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About me

Hello! (pq´v`*) Thank you so much for bringing yourself here and visiting today; it’s an honor to have you come by.

  • I am Melissa Hui Wang (muddymelly,) a person who always hopes to be helpful.
  • I am 王晖, which is pronounced wáng [“king”] huī [“sunshine”]. (This is my Chinese name!)
  • I am always a work in progress, never finished (and currently endeavoring to level up my speed)!
  • I am an eternal student with a whole lot to improve!
  • I am deeply grateful for my wonderfully sweet sisters, and for you!

((´∀`人´∀`)) I would love to chum with you everywhere; you can also find me here…

My art galleries

💝 My Patreon – Art freebies and goodies (Photoshop files, brushes, tool presets) from me to you! If you would like my $5-tier files but cannot be a paying patron for any reason, I would be happy to continue to send you my files for free for as long as you’d like! 

🎨 My Facebook art page – Finished art, close-ups, progress steps, and artistic resources! 

🐦 My Twitter Art sneak peeks, bad puns, and amazing retweets to make up for the puns… 

🖌 My DeviantART Very high-resolution final (and progress) pieces. 

🤗 My Tumblr I’d be honored to follow you back! 

✨ My Instagram – Dedicated to artwork – and the occasional skyscape photo!

🖼️ My ArtStation – Another one of my art galleries! 

🖍️ My Pixiv | My Weibo | My LOFTER – 我的画画作品! My artwork (captioned with my terrible Chinese writing skills)! 

✏ My Behance – A portfolio of my design work.


2022: Winner of the 7th JUMP’s Universal Illustration Contest Theme: My Hero Academia  ⁄(⁄ ⁄T⁄-⁄T⁄ ⁄)⁄