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As I compile reference images for the characters that I’m drawing fan art of, I realize that many beloved characters unfortunately have a dearth of high-quality, detailed, and colored references available.

This is a travesty… The diligent and attention-oriented creators carefully honed each detail of these character designs, producing edited rendition after rendition. The cosplay and artist friends that I’ve been blessed to know work incredibly hard to make true-to-form costumes and illustrations/keychains/renders of the characters they celebrate.

Yet it can be awfully hard to find references of a character’s partially-obscured details, like Katsuki Bakugou‘s green-red and studded gloves that are usually underneath his giant grenade gauntlets, which I’ve been searching for from 3:30 AM till now. They’re very cool and very worth the search! When I finally dug up a translated sketch of those gloves* drawn by none other than Bakugou’s creator, the peerless Horikoshi Kohei, my heartbeat rose!

I realized that I’ve accrued many reference folders of characters that I have drawn or are currently drawing. I’ve been wanting for a while now to upload mass albums of useful images into organized posts on my blog, so that any other artist/cosplayer can save time when creating! (NOTE: if I end up posting images that anyone would like me to remove, please do not hesitate to let me know!)

Please look forward to upcoming character artwork/cosplay reference image galleries (replete with captions like “worn after the 2-year time skip”) that I hope may meet all of your illustration’s needs! (*^*)7

*Horikoshi’s explanation of Bakugou’s gloves is thoughtfully detailed:

I wish I knew who to thank for this useful English translation! Would anyone know if Fallen Angel Scans or MangaStream undertook this page’s translation?