BNHA: Uraraka + Izuku

Final, process, and bonus Photoshop files of this artwork!

The fledgling heroes and heroines in Boku no Hero Academia are such good kids… 💖 The diversely fascinating cast has quickly endeared itself to us sisters, who have been devouring each new manga chapter update (and hootin’ together during season two of BNHA’s beautifully-scored anime!)

(From left-to-right: 麗日お茶子/Uraraka Ochaco; 緑谷出久/Midoriya Izuku; a really tiny 爆豪勝己/Katsuki Bakugō!)

This artwork also appears here:

Thank you so much for looking at my work.

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  • kitsune_miku

    oh my goodness this is amazing i love your art!!

    • m(_ _)m My gosh!! Thank you so very much, @leifchan:disqus… I feel so touched that you not only kindly looked at my work, but also sweetly took the time to leave me such an encouraging and enthused message! 💖💖💖 (pq´v`*)

      • kitsune_miku

        you definitely deserve it💗(//∇//) your work is just so amazing, i gasped when i saw it haha! wow the colours and perspective and every detail of it is so breathtaking, you have gained a fan (`_´)ゞ

  • Willis Christian

    Miss Kobayashi here from metrocon 😉 i hope i see you around FL again! I wanna buy your next print from BHNA or whatever you surprise us with next!