Walkthroughs: rewarding events in Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! 2: Kharé – Cityport of Traps


(Updated on May 6th, 2015: how to get the two halves of the torn note found in the throat of Noble Moulas, the living corpse.)

Some advice/warnings

This is a growing guide for Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! 2: Kharé – Cityport of Traps. (And here are guides to Sorcery! 1 and Sorcery! 3.) Get your virtual dice ready for many rounds of Swindlestones. 🤞🎲🎲🎲

  1. Since you can visit places in various order, my tips are in random order.
  2. Many, many spoilers ahead. (You can just read the bolded titles per section if you don’t want too many spoilers! Links may contain spoilers.)
  3. Do cast spells when you can; you are indeed a sorcerer/sorceress, and there will always be at least one or two spells that can really turn a situation around, make something interesting happen, or prevent injury. I’ve found the stamina cost to usually be negligible. (Here’s a list of the full spellbook, additional spells, and counter-spells.)
  4. Do try to finish fights well (getting the “0/X stamina lost. Flawless fighting!” or other good dialogue.) Losing a lot of stamina might really eat into your adventure (or make it more intense and exciting…?)
  5. Please do feel free to share any awesome gameplay events that you’ve experienced! I’d be very grateful if you corrected me about any character names I got wrong, and informed me of the names I’ve forgotten/neglected to include.
  6. You can start your adventure anew in each game (you’ll automatically be given appropriate equipment in Sorcery! 2 and 3 since these are sequels.) The “cloud save code” that Sorcery! 2 and 3 allow you to input when you start up the apps enables you to continue your adventure from the previous game(s). This allows you to retain your relationships, equipment, items, learned spells, and knowledge, making for an incredible, elongated game experience.
    1. Your game save can be sent to the cloud once you have finished your playthrough. You can have many saves per Sorcery! game, and can choose which save you want to continue from in subsequent games.
  7. I played through the games on Android as a female Analander (I believe gameplay remains the same for male and female main characters.) (… and as far-off-the-mark as I may be, I do indeed ship Flanker the assassin and the Analander.)

Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! 2 – a list of walkthroughs to memorable and rewarding events

Perhaps you’d also like to rise to some of these challenges to up the ante in your gameplay! And here is a wonderfully-interesting thread where players share various experiences and discoveries.

Map | My attempt to maximize the places you go in Lower Kharé.


If you have tips on experiencing more of the map, I am sure that everyone playing and I would love to hear them! My latest (pictured) playthrough resulted in the following collection of items at the end of the game. (I decided not to go down the wells or step into the Portal Traps.** You can gain each item from a great variety of events, some of which I have not listed here. So fear not if you decide to miss an opportunity to obtain anything; you’ll likely get another chance soon.)

  • [Weapons]
    • Sword
      • This is the one you start Sorcery! 1 with.
    • Legendary sword (+4)
    • Silver sword (-3)
      • … Heavens, I forgot where I picked this up from. I am so sorry; I will try to figure this out. If anyone knows, I’d be grateful to hear you out!
    • Silver chain
      • You can acquire this enchanted Svinn-made chain from the chainmaker, located southwest of the Festival of Thieves. (If you are alright with pilfering, you can steal a variety of items and/or gold from the chainmaker’s hut. You can eventually obtain these items soon enough via other means, however.)
      • You can use it in fights against wraiths (who cannot be harmed by non-silver weapons.)
  • [Magical items]
    • 2 quantities of beeswax
    • Cloth skullcap
    • Vial of glue
      • … I’m trying to remember where I got this. It might be from the Artist’s Quarter…
    • Nose plugs
    • 6 pebbles
      • You can readily gain pebbles throughout the game (a grateful goblin gives you some after witnessing you defeat the living corpse.)
    • 4 doses of Blimberry juice
      • Take your time looking at the surrounding pathways here (always look at things/surroundings when you get the opportunity to.) Eventually, a passing cart accidentally drops a crate of Blimberry juice (the cart-driver doesn’t notice you waving him down.)
    • Bamboo flute
    • 4 goblin’s teeth
    • A giant’s tooth
    • Black facemask
      • There are a few ways to obtain this item. I cast the spell TAK (and waited for the black sparks) at the top of the Temple of Courga (a massive ziggurat.) (If you want the black facemask earlier, I believe you can find one in the black elven opium den if you chill there for a while, or drink Vangorn’s drugged ale and save yourself by calling upon Vik [Vangorn gives you a black facemask as an apology,] or get locked up with the one-armed old man in the beginning of the game and wait through the night to get let out in the morning [stay up so the old man doesn’t steal from you. Upon your release, a body bearing a black facemask tumbles into view.])
    • Green-haired wig
      • There are a few ways to obtain this item in Sorcery! 2. The earliest you may get it might be when you visit this tent (the one with the winking elven woman who assures you that the tent’s attraction, a male entertainer, is very funny) at the Festival of Thieves. You can have the tent’s occupant willingly cast aside the wig (so you can retrieve it) by casting SAP on him to make him depressed.
    • Bracelet of bone
    • 2 sun jewels
      • Found here. For sun jewel #1, look up, see a glint, and then cast BIG to see and obtain the jewel. Sun jewel #2 is trickier… You have to defeat Mantis-man (he is wearing the jewel on a chain around his neck.)
        • The easiest way to defeat Mantis-man might be to control his mind with the spell LAW – and instruct him to cut off his own head.
    • Gold-backed mirror***
      • Gain this item by visiting the Flayer’s kitchen. Look under the table in order to notice it in a box (that also holds a scroll written in a strange language, and some coins.)
      • Asking the Flayer about the box seems to always result in a fight. The most peaceful way to get all of the box’s contents is casting dIm (d-i-m) on the Flayer.
  • [Other items]
    • Fire of danger
      • Purchased from a flame master(?) at the Artist’s Quarter.
    • Two halves of a note
    • Scroll***
      • You can get this from the Flayer’s kitchen (look under the table to notice it in a box.)
      • Asking Lorag about the scroll leads you to find out that it is a recipe for soup, but hang onto it! Returning the scroll to its rightful owner leads to an increase in max stamina in Sorcery! 3 (in Kariamma Village.)
    • Sketch of the First Noble
    • Sketch of the Fifth Noble
    • Sketch of the Seventh Noble
      • These well-done sketches can be gotten from the arm-less artist at the Artist’s Quarter.
    • Essence of bark
      • This (and the poison) are found in the house of Vangorn(?). He readily attacks you if you do not drink the poisoned ale he offers; you can only get these two items if he is dead. (If you do drink the ale and call upon the name of “Vik,” Vangorn revives you and gives you a black facemask and some gold coins. You can get the black facemask in a few other ways and at Courga’s temple.)
    • Poison
    • Borrinskin boots
    • 3 apes’ teeth
    • 2 snattacats’ teeth
  • [Rations]
    • Handful of berries
      • These berries aren’t… easy on the body, so your character holds onto them instead of eating them like rations (despite them being stored under rations. Tempting!)
      • You can find these berries near the ruins.
    • An apple
  • [Keys]
    • Kharé gate key
      • The Svinn chief from Sorcery! 1 gives you this key in gratitude after you rescue his daughter.
    • Copper key
      • Given to you by the blind beggar in Sorcery! 1 after you give him a gold coin. It is a key to let you out of the Red-Eyes jail should you be captured.
    • Silver key
    • Lorag’s spell-line
    • Theetah’s spell-line
    • Shinva’s line
    • Moula’s line
      • Here is a map that shows where you can get both halves of the torn note (upon which Moulas’s spell-line is written.)
      • Noble Moulas is a living corpse that can be found along the street [row of houses] parallel to the Festival of Thieves. (You’ll find a person laying facedown in the alley. One of the fastest ways to defeating him if he attacks you is casting SIX to fight each of his body parts with a clone of yourself! There won’t even be an actual fight if you do this, by the way.) Look in his throat for a torn piece of paper. This is part of poor Moulas’s spell-line.
        • If anyone would know of a way to release Moulas from being a perpetual living corpse, please consider letting me know! Thank you! (It seems you may have caused enough damage to stop him from reanimating once again when you take him down by casting SIX, but this seems not for certain.)
      • When you are traveling in the Fallen Quarter (while looking for Theetah,) do sit when you get the option to do so. You’ll sit down on a rock and notice something sticking out from underneath it; this is the other half of the torn piece of paper. Moulas, sensing his impending demise, wrote down his spell-line and hid half of the parchment here in the hopes that someone would find it.
  • [Spellbook]
    • Added the ZEd spell
  • [Treasure]
    • 70 gold pieces
    • Badge of the Seventh Noble
      • Theetah, the Seventh Noble, didn’t want to regain his badge again; I held onto it as a memento.
    • Serpent Ring
      • A grateful Theetah gives you this. This is a very cool artifact in Sorcery! 3.
  • [Clues]
    • Four Nobles know the spell
    • First Noble Sansa knows
    • Fifth Noble Shinva is dead
    • The order of the lines
    • The use of silver weapons
    • Vik’s teeth…
    • Glandragor and Vik
      • You learn this clue in Sorcery! 1 if you return Glandragor’s axe (purchased in Cantopani) to him.
    • Portal Traps are circular
      • You can pick this clue up from Flanker.
    • ‘Vik for First Noble!’
      • One place to pick up this phrase is to ask the blacksmith about werewolf armor or ask wary locals about Vik.
    • The Sleepless Ram
    • Seventh Noble Theeta is a beggar
    • Lord Theetah is in the Ruins
    • Lord Lorag is a scholar
    • The scholar’s house
    • Second Noble Moulas is a corpse
    • The Shrine of Slangg
    • The answer to the question…
    • The ritual of the god Courga

Event | **You can meet the Goblin King who lurks underground and throw a big wrench in his plans to overrun the city of Kharé.

  • Climb down wells when you get the chance to… or step into a Portal Trap. You may eventually run into quite a lot of goblins (and find yourself unable to cast spells for the time being.)
  • To make the goblins rebel against him, pretend to be unconscious in front of the Goblin King.

Glitch | Get swole. A glitched item in Dwarftown makes for infinitely-increasing offensive strength.

  • You can go shopping at the store in Dwarftown and drink the mystery potion (which turns out to be a strength potion!) an unlimited number of times to become super strong in battle. This is a glitch; I wonder if it’s been patched yet. Please let me know if this still works, or if it is patched!

Glitch | ****Gold exploit: taking advantage of the goblin’s bathhouse eavesdropping mission.

No Face, from Spirited Away, knows how to make it rain in the bathhouse.

  • You can already earn a hefty amount of gold coins by winning at Swindlestones in the Gambling Halls of Vlada and when various Kharé dwellers challenge you (and vice versa.)
  • This is an additional way to leave the city with a bulging purse… It exploits a glitch.
    • A surreptitious goblin emerges from his home to offer you four gold coins to spy on his “friend’s” secret meeting down the street in a bathhouse (the four gold is for the bathhouse entry fee.) This goblin retreats into his house after promising you more coins when you return with the info when you’re done visiting the bathhouse.
    • Put off entering the bathhouse and bombard the goblin with visits.
    • He’ll keep emerging from his home to proposition and pay you as if nothing ever happened (“Hey, you. Wanna make some money? […] Deal. Be seein’ you, again. Here. Shortly.”)
    • The gamer who found this bug posted about it in the midst of surpassing gains of 400+ coins from the goblin (and says you can keep makin’ it rain.) Note to players: I haven’t tried to exploit this bug, so I’m unsure if you miss meeting Flanker the assassin at The Wayfarer’s Inn (after he invites you to meet him there when you two talk at The Festival of Thieves) if you spend a lot of gametime (time passes a little per action) shaking the goblin down.
    • Would anyone remember this goblin’s name? I’d be very grateful for your help in making it possible to add his name to this guide.

Events | Here are the places where you can meet Flanker once again (if you have met him already in the first game and refused to take his life, and then started the second game with your save code from Sorcery! 1. – If you don’t have a save code from the first game, I feel certain that you will still be able to meet Flanker and experience the “fight Flanker and face a choice” event from the first game.)

If you don’t meet him immediately, nay frets. After you perform some actions, you’ll notice him show up!

  • Meet him twice in the The Festival of Thieves (once during the daytime/afternoon – and once again after nightfall – when the Festival has been trashed.)
    • The dialogue for both meetings is amusingly similar (likely because experiencing one of these dialogues should have negated the other; otherwise, it sounds like Flanker and you completely forgot about meeting each other earlier in the day!)
  • Meet up with Flanker at The Wayfarer’s Inn after he invites you to join him there.
  • After you win at Swindlestones against him, he’ll offer to take you to The Council of the city.
  • How to keep Flanker in your debt: at The Wayfarer’s Inn, don’t lose to Flanker in Swindlestones and don’t step into the Portal Trap in The Council’s room while he’s in the room with you.

Location | Win cool prizes at an honest tent in the northern part of the Thieves Festival! And catch wind of an assassination plot…

  • Visit this isolated tent at The Thieves Festival and goad the little creature into picking a quality prize out for you.
  • Judging from the vicious thoughts you hear when you cast TEL in the tent – and the conversation you overhear at the bathhouse, this grumpy little creature might just be the assassin whom Lorag the Scholar defeated with magic (and turned into a harmless “sideshow attraction.”)

Event | Cast JIG to help the musicians out at The Thieves Festival!

  • And therefore get invited to hang out with them and share a tasty meal (you need to eat once per day) at the dubious Meat & Cleaver later that night, and pick up clues about Vik and the Red-Eyes.
  • (JIG is one of my favorite spells to cast. You can subject burglars to it and lighten them of their items, would-be enemies shimmy onto uneven ground and twist an ankle and no longer pose a threat, amazing enemies can be brought down with it… I find it surprising what JIG has helped make possible in the game series.)

Character Meeting | “Lorag the Scholar is missing from his mansion by the time I get there. Where is he and what happened?”

  • Lorag the Scholar had, in my playthroughs during which I was taken to the Red-Eyes jail, seemingly been assassinated already when I arrived at his home after escaping my jailbreak (presumably because being in jail delayed getting to him in time. For the sake of the 4th game (not yet released,) it seems to be advisable to make it in time to Lorag’s mansion [by turning right at this fork in upper-right-hand Kharé] instead of ending up in the Red Eyes jail by turning left at that fork.)
  • I replayed Sorcery! 2 a number of times (changing up my actions) to pinpoint which action it was that delayed me arriving before Lorag’s demise; my conclusion is that all actions are safe prior to crossing the bridge to East Kharé. (You can take your time wandering before you make it across the river – via the bridge or swimming or sewers or another way.) It seems that ending up in the Red Eyes jail takes just long enough (you seemingly cannot get out soon enough so as to visit Lorag when he is alive.)
  • Lorag will go into detail about the powerful ZED (archaic version: AFE) spell. (Should Lorag be missing/dead, you find this spell written on a sheet of paper in his home.)
  • It’s possible that you can still get thrown into the Red Eyes jail after visiting Lorag the Scholar. (You can also use the BIG spell to acquire a sun jewel [on the earthen wall-edge] before going to jail or after visiting Lorag.)
    • The merit of going to jail would be that you can befriend your jailmate, a black elf.
    • This black elf is met once more at the very end of the game – he is the man leading Vik’s werewolves and who approaches you right before you go to the Northern Gates. He has not forgotten your help and you have some extra dialogue options with him (such as getting him to tell Vik to come help you attack the goblins. This is not necessary to defeat the goblin uprising since you can use the powers of the Northern Gates to eradicate the goblins.)
  • As an aside, I think it is possible to get a green-haired wig (if you do not own one already) from Lorag’s little experiment.

Item | ***Acquire a (very useful) gold mirror.

  • The gentlest and cheapest way to acquire a gold-backed mirror would be to look under the table at the Flayer’s kitchen, cast the dIm (d-i-m) spell on the Flayer chef and, while he bumbles harmlessly about, you can eat his food for free (“the Flayer watches you briefly while you eat and suggests adding some salt”) and take all the contents of his box.
  • The scroll (written in a language you cannot read) will benefit you greatly in Sorcery! 3.] He’ll attack you if you show interest in the box otherwise – and his several arms make him a formidable opponent.
  • The text is very cute when you leave the dIm-struck Flayer: “the Flayer calls out a cheerful goodbye to you under a table where, for the moment, he has chosen to hide.”

Location | There is a secret hidden room in the mansion at the end of the row of houses (in southwest Kharé.)

  • This eerie mansion is located here. (I love the creepy descriptions of the etched grooves and the haunted atmosphere – and how exciting that made the exploration feel.)
    • In the front yard of the house, there’s a healing fountain and a giant bat lurking in the tree.
    • If you have a green-haired wig (you can get one from the Thieves Festival,) you can cast YAP to talk with the horse tied by the street and pick up a clue. Stealing the horse will frighten him enough to take you on an uncontrollable ride to a variety of places throughout western Kharé (keep in mind that you might not be able to swing your way back south, and you can always walk to these places yourself as well. I don’t think you ever get to keep the horse.)
  • Use DOP to enter the mansion, and step through the cool fire to enter the secret room. You need to use a thin, long object to open the door.
  • If you don’t have a bamboo flute or something else that may work, there should be a cane in the upstairs bedroom. If you take it with you, you can return it to the owner of this mansion, Lord Theetah, later.
  • Search the bandages for the Seventh Noble’s badge. Look around the haunting room for clues as to what happened to the estate’s owner.
  • In a bush in the backyard, there’s a

Strategy | How to defeat the strong wraith in Lord Shinva’s mausoleum without fighting.

  • The wraith is a powerful opponent with many advantages (and your silver weapons are not very strong.) The fight can be won, but may be difficult.
  • Do not go down the stairs in the tomb without casting SUN with your sun jewel.
  • To even the odds by a lot, use the gold-backed mirror and cast KIN to summon another wraith (who will fight on your side. Watch the fight.)

Event | Save a young woman (outside Lord Shinva’s mansion) from the plague.

  • When you are close to Lord Shinva’s mansion, you’ll see a pained-looking creature (with a bell around its neck) shuffling towards you.
  • When the creature is very close to you, cast dOC on a Blimberry juice potion and throw the liquid onto it. The creature’s boils fade away, revealing the healthy skin of a young woman!
  • Some conversation options reveal that she is from the city (Birritanti, I believe it was) near the plague village from the first game. If you’re playing with a save file that includes your actions from the first game, you can pass on advice to her, such as where her ill family may be (at the plague village.) Or tell her to discard her disease-ridden cloak. It was very uplifting to see how much better she felt after being healed!

Clue | Learn the answer to the impossible question of the priest of Slangg – by exploring southwest Kharé.

  • Go to this location to sit and eat with the poachers when they invite you over. Talk/interact with them long enough so that you are there when a woman named Sirisi comes over. Stay to meet her.
    • (If the poachers are not there, it is because time passes when you travel/act, and they’ve moved on. Fear not! Other events will happen instead, and you can always hear a clue from multiple sources.)
  • You can encourage one of the poachers to get his fortune told (getting yours told costs some coins.) After this, you can offer to tell Sirisi her fortune. Cast fAR. During the vision, choose the choice “Sirisi…
    • Sirisi owns a crystal orb, but I don’t think any choice you can make allows you to obtain it. Has anyone been able to get it? (Fear not! You’ll have a number of chances to get one in the sequel!)
  • This is the answer to the impossible question – which is the question that has never been asked.

Item | Try to create a working spell at the Temple of Courga (the ziggurat.)

  • At the foot of the ziggurat, I think you regain stamina if you insert a gold coin into the gargoyle’s mouth slot and gaze into its eyes.
  • None of the following spells get added to your spellbook because the stars atop of the ziggurat aren’t accessible elsewhere, but they sure are useful/interesting!
  • LAK – creates a torrent of rain.
  • TAK – gain a certain item.
    • [Wait twice]: The spell fades.
    • [Close my fist] –> [Wait for the green sparks]: Obtain green-haired wig.
    • [Close my fist] –> [Wait for the black sparks]: Obtain back facemask.
    • [Close my fist] –> [Wait for the gold sparks]: Obtain gold-backed mirror or sun jewel.
    • [Close my fist] –> [Wait for the white sparks]: Obtain bone bracelet.
    • [Close my fist] –> [Just grab]: Obtain a random item.
  • LUK – increases luck, thereby allowing you to know the phrase “Vik for First Noble” if you do not know it already. (This will help you once you climb down from the ziggurat.)
  • PUR – causes all the cats around the city to meow for a while.
  • TAR – coats your body with a hard shell that fades away and leaves you healed.
  • TUK – regain 3 stamina and feel very full, as if you ate a big meal (I’m thinking that you probably won’t need to eat a ration for the current day if you cast TUK.)

Item | In the Artist’s Quarter, you can pick up clues regarding the Nobles and some items that may help in future games.

  • The arm-less artist may be mischievous, but you can acquire lifelike sketches of some of the Nobles (for free or you can donate a coin to him) to add to your clues.
  • Find and talk with the flame master (located to the southeast in the sprawling Artist’s Quarter.) The option to purchase a fire of danger eventually comes up. There will be opportunity for it to come in handy in Sorcery! 3 (or in your current playthrough. I think it is a single-use item.)

Event | You can listen to the entire assassination scheme and have a lovely time at the bathhouse.

  • Pay the four coins to enter the bathhouse and first enjoy a swim (and regain stamina.) Then try out the sauna (where you can eavesdrop on the hired assassin’s conversation.)

Clues | You can learn about Vik’s character and plans early on by sleeping out in the rough.

    • One way of learning about Vik’s shocking plan of creating a werewolf army (human enough to understand directions; animalistic enough to subjugate and control) is to sleep outside here.
    • A female werewolf will prowl around you. After you fight her, you can pry off her werewolf-shaped armor (which kept her in werewolf form despite the phases of the moon) and see a tattoo of ownership on her neck (which reads “Vik.”) A few clues can be gained from this night.

Choice | Should you leave your Spirit Animal behind, and enter into worship of the deity Courga, the god of grace?

I would say yes. After comparing a number of playthroughs, I have found Courga’s presence both generous and helpful (his voice enters your mind to tell you of interesting facts at certain places.) In Sorcery! 2, you are indeed warned that Courga does not approve of ill-will or evil doing (it has proved to be no problem garnering a gamut of awesome artifacts, piles of coins, and many great experiences through memorable means – without doing any of the acts that Courga would disapprove of [the opportunities to do these acts do not add up to be overwhelmingly many.])

  • You cannot enter into Courga’s worship if you kill a person outside of self-defense (Courga takes into account if you killed Tomas, the old military man at the beginning of the game who punches you in the nose, one of the guards doing his duty in The Council, or one of Vik’s men who you render weaponless on Vik’s slave boat.)
  • If you have killed outside of self-defense, even if you perform Courga’s kissing ritual correctly, Courga turns you away (and you cannot enter into his worship or ask him for the deity’s name that Theetah forgot in his spell-line.)
  • “Does stealing displease Courga?”
    • At various points in the game, you can take food, items, and gold from characters whom you’ve dumbfounded with a spell or who have left the room. It seems that stealing does not dismay Courga (except for when you ask innocent people to do something underhanded for you.)
  • “What happens if you do perform an action that displeases Courga?”
    • You’ll “feel momentarily overwhelmed at Courga’s disapproval” (whereupon he goes to sleep for a while, so he won’t be able to answer prayers for a while.)
  • I usually do other courses of action asides from prayer (as a variety of interesting actions are always available to you and you can always rewind if something goes awry [though not rolling with the punches might be seen by some players as cheating]) – but it seems Courga seems able to answer more prayers than your Spirit Animal or other gods can that you can worship. The number of opportunities during which you can pray for aid are limited per game, but Courga seems to have a higher limit than others and spends less time resting (asleep) between prayers (I peeked at him after asking him to cure my plague because choosing to cure myself – casting a dOC spell on a Blimberry juice potion – couldn’t happen for a while, and was surprised to see him wake up so soon.)
  • Having the gentle Courga along was comforting; he provides his knowledge where he can.

Unsolved | How does one get to the Gardens of Briar? I am still figuring this one out.

  • This is one place where many players would like to go but haven’t yet worked out how to get there. Would anyone know how to make it to the Gardens? Does one have to step into a certain Portal Trap or climb down into the sewers in a particular place?

Some thoughts

  1. You can get Tomas (the old man you meet in the beginning of the game) his own ship to command! (Or you can be the captain for at least a rollickin’ good while.)
    1. After you’re captured by slavers, commit mutiny on board Vik’s slave ship after escaping the slave-holding hatch. Commend Tomas for captain, and then jump off and swim away (warning: being in water will ruin your water-damageable goods, such as rations, fruit, papers… Your spellbook should remain safe, however.)
  2. You can set the entire Artist’s Quarter on fire (that I think originates at the sly rug salesman’s shop.)
  3. Glandragor’s wife presumably can be found in Kharé! She may be the woman who tells you that her husband has been missing for ten years.
  4. If you see a plank laid across from window-to-window while wandering the city of Kharé, you can cast BIG and then pluck it from its place to thwart a thief clinging to it. Not sure if you find out more about this little event or earn anything for it.
  5. In Dwarftown, you see many dwarves (and notice they’re grumpy to creatures taller than them [including you, a human.]) One of the actions you can do is “walk on your knees next to them.” They are not impressed and you feel like a terrible person.
  6. To throw the fight (between the pixie and the sprite) at Dwarftown… you need to get there in time. A little time passes every time you walk somewhere and every time you make a choice. Many players (after having a rewarding time in Lower Kharé) arrive in Dwarftown too late to do anything.
  7. My conclusion that Lorag had been killed was because of the telltale aftermath in his home – and how angry his beloved companion, a pet Bristle Beast, was. It seemed the animal was stuffed into a cupboard, as it does not attack you when you sneak into the late Lorag’s empty home. It wouldn’t seem that Lorag, being fond of his pet, would have pushed him into a cupboard and then abandoned him (or perhaps Lorag was hiding the Bristle Beast from intruders.) Lorag’s attackers themselves were likely responsible for shutting the animal in there, as the loyal pet would have protected Lorag if given the chance. Casting SAP on the beast causes it to whimper in sadness (presumably about its owner’s demise) and retreat for good.
  8. Would anyone know what happens when you successfully play the little boy’s rock/stone apple game at the Thieves Festival?
    1. If you haven’t fought with your weapon a certain number of times before playing this game with the boy and his sister, you’ll have fun with them but not make any of the hits you’re aiming for (this is what happened for me.) I’d love to hear how it went otherwise for you!

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This is part of a series of semi-walkthroughs or game guides to the marvelous role-playing app series – Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! 1, 2, and 3 (which I re-re-played during unhealthy all-nighters… despite owing massive deliverables of art and design work to the most patient population of people in the world.)

The hit series of role-playing books by Fighting Fantasy that these apps are based on are fully scanned in PDF form here*! – However, I immediately noticed when I hit the books that developer inkle (a team that includes the very people who created the books in the first place!) added a boggling amount of additional content, tons of dialogue, characters, and interactives to the existing books when they converted them wonderfully into apps.

*Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! 1 is based on The Shamumanti Hills. Sorcery! 2 is based upon Kharé – Cityport of Traps. The newly-released Sorcery! 3 is based upon The Seven Serpents. Sorcery! 4 (that will presumably be based upon The Crown of Kings) has not been released yet. A PDF of the spellbook used in the games can be found here.

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  • Analander

    Hi Muddy,
    Found your blog while reading the inkle blog post concerning the release of Sorcery 3.

    First of all, thank you very much for taking the time out to post all this info for Sorcery(!) players. Very useful, I learned a bunch of stuff I didn’t know earlier.

    (Bit of backstory, I had been eagerly waiting for Sorcery 3 since ages, Sorcery 2 being the only game I have ever purchased on Android (Amazon being kind enough to provide Sorcery 1 as their free app of the game). Unfortunately, the near perfect game I had on S2 was ruined when I accidentally rewinded time and didn’t cloud save, so stupid of me. I did a partial run today to prep for S3, so I’ll try to fill in the gaps wherever I can.)

    Now onto the main stuff:
    >>You can set the entire Artist’s Quarter on fire (that I think originates at the sly rug salesman’s shop.)
    Yes, you can visit his shop, then once you get the option, you can cast the HOT spell. The rug salesman was trying to kill you anyway, so don’t feel bad. (This also solves one of inkle’s “Ten challenges”)

    >>Would anyone know what happens when you successfully play the little boy’s rock/stone apple game at the Thieves Festival?
    I’m not sure if this is the right answer but I distinctly remember keeping some of his apples (and subsequently using them as rations) if you win. Will check and get back to you if I can.

    You can also get the Long Sword (+2) from Sorcery 1 (don’t remember where!) and the Broadsword (+1) (again don’t remember, but it’s definitely in Sorcery 2, since I lost that item during my cloudsave screwup.

    You can also get them from the goblin who ‘steals’ one of your items if you pick one of his items, this is near the very end, just before the graveyard and Courga’s temple.

    >Cloth Skullcap
    Alternatively, once you meet Lorag at his house, he’ll tell you to wear one and try to convert you into his pet. Use the spell RAP to counter this and you can keep the wig.

    >Blimberry juice
    You can also ‘steal’ one from the chainmaker, from where you got the silver chain

    >A giant’s tooth
    Gaah, I missed getting this in Sorcery 1 since I was trying to save money.

    >Bracelet of bone
    At Hanna’s mystery booth in the fair. When you get the option to cast a spell. use TEL to read minds – you MUST have the cloth skullcap. You can listen in to the creatures thoughts and then call out to annoy him – you’ll get it as a prize. In case you rewind time and visit the fair again, you get a giant’s tooth.

    >Sun jewels
    So you can get mutiple sun jewels actually, apart from the two you mentioned, you can also buy one from the market in Khare (after you cross the river, just right of the gambling halls) for 10 gold (after haggling). I ended up with 3 after my two time rewinds.

    >Gold-backed mirror
    If you visit Lorag’s house and snoop around his shed, you can repair a broken mirror, if you have a “Vial of Glue”

    >Fire of danger
    You are correct, you can purchase it from the flame master(?) after stealing his gold, so you still end up making a profit of +2 gold.

    >Essence of bark
    >3 apes’ teeth
    >2 snattacats’ teeth
    Missed all of these during my Sorcery 1 run. 🙁

    >6 pebbles
    >a grateful goblin gives you some after witnessing you defeat the living corpse.
    He gave me a “pouch of sand” instead. Maybe it varies? I already had a couple of pebbles.

    [Other items]
    I got these too during my run. Don’t know from where. Will get back to you if I do.
    -Snake-bite Antidote
    -Paper Fragment (it has no use apparently)

    -You can buy upto six meals from the market
    -You can get a Bomba fruit from the fruit-seller in the square, in the second-half of Khare

    >>Glitch | Get swole. A glitched item in Dwarftown makes for infinitely-increasing offensive strength
    Still works, I have the latest versrion of Sorcery 2 on Android, HOWEVER, if you transfer your save to SOrcery 3, the potion disappears after 1 use. However any stamina you had in Sorcery 2 remains (so I have around 50 stamina in fights in Sorcery 3:D )

    >>My conclusion that Lorag had been killed was because of the telltale aftermath in his home – and how angry his beloved companion, a pet Bristle Beast, was. It seemed the animal was stuffed into a cupboard, as it does not attack you when you sneak into the late Lorag’s empty home.
    My interpretation was that the ‘pet’ was a fellow adventurer whom Lorag transformed. He’ll try to do the same to you if you stick long enough in his house!

    P.S. Have you tried to do the 10 challenges for each game inkle put up on their blog? Maybe you could add a section for them in both of the Sorcery game pages? I’ve completed most of them so I can help you a bit with them, if you like.
    P.P.S. Hope you’re also following the Sorcery threads on the toucharcade forums. Tons of helpful info there. I’m a bit late to the party, but doing my best to contribute there too.

    Wow, that was long. Hope I was a bit of help and didn’t ramble too much. I’ll try contributing a bit of info on the Sorcery 1 walkthrough if I can, before I dive into S3.

    Take care, and thanks again!

    • Nick

      You get the silver word outside of Lord Shinva’s tomb in the center of the mushroom circle. Hope I could be of use!

  • Carol

    Another way to acquire such jewel : if you get caught in the red eye prison and run out , you can enter a market (forgot the name, somewhere in the lower right part of map) you can just buy one if haggle, only 10 gold

    • Carol

      Typo : sun jewel.not such jewel

  • TGM1234

    At one point I found a scrap of paper at the beginning, written by the Second Noble. The message contains his spell line, or at least it did; that part is bit off, and is obviously what you pull out of his throat. I’ve tried to find the message again to see what happens when you have both parts, by I can’t find it anymore.

    Also, casting BIG at the prison wall gives you one Sun Jewel, but casting fAL after and climbing the wall gives you another, meaning you can get FOUR of them in one run!

    There are three available silver weapons: a bow and arrows bought at the marketplace next to the Halls of Vlad, the silver chain from the Chainmaker, and the silver sword you can get by casting mAG and pulling it out of the portal trap outside the Fifth Noble’s mausoleum.

    In Dwarftown, in the shop, there are two pairs of gauntlets. You can only buy one, but their effect is uncertain; their bonus is marked with (?), so you have to fight to see the difference.

    • TGM1234

      I found out how to get Maulas’ message again! You have to choose the route to the fair at the first junction, and then stop to eat on your way. Making the loop will allow you to kill the ghoul – actually Maulas himself – and join the two papers, rewarding you with his spell line! This way you can visit the fair first without missing the line, since the normal way is blocked if you do.

      Also, if you do enough fighting in the first game, you can win the apple throwing game at the festival; the boy gives you a healthy ripe apple worth one ration.

      • kaboobie71

        The first few times I played through the game I didn’t find either scrap of paper. You can also get Moulas’ spell line from the Temple of Slaang just before you reach the docks. I’ll have to go back again to remember all the details, but you may have to convert to Slaang temporarily; I replaced him with Courga at the end of the game.

  • mzttelieu

    Just finished playing Sorcery! 2 ^^ Then I checked your guide to see what I had missed. Unfortunately as I never made it to Lorag’s house in the final loop I guess he’s quite assassinated…

    Other random things:

    – You can get nose plugs from the carpet guy; he drops them while moving the carpets around. Amusingly aside from HOT you can also cast YOB to get a giant to chase him and his accomplices out of the market.

    – Alternatively let them carry you off to the galley to encounter Vik.

    – If you don’t have a sun jewel by the time you reach Lord Shinvas’ tomb, wander around the newer graves for a while to get attacke by the wraith directly.

    – It’s possible to get a copper key out of the chainmaker’s store instead of the gold. Weirdly the game glitched later at the prison and informed me that I had actually received it from the beggar in Sorcery! 1.

    – There’s a well singing couplets somewhere at the right side of the map. Cast DUD and rob the gnome that comes out to get another giant’s tooth.

    – The fellow prisoner captured by the Red Eyes was an Elvin. The guy I encountered at the North Gate didn’t recognize me or believe me about the goblins so I guess they aren’t the same people.

    – Stepping into the trap in the Council Room/climbing into the well allows you to find the order of the lines, and the second god’s name in Theetah’s line if you follow the goblins.

  • Carol

    In flayer’s kitchen the spell should be dim not dum. If cast dum, you’ll have to fight him

    • !! Thank you for the important correction, Carol! I’ll change that right away.

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  • kaboobie71

    Alternate way to get Moulas’ line: Instead of going toward the fair and stopping to eat, go straight up. You will pass the undead corpse but you can leave it alone. You will eventually meet a gang of poachers by a fire pit and they can give you several hints about who knows the lines. If you stay long enough, Sirisi will come to tell fortunes. Offer to tell her fortune instead, and cast fAR using her glass orb. You will see yourself answering the Impossible question in the Temple of Slaang; the answer is “Sirisi”. You can then visit the Temple, take the challenge, and be given the full spell line. (You can try to take the orb but it will get smashed in the ensuing fight.)

    You can also opt for the Easy question at the Temple, but then you have to convert to Slaang in order to get the spell line.

  • kaboobie71

    On your item list…

    Silver sword (-3) is the spike you pull out of the mushroom ring before entering Shivna’s mausoleum

    Vial of glue is obtained from Alianna in Sorcery 1

  • kaboobie71

    “When you are traveling in the Fallen Quarter (while looking for Theetah,) do sit when you get the option to do so. You’ll sit down on a rock and notice something sticking out from underneath it; this is the other half of the torn piece of paper. Moulas, sensing his impending demise, wrote down his spell-line and hid half of the parchment here in the hopes that someone would find it.”

    Unless I am mistaken (I’ve never made it that far in the game without having Moulas’ spell line) this is incorrect. The location where you stop to eat and find half of the paper is much earlier in the game. It is after you visit the chain-maker’s hut and before you reach the Festival that you should stop and eat to find half of the line.

  • murphy

    So I’m not the only AnaFlanker shipper out there!

    • CapeTaun

      The same here!

  • The dwarf you can milk gold out of is called Cancax. 🙂

    Also, if you’ve played Sorcery! 1, and you spoke to Glandragor, I don’t think it’s possible to get the black face mask, AND kill Vangorn to get the poison and essence of tree bark.

    I’ve tried it multiple times and can’t get that outcome. So, I went all the way back to the beginning so I could get the face mask from the dead body. Yoinks!

    • Analander

      I’m unable to replicate the infinite gold glitch. Maybe it has been patched on Android.

      And yes, I too was unable to kill Vik once he poisons/ spares me. Ended up getting the Black Facemask from Courga’s temple.

  • redwave

    I’m pretty sure I got the tinderbox, falling into the sewers where the Goblin Army is waiting or has amassed. It’s in one of the dead ends I think. It’s pretty useful when going into the tomb and you didn’t have a sun jewel to make a light with, although you’d need something for it to burn. I burnt one of the paintings I got from the market– not sure what happens if you just got the tinderbox but nothing to burn.

  • Balyos

    Does anyone know how many combats you must fight in Sorcery 1 to win an apple from the Barrel Boy in Sorcery 2?

    • All of them previous to meeting him. That’s the only way I did. Every other time I used magic to avoid a fight, I lost the game.

      • Balyos

        So you can just have for a few combats in Sorcery 1, but if you don’t use magic, you’ll get the apple? In the Sorcery 1 playthrough I used, I did not use anay magic to avoid a fight (I did not even cast JIG to avoid the bandits, since I took the Daddu-Ley route). However I did cast a spell on the Manticore before actually fighting it, maybe that was the problem…

  • Chicken

    Few stuff I noticed:

    – In my first play when I asked the innkeeper in the docks (who try to kill you if you sleep there) he said there is no room available, while in my second play I was given option to stay there for 4 gold.
    In my first play I was male char and killed the assassin from game 1 (Flanker) while in second play I was female and befriended the assassin.

    – I went climbed into the red-eyes prison and resqued the elf without being captured, and Lorag was still alive when I visited him afterwards.

    – The order of shouting to get bracelet of bones (I think) was stupid beast – idiot – Hanna for me.

    – Always go back in time to get a second run, then grab stuff that you haven’t got already. I don’t think there is any penalty for doing the second run.

    • kaboobie71

      The penalty for doing a second run is that you lose a point off your maximum stamina. It’s possible to get all the items in one game without going back in time.

  • kaboobie71

    Heads up: Sorcery! 2 for iOS has been updated and you can no longer drink the Potion of Mystery over and over again. It now disappears from your inventory once you drink it.

  • I’ve been searching high and low for a definitive answer on accessing the Gardens of Briar, but the Internet hasn’t helped me yet, except for a tweet from inkle that *seems* to indicate that they are accessible. If anyone has an answer one way or the other, would you mind posting it on this Arqade question? http://gaming.stackexchange.com/q/226836/41411

    • kaboobie71

      I’m not seeing anything in those tweets that indicates to me they are accessible.

      • Brian Pendell

        They are, both in book 4 as a mandatory part of the game and in book 2 in new game plus. See comments above by me for details.

  • Hello, Epic Info~ but Does anyone Know how to Trigger the “GOBLIN KING EVENT” the one where you will get dragged by the Goblins, so you can Stop the Goblin King~

    i stumbled upon that Event on my 1st Run, you just Stand down and Disobey then they will Riot~

    but when i Did a 2nd Run (so i can Get & Explore more Stuff) i can’t seem to Trigger it~
    i Go down in the Sewer and the Goblins are there

    the only Option is to Fight or Cast a Spell to make them leave, but i don’t want that~

    so does anyone know??

  • Never Mind~ Found it~

    You can trigger it with Theetha, ~ AFTER you Defeat the 2 Flying Creatures, you have to Choose

    “Go on” instead of “Did you?” ~ (that’s the Only thing lolz) ~ after that go to the Edge of the wasteland

    Climb the Ivy then Go down again, then Choose Go back to the Wasteland

    You will be Dropped to the Sewers,

    go to the Event “Where am I”

    then Choose “Wait”

    now you will meet the Goblin Army, BUT now YOU have an EXTRA OPTION of saying “APOLOGIZE”

    after that Choose “RUN AWAY”

    and that’s how you get Dragged to the GOBLIN KING!!!~ 😀

    WHew i thought i wouldn’t find that hehehehe

    ~My Second Run i got to Go Event (including Meeting Sirisi) then back again hehehe~

    you just have to Sacrifice Going the DWARFTOWN oh and Meeting the Painter and Others at Artist Quarter

    those 2 places don’t even have any Good Stuff on it, you can Eat at the Quarter and fight the Painter but there’s no Merit there (only if You DOn’t Got the NosePlugs on Sorcery 1 then Maybe worth the trip) but else nothing really~

    Here’s my ScreenShot for my Journey too, i used some of the info here for my 2nd Run~ tnx!!


    • What about the cold flame you get from the fite dealer in the Artist’s Quarter? I’ve gotta think that’s going to be useful, and I haven’t seen that it’s available anywhere else.

    • misomiso82

      Can you please be really specific about how you get to the Goblin King. It’s very difficult to do and I have not managed it yet. Do you have to give him his badge at a specific point as well?

      Very frustrating. Please be as clear as possible if you reply.

    • Xander77

      I’ve done exactly what’s described above, and I don’t have an “apologize” option available. Wonder what it depends on?

  • Oops, fire* dealer.

  • True, but so you Can only Get limited Choices, For Example in Sorcery 1 i Left Out getting the Borrinskin boots, Red Flower (which ain’t Still Useful but might in Sorcery 4), ~ i left them out in order to Play and Get more items/info from the Map.~ you can’t Really Get all of the Items you just Have to Choose Which ones you like and if that Quest is the one you want~

    in the End of Sorcery 2 i had this (+106 Gold +8Rations,) that includes me Giving & Dropping Random Coins in Wells and hooligans (also includes wasting Other items & rations, to poor NPC’s)~

    My Saved END Game in Sorcery 2

    29 Magical items, 2 Treasures, 2 Keys,

    5 Weapons (includes the -3 Silver Sword, which has more attk. than Slv.Chain & the Legendary Sword +4),

    + Other Items including (Flayers Soup, which comes in HANDY on Sorcery 3, and Serpents Ring)

    • you need to post a list of the order in which you went to places. this particular installment is rather… rigid… in terms of your ability to go between places. S3 is MUCH more flexible.

      Would you post one please?

  • UnclDeD

    khm, looks like the latest update brought day-night system to game and events now differ from your early runs. Bad(

  • Dan

    WAL locks the Deathwraith away. Never had to fight it, and Shivna still comes out.

  • Did you know you can break INTO the prison and free the elvin without getting thrown in??

    just cast BIG, get the sun jewel
    then cast BIG again and launch over the wall,
    spy the guard, cast KID
    and poof you charge off with the ELF in tow… not sure why it works but it works..

  • i have an important question…..
    is there any location at all in either sorcery 1 or 2 where you can squire ONE vial of holy water?????
    this matters greatly to my sorcery 3 optimum path configuration…

  • ok, after MUCH studying and working I now have (close to) the optimum playthrough for S2, based on my walkthrough for S1

    start out and DONT kill the guard guy on the road, he is legit
    proceed through and get thrown in prison in your desired way
    stay the night and play swindlestones (don’t sleep! else he steals from you) and wake up the next day
    head down the road and get the BLACK MASK
    head to the chainmaker and steal, jabber your way out, and then buy the chain
    head up toward dwarftown and go into the mansion
    poke around upstairs first, get the walking stick and then open the basement and get the 7th seal
    slip out the back and head to the poachers fire, stick around and meet sirisi and see the future
    loop around south and head up through the festival of theives ( you should have around 50 gold)
    get the GREEN WIG from the tent
    play the jig for the dancers
    win the boxing bet and then win the fight
    then head to FLAYERS hut and get his box which contains the GOLD BACKED MIRROR
    head west and kill the bone statue and get the BONE BRACELET
    take the road, stop off at the monastery and meet Effe
    head to the market and burn the place down whichever way you like (70 gold by now)
    follow the little pickpocket and meet Vangorn (survive)
    head south and let the fish lose from his cold fountain
    head east and then north to the well in the plaza
    then head north to the shrine and get the spell line inside the shrine
    then hit the meat and cleaver, meet dancers,
    head to docks and hit the wafarers rest
    go to the council building and don’t use the portal
    head back to the docks and sleep in the market
    then cross the bridge and head SOUTH at the fork
    hit up fireview square and buy food (should be at 80 gold after buying food)
    then head north and loop around to go into the mansion (don’t be a pet!)
    hit up blacksmith and BUY LEGENDARY SWORD (farty gold after purchase)
    then head south west and into the gambling halls
    i got some food while in the gambling halls and still left with over 110 gold
    take the gold from statue and kick his butt on the way out (130 ish gold)
    head back up north through fireview square and cut across at the wierd river thing
    cast BIG and get the sunjewel!
    cast BIG AGAIN and jump over the fence
    set the poor elf free by sneaking up and casting KID at the guard (works, don’t know why)
    run away in such a way as you end up back at the blacksmith
    head northeast and back around south along the river (get yelled at by house butler)
    head south to the wastelands, loop around south, get spell line, give back cane,
    head back to edge of necropolis and slip under / over fence
    head to Shinva’s tomb and use mirror (hahahahahahahah undead fight to the death!!)
    find the oldest grave (whoa this guy is everywhere)
    go north through the forest and head to the temple (top of the temple first, cast whatever, i chose LUK)
    then into the temple, switch to COURGA if you choose, i did not,
    then step into portal trap
    follow goblins to get final bit of last line, then turn around and grab tinderbox from deadend
    then bypass the slime sucker (slime for all slime!!!)
    head north through the forest and meet and old friend
    leave gate, burn gob’s

    let me know if there is a better way! I ended with 134 gold, 1 ration
    plus 4 weapons (including legendary sword) and 29+ magical items (not counting duplicates)

    plus this answers several of the chalenges from the developers 😉

    ON TO S3

    • misomiso82

      i think to do it properly you have to get the ladder and go down the well. That way you get the order of the lines, and you can ask Couga different questions.

      You can also get the Sun Jewel from the same place you get the Bone bracelet.

    • Enriador

      God bless you! I murdered 3 Black Elves so I couldn’t get Courga’s favour. I would had to start again near the docks (so Flanker would lead me to the Council’s portal trap to the sewers) or the Fallen Quarter (so I would go to the sewers, but down the well I would have wasted the Firemaster’s Fire of Danger, useful in Sorcery! 3). Thanks to your tip about Courga’s portal trap leading in to the sewers as well I could get an almost perfect ending…

      “Almost”, because I took Moulas’ line from the priest of Slangg, and since I didn’t cast “fAR” with the fortune-teller’s crystal orb neither met Moulas himself in Lower Kharé, I had to worship him. Having murdered someone, Courga wouldn’t accept me in his worship. I made two saves: one where I burn the city (so I have Lorag) and another where I save it (so I keep Slangg; what a rubbish god!).

      Let’s see which one turns out the better. I bet on Lorag, Slangg makes you weaker everytime you pray…

      • Jewel

        The best way to get Moulas’ line is to find the paper on which he wrote it down. In order to find it, you must enter Khare with at least one portion of provisions. After visiting the chainmaker you must sit and eat your ration and then notice a piece of paper under a stone. Read it and find that it is half Moulas’ line. You must later backtrack after visiting the fair and go to the gnome district where Moulas is rotting in the gutter. The other piece of the paper is in his throat. You can find it after you kill him. I recommend using the SIX spell against him.

      • Luiz L. S. Neto

        Man, I got through the exact same path. Instead of meeting Moulas or Sirisi (and thus the answer to the impossible question) I went to explore Dwarftown, which I never did before (not worth the visit, always go for Sirisi).

        I made these two saves as well, and even tried to replay the game while catching every spell-line in a single row. However, even as I had the Ape spirit, Courga rejected me because I slayed the Flayer for the + stamina scroll.

        You know what? I’ll try a playthrough as Slangg’s follower in Sorcery! 3. Will try to change to Throff as soon as possible. Maybe Slangg has some special interaction in the Baklands?

    • KT Chong

      You missed the chance to buy the Chain Gauntlet (+1) in the Dwarftown.

  • misomiso82

    Can anyone confirm if it is possible to get the locket in Sorcery! 2? I read it was ona riverbank after the well but i can’t find it.


    • Rasl

      I’ve heard 2 stories.
      1: the mantis man drops it. This is a lie, he drops a sun stone in his necklace.
      2: you find it washed up on the shore. I haven’t found this yet, but testing this would mean you get dumped in the river which ruins some of your stuff.
      I can’t confirm or deny if it’s in 2 though.

      • Merudo

        Did you have an other sun stone already when you killed the mantis man? Sometimes, the game gives you a different reward if you already have what it would otherwise give.

  • misomiso82

    I really need some help on some SPECIFIC solutions to certain problems.

    1) meeting Vic. When I am captured and I call up with Glandirgor’s note, a man called Vic looks over the portal and gets me up, but when I get to the top he is no where to be seen. Does this count? If i go up the ladder and kick away the other prisoners Vik is no there?

    IF some one could be very accurate in how to play this encounter that would be really helpful.

    2) The goblin king. No matte what I do I can’t activate the enounter when I am down the well. Please if you help me with this be as accurate as possible.

    3) The ending. I’ve read on other forums that its possible to make the Goblins fight the Werewolves. Has anybody managed this?

    4) Finally, has anyone managed to beat the game only using spells (no fights)?

    Thanks for any help, and please be as accurate and specific as you can when giving solutions.


  • Issi

    You find the silver sword at Shinva’s mausoleum,after casting BIG at the mushroom ring.

  • AKH9010

    When you go back to the festival, you meet some girls who hit you with bottles. I let them hit me as much as they wished. Despite losing some stamina, they gave a pouch of sand as a gift.

  • Budder

    The answer to the question that’s never bean asked is sirsi

    • Luiz L. S. Neto

      Yes, but you must see your future with the fortune-teller near the game’s first fork to know it

  • Collinmann

    What is the kissing ritual for coruga? I try but keep dying!

    • Meghan

      Left right forhead,lips

  • Jsww

    Has anyone found coal? At the end of the grave yard in the older section I find a figure of lorag. I haven’t found any coal to get a rubbing from its inscription.

    • Jewel

      If you visit the black elves after their hut is burned down, you will find a burned black mask which has been reduced to charcoal.

  • Khan

    THE GAME HAS BEEN UPDATED! As of April 10, 2016 there have been some changes.

    The Flayer’s Kitchen
    There is NO option for casting “dim” spell. Instead you get an option to buy food from him for 5 gold pieces. Do that and then you get an option to spill food to distract. Then the Flayer goes back to get a rag to try clean the spill. You get an option to steal the manuscript and the gold mirror. Then you run away.

    The Statue
    The statue is NOT A STATUE but a mantis man. You get an option to either go to the hut near it or to stare at the statue. Go to the hut and look through the bones, where you find the BONE BRACELET! Then you look through the clothes where you find i think 5 gold pieces. Then you leave the hut. When you leave the hut, it says something is missing. LOOK at the “STATUE” first. If you dont look at the statue first, the mantis man attacks you and you lose stamina. After looking at the “statue” castbthe spell “LAW” and control the creature to drop THE LOCKET. Then you control him to cut his own throat.

  • Jewel

    I don’t know whether or not this is a glitch, but the Death Wraith in Shinva’s mausoleum can be defeated outright simply by using the WAL spell. The in game text is pretty confused about why this works though. However, there is no need to resort to silver weapons. Just cast WAL and the Death Wraith is gone and Shinva can talk to you. In the original pencil and paper version, the way of defeating the Death Wraith that read best was by calling on Libra, the goddess of justice, for a deus ex machina.

    For the record, you can retrieve the silver sword from the portal trap outside the museum by casting BIG on yourself and simply picking it up.

  • Dustroier

    Silver sword is from shinva’s mausoleum

  • Alexander Radkov

    Some thoughts – 8
    If you successfully hit the girl with an apple, the boy collects the rest of the rotten apples and gives you a fresh one. Counts as 1 Rations. I don’t know what are the conditions exactly, but I didn’t use that many spells that run so I guess that’s the trigger.

  • Gary Lee

    It seems that there’s a pretty good way to fight the Deathwraith if you can’t cast KIN, by using WOK you can block all its attacks without taking any damage, I beat it quite easily on the first try.

  • Brian Pendell

    If anyone’s interested, it is NOT possible to enter the Gardens of Briar in book 2 in the first playthrought. It is possible, however, in New Game+.

    There are two ways into the garden:
    1) In a later book, it’s a mandatory part of the story, so you won’t miss it.
    2) In New Game+, you need to pick up a cloth skullcap in book 1 from Cantopani, where it becomes available. From there to the Goblin mines, where you use TEL on the goblin in the room by himself. Choose the right conversation options, he will leave the room and leave behind a ring of green metal, useful for ZIP. That’s all the prep in book 2.

    In book 2 New Game+ , head to the wasteland south of the church where you met the blind beggar. You’ll find a house with stone food and a stone man. Cast ZIP in here. You will teleport to the Gardens of Briar. What happens next … ah, but that would be telling!