about me

Hello! (pq´v`*) Thank you so much for bringing yourself here and visiting today; it’s an honor to have you come by.

  • I am Melissa Hui Wang (muddymelly,) a person who always hopes to be helpful.
  • I am 王晖, which is pronounced wáng [“king”] huī [“sunshine.”] (This is my Chinese name!)
  • I am always a work in progress, never finished (and currently endeavoring to level up my speed!)
  • I am an eternal student with a whole lot to improve!
  • I am deeply grateful for my sweet younger sisters, and for you.

((´∀`人´∀`)) I would love to chum with you everywhere; you can also find me here…

💝 My Patreon – Art freebies and goodies (Photoshop files, brushes, tool presets) from me to you! If you would like my $5-tier files but cannot be a paying patron for any reason, I would be happy to continue to send you my files for free for as long as you’d like!) 

🎨 My Facebook art page – Finished art, close-ups, progress steps, and artistic resources!

🤗 My Tumblr – I’d be honored to follow you back! 

🐦 My Twitter – Art sneak peeks, bad puns, and amazing retweets to make up for the puns…

🖌 My DeviantART – Very high-resolution final (and progress) pieces. Gigantic. Sprawling.

(I also share my artwork and process snapshots on ArtStation, Pixiv, and Drawcrowd!)

✨ My Instagram – Dedicated to artwork – and the occasional skyscape photo!

✏ My Behance – A portfolio of my design work.

Where can you currently buy my artwork?

As of 2017, I’ve been blessed to begin traveling to different North American anime conventions to sell high-quality prints and posters of my work! So far, my inventory includes my illustrations printed on 18″ x 12″ 100 lb glossy cover stock [very thick] and posters on 30″ x 20″ 80 lb glossy cover stock [thick and durable but still roll-able!] If I’m ever at your con and you need any aid, print bags for your sales/purchases, or need help purchasing fellow artists’ merchandise or my own prints — please don’t hesitate to let me know!

You can buy my artwork anytime on Redbubble and Society6 printed on many paper sizes, phone cases, laptop skins, tapestries, clothing, and more!

Also, I’m currently looking into setting up an Etsy store to sell and ship my prints and posters at an affordable price!