(Updated at 12:38 am EST on July 28th, 2015.)

1. Q: “How is Skye: Endless Realm doing?”

I have once again failed to post regular updates on Skye’s social media pages! I definitely owe you all a report for your kindly rapport, which you’ve been keeping up despite dealing with much waiting and silence…!

For much of the time you’ve been waiting on Skye: Endless Realm, the person working full-time/solo on this project was/is me, which definitely poses a worrisome speed problem! I shall try to address one of the tangent causes of this speed problem; bogging work updates down with personal matters is something I hope to avoid doing to you, but after asking my friends for their thoughts/critiques on my work and life, I must conclude that my personal responsibilities are definitely having an impact on working speed. My working hours are from waking to sleeping (7-8 am to 2 am these days,) but in-between, I commit time to domestics, cook and care for family, and tend to our ill parent.

I very much do not want to concern anyone with this information! I should inform you that one of my goals at the moment is to produce work that enables others to work on Skye as I work, hence hastening Skye’s launch date.

The immediate tasks I am doing right now for Skye include the following (full image of my to-do list viewable here, and below on this post.)

Key for below mindmap: green traffic light = “underway, progress is good.” Yellow traffic light = “progress is concerning.” Green checkmark = “done.” Blue arrow = “this task has multiple parts.”


2. Q: “What are YOU doing?”

Here is a full to-do list of everything I’m working on** (all the tasks that need to be done in the near future, including commissioned artwork that I’ve been given the blessing to do by extremely patient clients, whose saintlike patience is reflected extraordinarily movingly by the too-kind, wondrous communities waiting for Skye to launch.) I do not deserve/have not deserved an ounce more of this virtuous patience! – I’ve got set plans in motion to turn Skye: Endless Waiting around.

  1. If anyone sees me goofing off or not doing any of the tasks I’m responsible for, please take the liberty to hollah at me – on any platform that you may reach me from.
  2. If I forgot anything on my to-do list, please feel free to remind me and I shall amend that straightaway!

**I will paste a copy of the to-do mindmap below just in case it can show up alright in this blog.


*(I picked up “what are the haps” from timeless Dinosaur Comics. I read this phrase innumerable times while marathoning Dinosaur Comics – and finally realized it means, “What are the happenings?”)

  • Aoi

    at least at very minimum you should be reminded to update the news, I know you’re busy and the task is one hell of a mountain but at least even a bit speck of info no matter how small it is or even at least just talk with us ( who knows? maybe one of us may even give a help or give a bit idea ) to make us know, the project still moving and we know one day it’ll finalized, and sorry if I somehow offend you because you have your own problem, I’m sorry for my Grammar Butchering, and I’m sorry if it’s too long. it just I wait so long for it, I kinda give up on looking for update.

    • Aoi, what you kindly took the time to write is exactly what I should do! You are definitely very right. I owe it to you and yours and future-Citizens to at least provide regular [between consistent bouts of time] communication. Thank you so much for taking the time to offer both encouragement and well-placed advice, Aoi! Thank you for the time you’ve given Skye, and for still being here.

      • Aoi

        well. . . you’re welcome. but just like Isuara said, If you need help you should tell us. I can’t count all of us but at least most of us who’s waiting for launch have a faith you do your job impressively even in constant stress, if you have some trouble to handle just please don’t put it yourself. over stressing yourself and lot of job can put you to edge and in the end you might be as well sick and delay another things. I’m truly sorry if I can’t help anything related to your work, but at least please let me at least give some encouragement that you’re not alone and some may even gladly help you.

  • Isuara

    Honestly, i don’t mind waiting for updates Though, 🙂 they are nice. I just hope that people will continue to be patient, it’s a site worth waiting for! I do agree however, just to take some things off your plate, have others work on the project with you so you don’t put it all solely on yourself, people like to see people working together as a team.

  • Joker

    I am a part time programmer, so if you need any sort of help with syntax or are stuck on a bit of code, I can help, (if my knowledge of the language is suitable) and even if I dont personally use the language I can reaserch and do this and that to try to help you, i am looking so forward to this i cant even describe it.

    • Joker

      my email by the way is jokerstix66@gmail.com

      • Joker, thank you so so much for volunteering not only your experience and skillset, but also your enthusiasm…! What an honor to hear from you. I am going to save your email to my contacts and I will reach out to you once I finish that wireframing document on the item .PNGs submitter! Thank you for allowing me to defer to your wisdom.

  • Joker

    anytime, im always glad to be of help, I would never be able to code a game like this by myself so im more than happy to offer my services because no body in their right mind wants to dig through code for hours on end looking for a single bug alone. so worry not the community and my friends have your back.

  • ghxstt

    Do you think the game will be taking it’s first run sometime in 2016?

  • I hope you start a kickstarter project to fund the Skye development. With extra money you can spend more time to develop Skye instead of working. And perhaps you can hire some people to help you.

  • Yo

    Yes I definitely agree with kickstarter as I was about to suggest as well. you already seem to have a big enough interest (from your facebook page), you might be able to gain about (more or less) extra 50k or so to help your team out!
    However if you do, just make sure you don’t go overboard with the backers reward ad that also might slow down development even more if not careful with estimating.

  • Hey Mel, just wanted to stop by and say keep up the work on this awesome game to be! I’ve been waiting a long time, just as have other people who really loved Tinierme and want to take part in it’s spiritual successor. I wish I could contribute to help (I’m no good artist) but if there was a kickstarter I’d definitely support it with all I could!

    I feel like if you got a bit more money from all the people who are really interested in making this game flourish, we’d see a release sooner than you realize, plus all of the wonderful people who really want to help too. I hope everything’s going well for you and I’m looking forward to being a future Skye citizen! (^ ^) /

  • We’re here for you, and we’re cheering you on! We want nothing more than to see you succeed. Please don’t overwork yourself, hun. Help is exactly what you need. We’re all willing to wait as a community because we miss each other, and you’re doing great things. Be proud of yourself, doll.