Haikyuu!! Kuroo + Kenma

It’s a rooster head + a pudding head (AKA Kuroo Tetsurou and Kozume Kenma, from Haikyuu!) Free high-resolution image files of these two are here for you!

Tubbs from Neko Atsume is on Kenma’s iPhone:


This artwork also appears here:

Thank you so much for looking at my work.

Other portfolio pieces…

  • aoizumi

    this is so beautiful i wanna cry omg

    • /)/////(;;; I’m extremely sorry for being replying to you so horrendously late, dear aoizumi… Your very sweet comment warms my heart immensely and I wish I could rush to you (half a year too late >~<) with the softest lotion-infused tissues to wipe away any tears you may have produced!! You inspire me in my desire to work on drawing our volleyball bois better in the future (T///Tpq)